Best All Purpose Salon Styling Chairs

Salon styling chairs are categorized by their mechanics, shapes, designs and purposes. However there are multiple chairs on the available online that are being called as “all-purpose” salon styling chairs.

Satisfying the name, they must be adjustable and flexible to fulfill all the needs of a salon: they should equally work for hair washing, styling, and cutting.

In addition to multipurpose design, customers comfort should never be ignored while purchasing all purpose salon chair. A client at your salon will also be looking forward to a comfortable hair styling experience, for which salon chair play the leading role.

Comparison Chart of All Purpose Salon Chair

Product NameWeightSeat DimensionsWhere to Buy?
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair270 pounds20" Long, 19" WideCheck on Amazon
All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair130 pounds20" Long, 19" WideCheck on Amazon
Exacme Barber Chair 8702bw122 pounds21"Long x 19" WideCheck on Amazon
TMS All Purpose Barber chair114 poundsL 21 1/2in x W20inCheck on Amazon
Omwah All Purpose Barber Chair115 pounds20" Long, 20" WideCheck on Amazon
Icarus “Mae” Black Beauty Salon Chair53 poundsSeat Width: 20" Seat Depth: 18"Check on Amazon
LCL Beauty Salon Chair55 poundsNot specifiedCheck on Amazon
BestSalon All Purpose Barber Chair130 pounds22" Long, 19" DeepCheck on Amazon
Best Choice Products Barber Chair56 pounds20" x 19"Check on Amazon
DS-5001W Barber Chair55.8 pounds19" Long, 20" WideCheck on Amazon

Reviews of Best All Purpose Salon Chair

1. Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Salon Beauty Shampoo:

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair
View on Amazon

This stainless steel heavy duty chair can be used as both barber chair and also as a salon shampoo chair. It uses a hydraulic pump to adjust the height easily with a double enforced saddle to avoid ripping. It is a combination of comfort, durability, and classic design. Adds a very professional look to your salon in a very affordable price.


  • Heavy Duty
    This chair is specifically designed using heavy duty steel frame and base that is made up of premium chrome. The frame is highly adjustable which can be used as desired for all purposes.
  • High-density Foam
    The seat and back of this salon styling chair are made up with a very high-density foam that makes this salon chair highly comfortable and hence better than most of the similar chairs available that claim to use a good foam.
  • Tear/Ripping Free Saddle
    Double-reinforced saddle sticking is used to make it more long lasting as the leather have fewer chances of ripping or tearing. It makes it a perfect choice for salons that are busy all the time with clients and their chairs are used more.
  • Premium Chrome Round Base
    A circular base of premium chrome is used to give the chair a perfectly professional look and rotate the chair at 360 angles. This round base is efficiently providing better support to the whole frame of steel and making it balance.


  • Hard to Recline
    Unfortunately, the chair lacks hydraulic fluids and mechanisms that involve reclining. Due to this reason, the chair may be a problem for the stylist as it won’t let the client recline at the proper styling angle.
  • Plastic Used in Seat Back Side
    It says that the whole frame is made up of steel however that’s not true. The chair back clearly have plastic parts which make it a poor choice from the less long lasting point of view.
  • Leather May Smell
    The seat and back of the chair are made up of leather that may cause a smell. And for those who are allergic or sensitive to this smell, it may not be a good idea to sit and relax for longer styling.
  • Pumps Are Not Long Lasting
    The hydraulic pumps in this salon styling chair are not made for being used for a long time, as they may cease working after 1-2 years of use. This problem can make this chair a bad option for salons where quick chair adjustments are required.

2. All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Salon Spa J:

All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair
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This salon chair has a heavy duty Steel Frame and a hydraulic pump that make height adjustment easier, a very high-density foam for extreme comfort of your client. The Double-reinforced saddle sticking prevents ripping. The inner seat dimensions are 20″ x 19″.

This chair offers a 1-year warranty for the pump and the round base. Back seat can be reclined to an angle of 150 degrees. Adjustable head rest. 4″ Pad For extra comfortable of your client. The chair is quite easy to install and requires no a short installation time.


