Cheap Salon Chairs for Shampooing and Hairdressing

Are you running a salon or a barber shop? If so, you would have had some good quality chairs in it. They become even more important if you own a startup and are gradually expanding your business. To remain in the pre-specified budget, you should look for some cheap yet durable chairs.

Comparison Chart of Cheap Salon Shampoo Chairs

Serial NoProduct NameAdditional Feature
1BR Beauty Kate Salon ChairAuto recline
2LCL Beauty Shampoo ChairAuto recline
3LCL Beauty Shampoo Chair Steel FrameAuto recline
4LCL Beauty All Purpose Salon ChairBack recline, hydraulic lift
5PayLesshere Modern Fashion Auto ReclineAuto recline
6Classic Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair S/SC3001-BLACKHydraulic pump
7BR Beauty Sue Professional Salon All-Purpose ChairAuto recline, Hydraulic lift
8LCL Beauty Comfort-Curve Shampoo ChairExtra wide seat
9LCL Beauty Black Deluxe Shampoo ChairWide legrests
10AutoReclining with LUMBAR SUPPORT Shampoo Chair TLC-216Lumbar support, cushioned arm rests
11Giantex Classic Hydraulic Barber ChairHydraulic lift

Here you are going to find some best and cheap salon shampoo chairs that are very low in cost. They fulfill your customer’s needs and satisfy your budget at the same time. You do not have to waste time on searching the best options for you, as this article will help you in this regard.

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Reviews of Cheap Salon Chairs

1) BR Beauty “Kate” Professional Salon & Barber Auto Recline Shampoo Chair

BR Beauty Kate Salon Chair
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This chair is a true example of the saying “Simplicity is the best policy”. Being simple, elegant and easy to use, this chair is a favorite product of many salon and barber shop owners. A sturdy steel frame with cushioned, arm, rests and a reclined back is the need of almost every salon these days.


  • Auto Recline
    This chair is auto reclined. It gets reclined whenever the client sitting on it pushes backward.
  • Comfortable and Secure
    This chair is quite comfortable and secure. Your client will not feel tired even after sitting for a couple of hours on this chair.
  • High-quality Foam
    The foam used in the saddle and the back is of fine quality. It remains smooth and comfy for quite a long period.


  • Appropriate Bolts Not Included
    The bolts in the package are not according to the holes on the frame. Therefore, you might have to purchase new bolts on your own.
  • Stiff Back
    The back of the chair is a bit stiffer than usual. So, in the beginning, it is difficult to recline the chair backward. You have to push with much power.
  • Screws Often Get Loose
    The screws of this chair often get loosened. You have to keep checking them if they need to be tightened. Otherwise, your clients may face some serious repercussions.
  • Height Issues
    The chair is not that much high. Therefore, most of the clients might feel it shorter to sit on. It should have been of average height at least.

2) LCL Beauty Contemporary Automatic Recline Shampoo Chair with Steel Frame & Cross-Hatch Stitch Design

LCL Beauty Shampoo Chair
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The LCL Beauty contemporary auto recline chair is one of the most appreciated, purchased and reliable chairs that are available in the market at a low cost. It has a stylish look with solid stitching. Overall, it is a durable chair that can bear with all kinds of uses in your salon.


  • Light-weight
    This chair is very light in weight and can even be lifted single handedly. It’s design enables the extra lightness and it is best for the female entrepreneurs running their own salons. They can move the chairs on their own.
  • Thick and Firm Cushioning
    The cushioning in the chair is of the highest quality. It provides an unprecedented comfort to your client and keeps the comfort level high even after hours.
  • Easy Assembly
    The chair has a very easy assembly procedure. Two persons are more than enough to get this chair working within a couple of hours. There are simple holes on the metal frame which need to be addressed accordingly.
  • Good for Shampooing
    This chair, whether used at a salon or at home, works like a charm. It is an ideal low cost chair for shampooing your clients’ hair. The person sitting on it can easily tilt the neck backward and you can start your work right away.


