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Salons are busy places and having a metal trolley in a salon can make the place better organized. A metal trolley keeps all the tools handy for the workers and also keeps everything in its place. If you own or operate a salon, having one or more metal trolleys on the premises can increase the efficiency of your staff and also give the place a professional look.

There are several metal trolley models available online and in this article, we are going to take a look at the five best metal salon trolley models. We’ll also discuss the benefits of metal trolleys and shed some light on the frequently asked questions that customers have about trolleys.

Comparison Chart

Product NameShelvesProduct DimensionsWeightEditor's RatingWhere to Buy?
EZOWare 3 Tier Storage Cart232 x 16.5 x 9.8 inches14.65 lbs5Check on Amazon
Giantex Salon Beauty Cart417 x 12 x 35 inchesNA3.6Check on Amazon
Topeakmart Professional117.7 x 13 x 43.3 inches9.13 lbs4.1Check on Amazon
Finnhomy 10 Drawer Organizer Cart1014.5 x 12.8 x 34.5 inches11 lbs3.9Check on Amazon
3-Tier Metal Mesh Storage Utility Cart313.8 x 17.7 x 34.2 inches15.65 lbs3.8Check on Amazon

Benefits of a Metal Trolley in A Salon

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy when you have a good quality metal trolley in your salon.

  • Better Organization – Salons can get chaotic with all the beauty products and styling tools on the shelves. When you have a trolley in place, the staff can keep all the products they need on the trolley and use what they need. This can help to reduce clutter in the salon and keep the shelves clean.
  • Ease of Operation – Rolling a trolley is easier when the staff needs any products to treat the customers. A trolley can also be moved out of the way with equal ease. As all levels of the trolley are easily accessible, it is easy to pick and place things back on the trolley.
  • Added Durability – A metal trolley is any day more durable than a trolley made from plastic or any other material. When you buy a metal trolley, you can rest assured that you will have a trolley that will last for years.
  • Client Comfort – Your clients will thank you when you use a trolley in your salon. Staff can work more efficiently and quickly with the help of a salon trolley as all equipment is within their reach. Staff members will not need to look for stuff on the shelves as everything will be neatly arranged on the trolley.

Product Reviews

1) 3 Tier Storage Cart, EZOWare Multifunction Organizer Standing Shelf Utility Rolling Cart

EZOWare 3 Tier Storage Cart
View on Amazon

The EZOWare Utility Carts are a great addition for any salon as these offer ample storage space in an attractive design that is built to last. Salon staff can place all their tools and supplies on the shelves of this cart and roll it to their workstation. The metal shelves are perfect for storing heavy items as well as lighter items that are needed immediately.

The cart comes with a mesh bottom for storing small items. The plastic drawers on this cart have front pull mechanism that makes it easier to take out any tools or makeup supplies with ease. The cart is made from metal with a rust-resistant chrome coating. The durable materials are designed for long-lasting use and this is the perfect trolley for a busy salon with extensive foot traffic.

2) Giantex Salon Beauty Cart Trolley Storage Organizer

Giantex Salon Beauty Cart
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The Giatex Salon Beauty Cart Trolley is the perfect addition to any modern salon as it offers ample storage space and sliding drawers for all tools and salon supplies. The trolley comes with sliding drawers that make it easy to take out any supplies you need and keep them in the shelf when they are not needed. The drawers are made from customized ABS that gives them added durability.

The trolley is also easy to move around as it comes with four wheels that also have smart brakes when you need the trolley to be in one place. The trolley cart also offers a privacy option with two drawers that can be locked for storage of important tools or equipment. There is a slide-out tray included with the trolley that adds to space when the trolley is not in use. If you are looking for a durable trolley with a lot of space, this is the model you should pick.

3) Topeakmart Professional Aluminum Rolling Salon Instrument Tray Trolley w/Caddy Black

Topeakmart Professional
View on Amazon

If you run a small salon and you need a small trolley for carrying your tools and supplies, this trolley from Topeakmart is the ideal trolly for you. The trolley is made from iron and aluminum with a powder coated in a black finish. You can adjust the height of this trolley surface from 27.2-43.3” to suit your requirements. There is an included steel items holder that can be removed if needed. The two cups and one metal loop can be used for holding hair dryers or curling irons. The trolley is also easy to assemble and it is lightweight enough that you can move it with ease.

If you are looking for a simple trolley that will not take up too much space, and provide you with enough surface area for your salon supplies, pick this one today.

4) Finnhomy 10 Drawer Organizer Cart

Finnhomy 10 Drawer Organizer Cart
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The Finnhomy Organizer cart has a unique design that offers you a wide array of options for organizing your salon supplies. You can use the ten drawers for keeping all your stuff well-managed so that you can reach it when you need it. The drawer has a tubular, chrome-plated steel design and the top metal shelf offers ample workspace with a capacity for taking weight up to 22lbs. The black and chrome color scheme of the drawer makes it ideal for any modern salon decor, and it will add to the efficiency of staff as they will be able to grab tools quickly.

The drawer is also mobile, and you can easily roll it and stop it with the provided caster locks that keep it from moving. The tools needed to set up this drawer are included in the package, and you can easily assemble this in no time at all.

5) 3-Tier Metal Mesh Storage Utility Cart

3-Tier Metal Mesh Storage Utility Cart
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This is a multi-functional cart that comes with 3-tier storage and a four-wheel design that makes it easy to move around. All wheels have brakes in case you want to keep the trolley stationary. The cart is easy to move around even when it’s fully loaded. The handle is also removable in case you want to modify the cart with additional storage. Each shelf comes with a loading capacity of 22 lbs which is more than enough for any modern salon.

If you are looking for a cart that provides space and a great sense of organization, this is one of the best models you can purchase. The cart is easy to assemble, and you can set it up in no time at all. This metal salon cart is made from high-quality carbon steel that is anti-corrosion and scratch resistant. This cart is highly durable and ideal for heavy traffic salons.

FAQs about Metal Salon Trolleys

Customers often have questions and queries about the products they want to purchase or products they are already using. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about metal salon trolleys.

Q1) I ordered a cart for my salon, but there are no assembly instructions with it. How can I go about putting the cart together?

Ans. You can search for the model on your cart on YouTube, and you might find assembly instructions there. You can also contact the seller or the manufacturer to send you the instructions that are needed for assembly.

Q2) I need a trolley in one place so that it does not move. How can I modify my salon trolley to do this?

Ans. Most trolleys with wheels have brakes on them, and you can press the brakes so that the trolley does not move. You can also place the trolley against a wall to prevent it from moving.

Q3) Can I place a hot curling iron on the trolley?

Ans. It is not advisable to keep a hot metal in contact with any trolley surface as the heat might damage the paint or the material of the trolley. You can buy hot iron holders separately and attach them to the trolley for safely keeping the hot iron when not in use.

Q4) I have some expensive salon supplies that I’d rather not keep in an open cart. What are my options for safe storage of these supplies?

Ans. You can check out the models of carts that have lockable doors on them. You can lock the expensive supplies under lock and key and take them out when needed.

Q5) I have some heavy tools in my salon. How can I know if it’s safe to keep them on the cart?

Ans. You can check the manual of your cart or search the manufacturer’s website to know the weight capacity of the cart.


A metal salon cart is a great investment for any salon that is looking for a way to organize the salon supplies. Your staff and your customers will thank you when every salon supply item is within reach of the staff, and there is less clutter on the shelves. If you have a busy salon, a cart can make things much easier to manage. Your staff members can roll the cart to the location they need and work easily with the clients.

We hope this article was helpful in giving you an insight into some of the best metal salon carts available online. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to discuss in the comment section.

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