  • Highly Adjustable
    This all purpose hydraulic salon chair uses hydraulic mechanisms to adjust the height and reclining angles wit help of pumps. These functions make this chair a highly adjustable salon chair that can be used as a multi-functional chair.
  • Small Cell Foam
    The foam that made the seat and other comfortable areas of the chair is made of a special technology which is known as small cell high density. As the name suggests the high density of this foam makes it one among the most comfortable salon chairs available.
  • Tear Free Seat
    The seat and other leather parts are placed and stitched in such a way that they are tear free and hence a long lasting salon chair seat will be available at your salon to give a very professional look for your clients.
  • Extra 4″ Padding
    An extra 4″ padding of foam in the seat makes it an extremely comfortable chair for your clients. Comfort is the first thing that you need to check in a chair of you are looking a best all-purpose salon chair.


  • Tough to Install
    The chair is not an easy one to install and requires a technical expert to install chairs like this. This problem makes it a tough choice for your salon at least for the phase of installing the parts together.
  • Fragile Parts
    This all purpose styling chair has an issue that the parts are not much good for shipping at long distances because they may break apart as they reach their destination. So that can totally mess up the whole end product.
  • Not Much Soft
    The all purpose chair salon claims to be made up of high-density foam and small cell arrangements inside the foam structure. However, that doesn’t make it a very soft seat and head back because the foam and leather combination makes it a bit hard.
  • Usage Affects the Shape
    After a few months of usage, the shape of the chair may start losing its initial form as they may undergo a permanent change. For example, the head rest would not stay up after use of the chair for a few months.

3. Exacme Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Salon Beauty Spa Shampoo Chair Black/White Creme 8702bw:

Exacme Barber Chair 8702bw
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This barber salon and beauty spa chair uses a heavy duty Steel frame for its structure. It is a brilliant combination of design and comfort. Whether you need it for a barber salon or a beauty spa this chair is suitable to fulfill all demands.

Key features of this chair are its elegant design, classic salon chair look with an extra 4” padding for even greater comfort for your clients. The premium quality chrome makes 26” round base. The back seat can recline up to 150 degrees.


  • Professional Look and Comfort
    This all purpose chair for salon attracts the attention of your clients by its professional looks. It gains the focus and then it makes sure that they have a very comfortable time spent at your salon because it is specially designed for extra comfort.
  • Cheap Price
    The best thing about having this perfect salon styling barber chair is that you do not have to spend a lot without even compromising the quality and reliability. Everything you want is within your budget without a losing anything.
  • Tear Free Seat
    The seat and other leather parts are placed and stitched in such a way that they are tear free and hence a long lasting salon chair seat will be available at your salon to give a very professional look for your clients.
  • Lower Height
    Another amazing feature of this chair is that it can be adjusted to lower heights for barbers that have shorter heights. Also, female hair stylists can work without any problems because they have low heights as compared to the males.


  • Harder to Raise
    It takes a lot of effort to raise the chair to a required height and hence the stylist may require a lot of pumping to raise the client’s chair to the proper position. This drawback makes it a bad choice if you raise the chair often for work.
  • Side Rails
    You cannot pump the chair to any possible position because the side rails of the chairs make it technically impossible. Due to this fact, the chair might not be a good decision if you want the freedom to adjust the chair.
  • Hard to Put Together
    This salon all purpose chair is harder to put together than any other chairs that you might have used. The parts crack when you lay it back and so that may make your clients afraid that this chair is going to break.
  • Not a “Heavy Duty” Chair
    The chair has some parts that may not last longer under heavy working routines. So the claim of this barber and stylist salon chair could be somewhat just a claim. The low price is an important signal of low quality steel used in the frame.

4. TMS All Purpose Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair Salon Beauty Spa Shampoo Equipment:

TMS All Purpose Barber chair
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The all-purpose reclining barber chair is a heavy duty steel chair with synthetic leather with a capacity of 330 LB. It has a classic design but with a modern touch in it.Your clients will love this super luxurious and comfortable chair.

It is a very heavy duty barber chair with excellent working components, 150-degree reclining ability, and 4-inch padding. The base which is made up of premium chrome makes this chair both reliable and functional.