  • Poor Holes Lining
    The holes on the frame of the chair are not that much aligned. Therefore, you can face serious difficulties if you do not assemble this chair with an attentive mind.
  • Reclining Problem
    Since the whole seat reclines instead of just the back, this chair can provide a poor experience for clients with small heights.
  • Missing Parts
    Sometimes, there could be a package which is missing some parts of the chair. In such case, you would have to bear with it and call the customer support center to replace the package or provide you with the missing parts.

3) LCL Beauty Automatic Recline Shampoo Chair with Double-Reinforced Steel Frame

LCL Beauty Shampoo Chair Steel Frame
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It is a classic black PVC leather chair that fulfills the needs of every other salon and barber shop. The durable metallic frame and high-density foaming makes this chair strong and comfortable for the clients.


  • Sturdy Design
    The overall design of the chair is sturdy and can handle an impressive weight. The design is simple, elegant and strong enough to work for years to come.
  • Supportive Recline
    Recline of the chair is very supportive. The person sitting in the chair can easily push back to adjust the seat according to their requirements.
  • Good Shampoo and Styling Chair at Low Cost
    This chair is best to be used as a shampoo and styling chair. Its reclining feature can allow you to easily shampoo your client’s hair from the back. You can also have a makeup session with utmost ease, comfort, and reach.


  • Poor Quality Under-seat Glides
    The glides under the seat are terrible. Within a week, the material they use compresses and the chair no longer slides out.
  • PVC Smell
    The PVC leather smell is quite, strong and it may irritate your clients. Therefore, you should have chairs made of different material in your salon. In case a client refuses to sit into a chair with strong PVC smell, you could offer them a different one.
  • Uneasy to Put Together
    The chair has many different parts that need to be put together in order to convert it into a working condition. But unfortunately, those parts are not that much easy to assemble.

4) LCL Beauty Reclining Hydraulic All Purpose Cutting & Shampoo Barber Salon Chair

LCL Beauty All Purpose Salon Chair
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This cheap all-purpose salon chair is unique of its kind in this category because it is relatively lower in price but performs all the necessary tasks in a salon. It has a fully reclining back rest and arm rests manufactured of polyurethane. High density foam on the saddle makes the client experience comfortable and memorable.


  • Easy to Assemble
    This chair has a number of parts that are to be joined together in order to make it working. But the assembly is so easy that it will not take you much time and effort to start using it in your salon.
  • Easy to Move
    Despite being a heavy duty chair, it is quite easy to move around. You can easily take it to any place inside your salon you want.
  • Smooth Recline
    The reclining of this chair is smooth and can easily be adjusted according to the height of your customer. While shampooing the hair of your customers, recline feature can be handy.


  • Lever Not Quite in the Reach
    The lever of this chair is not in the most ideal position. It can be hard for both the person sitting in and standing by the chair to reach the lever and adjust the height according to the needs.
  • Short Foot Pedal
    The foot pedal is shorter than the average size. This shortness causes your clients to either sit in an uncomfortable posture while putting their feet on the pedal or not to use it at all.
  • Wobbly Structure
    The overall structure and build of the chair is wobbly. The arm rests are not quite strong. The hydraulic drum also gets loosened and might become tilted due to heavy clients sitting in the chair.

5) PayLesshere Modern Fashion Auto Recline Black Shampoo Chair Barber Spa Beauty Salon

PayLesshere Modern Fashion Auto Recline
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This is a simple yet elegant chair that is available in the market at a very reasonable price. The quality is high and the frame is durable. The seat material is highly comfortable and your clients will surely love sitting in this chair for their required salon and barber treatments.