  • 360 Rotation
    The chair can rotate 360 degrees and can provide the hair stylists and barbers great ease so that they can work without any disturbance. A wide rotation angle also ensures that the client is comfortable with changing positions for styles.
  • Low Price
    As compared to many other salon chairs available in the market this very classic yet modern barber chair comes at a very low cost. That makes it a wonderful choice for low budget salons looking for a professional working environment.
  • Sturdy
    This salon all purpose styling chairs is built keeping in mind the required sturdiness to handle a lot of pressure of a busy salon. This chair is the unique blend of elegance and strength that is matchless to gain at this price.
  • Easy to Install
    Assembly is one difficult part of getting your chairs to work in the salon. A real salon chair should also hold the feature of easy installment, just like this TMS barber chair which is quite simple to assemble.


  • Unstable
    The chair can become unstable sometimes in an attempt to recline and may fall off which is a very serious drawback of having this barber chair in your salon. You never want to have such an experience if your client is on the chair.
  • Lock in Place
    The hydraulics are good until they get locked and then you are unable to move the chair up or down. This happens after a few months of usage and can end up in spending more money to replace the chair.
  • Loose Screws
    This all purpose barber chair may start falling apart after a few months of use through loosen screws. This happens because the screws are not properly designed to fit and withstand the usage of your salon, in which case you need to consider replacing options.
  • Footrest
    The footrest is a very crucial part of every barber’s chair because they allow to let your clients rest in a proper comfort position while you are working. This chair has a footrest that doesn’t flip and may become out of order after a few sittings.

5. New All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair Salon Beauty Spa Shampoo Equipment Omwah:

Omwah All Purpose Barber Chair
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It is an all purpose salon chairs reclining that you can use for a barber shop, beauty spa, and hair styling salon too. This wonderful black leathered chair is all in one because it saves a lot of space, works perfectly in any working environment and is extremely comfortable.
The chair is designed keeping in mind the adjustments that are required by any hair stylist and barber such as height from the floor which in this case 29″ with 150 degrees of reclining angle for proper positioning.


  • Adjustable Headrest
    The chair comes with a wonderful feature of adjusting the headrest which is not quite a common type of adjustment other manufacturers may think. You can either adjust the back headrest or can remove it depending on your need.
  • Extra Comfort
    The chair is made up of a small cell and high-density foam which ensure the comfort level to be greater than the conventional foams. So this chair is a perfect match for your salon if you are looking for something that makes your clients relaxed while styling.
  • Heavy Duty
    It offers such a quality that is heavy duty in nature and can serve a lot of sessions per day, and that’s probably the best thing about this chair. You do not need to worry about buying a new chair for months.
  • Weight Capacity
    This sturdy reclining barber chair has a weight capacity of 400 lbs which is huge as compared to similar all-purpose chairs. It makes this chair a wonderful choice if your clients are a bit or too much overweight.


  • Missing Bolts
    The chair comes without the bolts required to assemble the chair properly. For example, the center bolt under the seat that should mount it on the stand is missing in the parts that are given for assembly.
  • Damage Prone
    Some parts of the chair are not made of good quality steel and are at a higher risk of prone to damage such as the frame which is thin at some points. This thin frame can be easily distorted by a little extra pressure.
  • Tight Seat Cushion
    The seat cushion is extremely tight that makes it less soft and more solid like feeling once client seats on this styling chair. This problem is greater at the time the product is new but may get better with usage.
  • Right Handles
    The chair has handles to fix the reclining position only on the right-hand side which is not suitable for users that want to use it with the left hand. This problem may make it a different choice for the right handed and left handed stylists.

6. Icarus “Mae” Black Classic Beauty Salon Hydraulic Styling Chair:

Icarus “Mae” Black Beauty Salon Chair
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This upscale classic salon chair is a proper definition of comfort and vivid design. The chair comes with a style that includes strong arms with lacquer finishing with a soft vinyl upholstery for easy cleaning.

The chair offers a 360 degrees smooth rotation and hydraulic pumps for reclining and like other good chairs it also has chrome base. This chair provides easy maintenance and comfort at the same time at a reasonable price.


  • Easy Maintenance
    The chair uses PVC vinyl for the upholstery purposes which makes it easy to clean and maintain the chair. Also, this gives the seat cushion extra life and makes it look like new even after a long time of usage.
  • Low Price
    The chair is simple, stylish and yet low in price. The upscale look of this chair makes the best choice for your salon and to work under low budgets. The chair offers great features that could only be found in comparatively expensive chairs.
  • Compact Size
    This wonderful and small chair is full in functions despite its compact size. The compactness in size matters for the salons that are not well spaced. This chair won’t mess up in pressurized salon environments.
  • Form Fitting Back
    The seat back is based on European style form fitting design. It provides your clients an extra relaxing experience during the cutting and styling time of your work. This chair can satisfy all needs of a salon with a plus of comfort.


  • Poor Instructions
    The instructions given with the chair to assemble it are not adequate and lack many basic points to avoid the pain to put everything together. It is always a terrible experience to install without any proper instructions for the first time.
  • Unstable
    The clients may experience stability issues while seating and positioning on this chair for styling after a few months of usage. It is because of the poor quality hydraulics and bolts that affect the movement of the chair.
  • Weak Footrest
    The footrest is weak, and you can get a broken footrest after 1 or 2 months of use. This makes it a bad choice for the spas and salons where clients need to rest their feet on the chair’s footrest for a proper relaxing mode.
  • Screws
    The screws are not tight as they should be and they keep loosening the back and seat from the other parts of the frame of the chair. It is highly risky in case you are working with this condition having your client on the chair.

7. LCL Beauty Salon Hydraulic Styling Chair with FREE Deluxe Cutting Cape:

LCL Beauty Salon Chair
View on Amazon

This beautiful and simple chair for salon and spa is the one you need. The most amazing offer is that this chair comes with a free deluxe cutting cape and a chair cover. It comes with Polyurethane Arms that is for durability and ease of cleaning.

High-density extra thick foam ensures the comfort of your client. It is a simple solution to all your cutting and styling needs. The design is simply a compact and light one for the ease to move and manage in small spaces as well.


  • Comfortable
    The chair is so simple at first sight, but the main feature of this chair is that it is quite a comfortable one for your clients. It has a sturdy design with a foam that is specially designed to give extra comfort.
  • Cape
    The cape that is given as a gift with this super stylish and simple barber and beauty salon chair is a wonderful add-on to the whole purchase without paying the price of the cape, which is of professional quality.
  • The Plastic Covering
    The chair comes with a black vinyl plastic covering overall for a perfect finish and protection from tearing. The covering also allows making it easier to clean the chair without much effort.
  • Attractive
    The chair is simply an attractive item that you will have in your spa, and it will enhance the beauty of the environment in which you are working. A pleasant attraction for your clients too.


  • Tight to Spin
    The chair is tight to spin around, and this makes it difficult to use the product while it is new. After some time of use, it may get better. But initially, the chair won’t work as you may require spinning.
  • Footrest Bar
    The footrest bar is not properly screwed. Resultantly, it gets loosened. A salon styling chair should have a footrest that works even if the clients apply pressure, but this chair’s footrest ceases working in its place.
  • Improper Adjustments
    The footrest and floor are 5 to 6″ apart from each other while the seat is at its lowest position. It is a big problem for the clients with taller legs as they might experience difficulties during the session.
  • Too Much Pumping
    The chair requires too much pumping for slight movements such as mentioned in above problem. The adjustments require a correction in such a way that you need to pump each time this happens.

8. BestSalon® New Black Hydraulic Recline All Purpose Barber Styling Chair Shampoo:

BestSalon All Purpose Barber Chair
View on Amazon

This smart and simple salon and spa chair is a good choice for those who are looking for small and efficient product. The chair weighs 130 pounds and can recline up to 150 degrees of reclining angle.

The chair is designed for experienced professional adults above 21 age only. The steel used in the chair is a heavy duty steel, and it is only available in black color. The headrest is adjustable which makes it a highly multi-purpose chair too.


  • Dual Recline Lever
    The chair has a reclining lever at both sides of the chair arms, and hence this chair is suitable for both left handed and right handed barbers and hair stylists. The two levers make it possible to adjust the chair from any side.
  • Light Weight
    The chair is 130 pounds in weight total and is very light weight to move from one place to another. This property of the chair makes it a wonderful decision if you move chairs in your spa and salon quite often.
  • Durable
    The chair is too much durable due to high quality and heavy duty steel that is used to manufacture the internal framing. The chair can accommodate persons with huge weights too.
  • Easy to Assemble
    The chair is not a tricky one to assemble when it arrives your salon. You just need 10-15 minutes of time on average to install the parts of the chair. The chair bolts are also used as properly instructed by the manufacturer.