  • Wide Dimensions
    The inside dimensions of this chair’s seat are 19” x 19”. This broader dimension is not much common in other chairs of the similar price. It enables the client to have a comfortable seat for the treatment.
  • High Density Foam
    The high density foam allows the client to sit for stretched hours in this chair. Otherwise, it would be very hard to sit in a chair having low quality foam for longer services.
  • Reclining Back
    The back of the chair is recline which allows you to comfort your customers during different treatments. The reclining feature also allows you to shampoo the hair of your clients while standing at the back.


  • Limited Features
    This chair has a very limited number of features. Apart from reclining, there is no other remarkable feature like those present in other expensive chairs.
  • Limited Weight Capacity
    The weight capacity of this chair is quite low as compared to other heavy duty chairs. This drawback may affect your day to day business, routine and you might have to excuse your clients that are over-weight.

6) Classic Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair Salon Equipment Hair Beauty Supply DS/SC3001-BLACK

Classic Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair S/SC3001-BLACK
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This product is another addition to the cheapest shampoo chairs available in the market at the moment. Available in classic black color, this chair has a variety of exciting features including arm and foot rests, hydraulic lift for height adjustment, circular base for easy rotation and much more.


  • Sturdy Design
    This chair has a sturdy design. It has a presence in the salon and can bear with a lot of different clients with different weights. It is one of those chairs that, if purchased, can be a lifetime companion of your salon.
  • Easy to Assemble
    Despite containing an array of features, this chair can easily be assembled. You can make the chair ready for your valued clients within an hour.
  • Stylish yet Strong Chrome Base
    The chair has a chrome base which adds a lot to its overall look and style. This chair is a perfect combination of style and quality.
  • High Load Capacity
    This chair has a load capacity of up to 250 lbs. It can easily accommodate a variety of your daily clients without any problem.


  • Difficult to Move
    Since the chair is made of a variety of materials including chrome, plastic, and leather, its weight is a bit higher than other contemporary chairs. Additionally, the weight gets even more due to the hydraulic mechanism installed to adjust the seat height.
  • Holes Are Not Properly Aligned for Assembly
    The holes present in various locations and parts of this chair are not properly aligned. This drawback causes a difficulty in adjusting some parts, especially the hydraulic lift.
  • High Arm Rests
    The chair contains a bit higher arm rests than the required average level. Due to this problem, many clients face difficulty while sitting in the chair for longer durations.
  • Hydraulic Issues
    Since the increase in features causes increased complexities, this chair often poses hydraulic issues. In some cases, hydraulic drum gets broken or loosened. You either have to repair or replace it.

7) BR Beauty Sue Professional Salon All-Purpose Chair

BR Beauty Sue Professional Salon All-Purpose Chair
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Basically, it is an all-purpose salon or barber chair that can be used as a shampoo chair, a barber chair, a waxing chair or a tattoo chair. Its features make it prominent in the market of cheap shampoo chairs. Stylish design, comfortable arm and foot, rests and a sturdy design makes it a must have chair in your salon,


  • Reclining Seat
    This chair has an auto recline seat that reclines up to 150 degrees. This is a very strong point of this chair as it can offer a variety of levels to fulfill different customers’ needs.
  • A True Multi-purpose Chair
    Despite being cheap, this chair is actually a multi-purpose one. You can use it at your salon, barber shop or even your home. It can be used to perform a variety of salon services like haircut, make over, shampooing, waxing, etc.
  • Heavy Duty Chair
    This chair has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. This kind endurance cannot not be found in much of the chairs available in the same price bracket.
  • Detachable Headrest
    One of the biggest pros of this chair is that it has a detachable head rest. It can be removed from the seat whenever required.


  • Seat Height Is Not What Is Mentioned
    Although the seat height is mentioned to be 29”, it reaches 26” at the maximum. This could be a problem for your clients.
  • Hard to Turn
    In the beginning, this chair is quite difficult to turn around. Often the client has to get off the chair to turn it into a specific direction and angle. However, this stiffness can diminish with time.
  • Not Ideal for Children
    Although this chair is designed as a multi-purpose product to fit all kinds of clients, it is not suitable for children. The child booster placed on the arm rests easily slides back, hence causing problems.

8) LCL Beauty Comfort-Curve Contemporary Sling-back Style Reclined Shampoo Chair

LCL Beauty Comfort-Curve Shampoo Chair
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The LCL beauty comfort curve contemporary sling-back style chair is a unique addition to the market of cheap chairs. It has a new design and shape that is much popular among the customers. It adds a new look and feel to your salon or barber shop. A detailed analysis of this chair is stated below.


  • Good Chair for the Price
    This chair is a wise product to buy for your salon because it offers a basic set of features for your clients at a low cost.
  • Innovative Design
    Normally, chairs having this kind of design are not found in salons or barber shops. This is really a unique design and it will not only amaze your clients but also provide them a new exciting experience.
  • Wider Seat
    The seat of the chair is extra wide that actually accommodates clients with big postures. In such broader seat, clients do not get irritated while getting their favorite treatments.


  • Not Ideal for Clients with Shorter Heights
    Since the curve of the chair is non-adjustable, it can be annoying for clients with shorter heights.
  • Stitches Get Torn Apart
    With the passage of time, the stitches on the seat of this chair might get torn apart.

9) LCL Beauty Black Deluxe Reclining Shampoo Chair with Legrest

LCL Beauty Black Deluxe Shampoo Chair View on Amazon

This chair is another addition in the long list of the cheap shampoo chairs. Most of the features of this chairs are basic and exactly like other available chairs, but one feature that distinguishes it from other chairs is that it has a comfortable leg rest. Overall, the design is simple and durable.


  • Extremely Comfortable
    The chair is very comfortable. Due to its efficient design, the chair is a big hit among the clients of salons.
  • Independent Levers for Different Functions
    This chair has separate levers for controlling back recline and leg rests. This separation enables the client to have more control over the chair he/she is sitting in.
  • Durable Steel Frame
    The chair is constructed around a durable welded steel frame. It can handle a handsome amount of weight for hours.


  • Missing Nuts for Assembly
    The package containing the chair parts may be missing some important nuts and bolts. If you want to assemble the chair on your own, you might have to spend some extra money on these screws and bolts.
  • Low Quality Screws
    The screws included in the package are of low quality. They might not keep the chair intact for longer time without maintenance. Therefore, you would have to keep a continuous eye on them to avoid any disaster.

10) AutoReclining with LUMBAR SUPPORT Shampoo Chair Barber Hair Styling Spa TLC-216

AutoReclining with LUMBAR SUPPORT Shampoo Chair TLC-216
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This auto reclining chair with enhanced lumbar support is arguably the best possible salon shampoo chair you can get at the lowest price. The frame a with a powder coated rust proof material. The improved lumbar support keeps your clients as much comfortable as possible. You can recline the back according to your client’s needs.


  • Good Quality at Low Cost
    The chair is overall of good quality, but the most amazing thing about it is that it is available at a very low price. You may not find any other chair of similar quality in the market within similar price range.
  • Reclined Chair
    This chair can be reclined to enable the client to rest his/her head on the shampoo bowl behind him/her.
  • Enhanced Lumbar Support
    This chair has a wonderful feature in it: there are additional foaming and padding for increased lumbar support. Due to this feature, all of your clients, either with or without back pain, remain comfortable while seated.
  • Easy Assembly
    There are no hard and fast rules for assembling this chair. Even a person with the slightest knowledge about a simple chair assembly can get this item together to start working immediately.
  • Extended Arm Rests
    The chair has a pair of extended armrests which a too. This build enables the client to rest his/her arms comfortably while having their salon services.


  • Limited Functions
    Being a cheap chair, it lacks a variety of major features found in other expensive chairs. It is limited to basic usage only.
  • No Leg Rests
    The chair does not contain any leg rests. This drawback often causes irritation to the client. The legs may get stiffed.
  •  Fixed Armrest
     The arm rests on this chair are fixed. It may not feel comfortable with a lot of clients with different heights and lengths of arms.