  • Unstable
    The chair is unstable after a few times the pumps are used to work with the hydraulics to provide the required reclining. The stability issues may be due to the poor quality of hydraulics mechanics involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Not Sturdy
    The chair may fall apart after few months of usage because the parts with which the chair is assembled are not properly fitted and they are vulnerable to the risk of breaking the chair with any unbalanced pressure applied.
  • Footrest
    The footrest doesn’t fit well in the given slots because the footrest is welded from the top and that makes it difficult to fit in the space. This problem cannot be avoided and hence make you think about your decision to buy the chair.
  • Not for High Traffic
    The quality is not good if you are working in a high traffic business of salon styling or spa. The chair does not offer any extra strength, and some parts of the chair are less thick than others, due to this the chair is not suitable for busy spas.

9. Best Choice Products Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Work Station Chair Black Modern Design New:

Best Choice Products Barber Chair
View on Amazon

This brand new barber chair by Best Choice is made up of a heavy-duty steel frame with a height adjustment range of 34″ – 40″. It uses hydraulic pumps to make such adjustments as required by the hair stylist for best results.

The base made of chrome has rubber bottom which prevents the floor beneath it from scratching and making weird noises. The chair has an ability of 360 degrees swivel that makes a smooth rotation about its axis.


  • Rubber Bottom
    The chair comes with a chrome base which is scratch free. Also, to make a real difference among the competitors, the manufacturers have kept in mind that the bottom is made with rubber so that it doesn’t scratch the floor when pushed or pulled.
  • Quality PU Leather
    The chair is designed with a high-quality PU leather which makes it a tear free choice to work under a heavy traffic routine. The leather is stitched with a double reinforced covering which ensures the quality of this barber chair.
  • Sturdy Footrest
    This chair has a very amazing feature of having foot rest that is better than any other barber chair. The footrest of this chair is sturdy and can endure a lot of clients per day who can relax by laying on the chair and using the footrest to give his barber a proper position to work.
  • Easy Assembly
    The chair is easy to assemble and doesn’t require a technical assistance by some handyman. The easy assembling is a great feature if you like to put together stuff yourself after purchasing.


  • Poor Arms
    The chair arms are not strong enough, and they can become loose or even fall apart after a few seating of your clients. Once the arms are loose, they make irritating noise at each movement or adjustment setting.
  • Pump Doesn’t Work
    The pump that is the main and central machine to work out the positions and heights of the chair is not fully functional. The pump stops working after few times of uses, and this is the biggest drawback of this chair.
  • Seat Base
    The seat base has a problem after a few times of use and may break apart. Once the seat base is broken the chair is not able to work for your salon, and it becomes useless. You have to replace that broken base or the chair itself.
  • Hard to Spin
    The chair is hard to spin around, and it is not as fluent or smooth as it claims to be. The rotation feature is quite useful for the barber and salon stylist, and if it is hard to rotate the chair, the stylist may experience difficulties.

10. 20″ Wide Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Equipment – DS-5001W-NEWBlack:

DS-5001W Barber Chair
View on Amazon

This great and professional quality barber chair is a long lasting one, and a must have in your salon. The hydraulic pump makes it easy to adjust the chair and then lock it in the place where you wanted it to be.

A double reinforced saddle sticking is used to make this chair tear free and easy to handle. The chrome base makes it possible to stabilize the chair and is scratch free silver in color that looks attractive in your salon.


  • Wide Seat
    The chair comes with a 20” wide seat which is useful if you have plus size clients and they will feel comfortable in this wonderful wide seat chair. The seats mostly come with other barber chairs are not designed keeping this in mind.
  • Inexpensive
    The chair is rich in quality but not inexpensive which is good for the salon owners who have a tight budget. The chair quality is not compromised and is made to meet the requirements of a professional salon or spa.
  • Easy to Install
    This salon and barber chair is quite easy to install and use because of good instructions and no problematic parts. The easy assembly feature makes it a good choice for your salon.
  • Light in Weight
    The chair is light in weight and easy to move from one place to other. This amazing feature enables the salon owners to make chair movements and management an easy task which would not have been possible otherwise.


  • Wobbly
    The chair is not comfortable and stays unstable while weight is applied. The chair starts to wobble up and down from sides, and this is quite an irritating problem if you are working with your clients on the chair.
  • Breaking Sound
    The chair makes breaking sound once the client is on it and any further movements will make them worry about it. The hydraulics also make popping sounds that are not a good sign of a professional chair.
  • Poor Arms
    The arms get loose and break after a few times of use. The screws to attach the arms to the frame are not properly doing what they are designed to do. The chair is not for large clients, and it will fall apart if you do so.
  • Cheap Screws
    The screws that are used to assemble the chair are not of good quality, and they cease to work after a short time. The chair is as good as the screws are so the parts are not holding together and not long lasting.

Buyer’s Guide for Buying All Purpose Salon Chair

The following points will help you purchasing the best chair for your spa or salon that fulfills your requirements to the maximum.

  1. Try to purchase chairs with headrests. They are preferred by the clients because they provide enhanced comfort.
  2. Purchase chairs made of good quality material. If you would buy a chair made of poor quality metal, it will soon rust.
  3. Purchasing chairs having multiple levels of reclining provide a better adjustment to your valued customers.
  4. Look for the chairs with most appropriate size that suits well to your salon environment and space.
  5. Find chairs with footrests as they offer your clients to sit more comfortably.
  6. Chairs with inappropriate arm rests’ height can cause pain to your clients’ arms and shoulders. Therefore, look for chairs with ergonomically well designed armrests.
  7. Always try to have chairs made of different materials in your salon. In this way, if a client does not like the smell of leather, you can offer him/her a PU chair.
  8. Have a detailed overview of all the technical specifications that are given with product details. In this way, you could have an idea about whether it meets your demands.


Following are the most frequently asked questions related to the multi-purpose salon chairs. These will help you in clearing all your doubts and give you a more comprehensive view of the products.

Q: What Is the Weight Capacity of These Salon Chairs?

The weight capacity of these chairs is varying depending upon the quality of the chair. However, normally the range is from 200lbs to 400lbs.

Q: Do They Need to Be Screwed on the Floor?

Most of the chairs that you will see in salons are not screwed to the floor. Again that depends on the type of chair you purchase. Sometimes they have an option between these two choices.

Q: Is the Height of the Chair Is Adjustable and to What Extent?

It depends on the specifications of the chair. But they all do provide height adjustments according to your requirement. You need to check before you buy a certain salon chair.

Q: Can We Adjust the Position of the Footrest and Headrest?

Yes. Most of the chairs mentioned in above list offer adjustments of footrest and headrest according to the requirements of the stylists and barbers.

Q: Do They Rotate 360 Degrees?

Yes. Almost each and every salon chair have the ability to rotate about its axis in 360 degrees. Which means that you can spin to the point wherever you want during the styling process.

Q: Can the Back Lever Be Moved to the Left Side for Right Handed Operators?

No. The lever is not movable, and you have to check it yourself before you buy the chair. However, there are some chairs (some of them are mentioned in the list) that provide you the adjustment lever on both sides of the chair, so that will be suitable for anyone.

Q: Can You Use the Chair as a Shampoo Chair with a Stationary Shampoo Cabinet?

Yes, you can. As the chair comes with the reclining ability, it can be used for shampoo purposes too with a stationary shampoo cabinet.

Q: How Much These Chairs Weighs?

The chairs may vary in weights, depending upon the material that they are made up of. These chairs can be as light as 50 pounds and as heavy as 270 pounds.

Q: Can We Remove the Headrest and Footrest?

It depends on the design of the chair; some chairs offer you freedom to remove these parts and even adjust them according to your needs, while some chairs come with these parts fixed to the chair.

Q: Can they be used as a shave chair too?

Yes, they can be used because most of these chairs are multipurpose and they can work perfectly for these tasks in a salon.

Video Demonstration of Salon Chair :


If you are planning to buy one of the best chairs available on the Amazon right now, the salon chairs that are examined above could be the choices you have. After reading all the points mentioned above, you can decide which of these suits you the best.

Salon chairs are multi-purpose in nature: you can use them for hair styling, hair cutting, get shaves done for your client and other spa options. You can achieve all of these purposes by purchasing a good quality salon chair from the list mentioned above.

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