11) Giantex Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair Salon Beauty Spa Hair Styling Equipment

Giantex Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair
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This heavy duty chair is made of steel and PU leather. In the respective price range, this chair is second to none. It has wide and appropriate dimensions, with a handsome load capacity of up to 350 lbs. it is another example of a multi-purpose chair available at a reasonable price.


  • Comfortable
    The chair is highly comfortable. Your clients will never get irritated of it even after hours of continuous sitting.
  • Quality Manufacturing
    The chair has high-quality manufacturing parts that survive for the longest times. Once you buy this chair, you won’t have to be worried about purchasing anymore chairs in years to come.
  • Fine Quality PU Leather
    The seat and the back is covered with a fine quality PU leather material that is not only long lasting but adds extra style to the chair and hence your salon.


  • Lack of Holes in the Frame
    In some packages, there are no holes in the frame of the chair. Therefore, you might have to put extra effort to assemble it. You would first get the holes drilled.
  • High Arm Rests
    This chair also has high arm rests which might irritate the clients with low height. They cause strain in the shoulders.

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Cheap Shampoo Chairs

Following is the guide for those who are planning on purchasing the cheapest shampoo chairs available in the market right now. These points will surely provide you an insight to make the best decision.

  1. Try to find a chair that is overall a sturdy product. Chairs with weak structure do not last longer even though they may have better features.
  2. Make sure that the seat foaming is dense and properly stitched. Otherwise, it will fall apart within a couple of weeks of use.
  3. Try to purchase chairs with multiple level of recline. In this way, you will be able to set the back of the chair at the level required by a particular client.
  4. Try to purchase the chair with hydraulic pump. You will be able to adjust the height of the chair to complement the height of your client.
  5. Make sure that the frame of the chair is made of good quality metal. Because if it is not, it might get rusty due to moisture and water in the salon.
  6. Try to buy chairs without any default odor or smell. Most of the clients are not comfortable with the smells of PVC, PU or plastic smells. Some of them are allergic too.
  7. The chairs with cushioned arm rests provide better experience to your clients. Always search for chairs with cushioned arm rests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the shampoo chairs available at low costs.

Q: What Is the Average Weight Capacity of These Chairs?

The average weight capacity of these chairs is from 250 lbs. to 350 lbs.

Q: Is the Recline Automatic?

Yes. The back of the chair automatically gets pushed when the client puts effort on it.

Q: Is the Foot Pedal Suitable for All the Clients with Different Heights?

No. Since the foot rests and pedals are not movable, they are suitable only for clients with specific heights.

QIs the height of the chairs adjustable?

The chairs that come with hydraulic pumps have adjustable heights.

Q: What Tools Are Required for the Assembly?

You may need screw drivers of a couple of sizes along with some screws,, bolts and nuts if they are missing in the package.

Q: Is It Fine to Use a Portable Shampoo Bowl with These Chairs?

Yes. All of the buyers of these chairs use separate bowls that are mostly portable.

Q: Do These Chairs Fit in Small Salons and Barber Shops?

Yes. Most of the above mentioned chairs are made for small places and do not acquire much space.

Q: Are the Arm Rests of These Chairs Removable?

No. The arm rests of these chairs are not removable.

Q: Is the Foam on the Saddle of Good Quality?

In most of the chairs, it is of good quality. In a few of them, it gets compressed with time.

Assembly Video Instructions


The above mentioned list contains the cheap 11 salon shampoo chairs that you can purchase from the market at the lowest possible prices. They are not only cheap but of reasonable quality and build. All of them have sturdy designs, metallic frames, and fine quality saddle stitching.

If you are running your own small salon setup or thinking of starting one but a have a low budget, you can buy any of these chairs. Identify your needs and space and the rest will be done by the chairs you purchase.

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