6 Best Microfiber Salon Towels

Microfiber salon towels are great for salons as these are highly absorbent and made from soft materials. Even though the microfiber towels are soft to touch and gentle on the skin, these are also highly durable and they keep their quality the same even after multiple washes.

It is a much better idea to use a microfiber towel as a cotton towel can harm the hair by over-drying the scalp and the hair strands. Many customers that use cotton towels to dry their hair report that their hair feels coarse and frizzy after drying. Microfiber towels are easy on the hair, and they do not cause any breakage or damage to the hair.

Finding the best microfiber salon towel can be difficult so in this article we are going to take a look at some of the best brands of microfiber salon towels that are available online. We will also take a look at the different specifications, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions about microfiber salon towels.

Comparison of Best Microfiber Salon Towels

Serial NumberProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel41x19 inches5.6 ounces
2Comfy Microfiber Salon Towels29x16 inches1.8 pounds
3Diane Softees with Duraguard16x29 inches6.4 ounces
4Microfiber Facial Towels12x12 inches6.4 ounces
5Comfy White Microfiber Salon Towels29x16 inches3.86 pounds
6Orthland Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps for Women26x10.6 inches8.5 ounces

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Why Microfiber Salon Towels

While salon owners might think of using cotton towels for their needs in a salon, microfiber towels offer a much better hair drying experience. Here are some reasons that showcase the need for using microfiber salon towels.

  • Safe for Hair – Microfiber towels do not damage the hair in any way. These do not tangle the hair or pull at them while drying and you are left with smooth and clean hair. Simply wrapping the hair in a microfiber towel is enough for drying and you don’t need to rub the hair to dry them.
  • Super Absorbent – Microfiber towels can soak in up to three times more water than usual cotton towels. These dry the hair quickly and soak up any liquids with equal ease, but like cotton towels, microfiber towels don’t leave the hair feeling too dry.
  • Luxurious Feel – Using cotton towels can feel like a painful experience as cotton towels soak up all the moisture from the hair leaving them frizzy and prone to breakage. Microfiber towels offer a luxurious feeling while drying hair by soaking only excess moisture but still leaving your hair feeling fresh.
  • Highly Durable – Microfiber towels are made from premium materials that offer long term usage by being highly durable. Even after multiple washes, the towels retain their quality and elasticity.
  • Ideal for All Hair Types – Whether your hair is short or long, curly or straight, using a microfiber towel will dry your hair properly without excessive drying or breakage.

Product Reviews

1) DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel

DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel
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The microfiber salon towels from DuraComfort are designed to be superior to regular cotton towels. When you use a microfiber towel to dry your hair, it will leave your hair slightly damp so that it can be styled easily. Whether your hair is fine, thin, or medium, you can use these towels to dry your hair.

Also, these towels are lightweight which makes it easy to wrap these on your head without getting a headache that often results from tying hair with a cotton towel. The towel also has a flexible seam that makes it convenient to wrap this towel around your head to dry your hair. The premium material of this towel is perfect for daily use and it will retain its quality even after regular washing.


  • Large size
  • Fold up in a compact form
  • Absorbs moisture quickly
  • Perfect for long or short hair
  • Prevents hair frizz


  • The package tends to stain the towel
  • There is no loop to secure the towel on the head
  • Not ideal for people with above-average head size
  • The towel is not ideal for people with long hair
  • The towel is thin

2) Comfy Microfiber Salon Towels

Comfy Microfiber Salon Towels
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This set of microfiber salon towels from Comfy Towels will take care of all your hair drying needs whether at home or in the salon. The towels are made from high-quality microfibers that soak up the water from your hair but still leave the hair damp so that it is ready for styling.

The towels are stain and shrink resistant which makes them perfect for use in a salon where liquids and colors often splash around. The towels are also highly absorbent that makes them ideal for use in all kinds of situations at home or in a salon.

The durability of these towels means you can wash them multiple times and they will not lose their elasticity. The pack of ten towels means you will have enough towels to cover the most basic needs.


  • Made from a durable blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
  • Stain resistant material
  • Highly durable, doesn’t shrink after wash
  • Bleach proof material
  • Absorbent and soft to use


  • The towels tend to discolor with regular use
  • The tags on the towels are scratchy
  • The towels are not best for wrapping on the head
  • Hair tends to stick to the towels
  • The towels are lightweight and thin

3) Diane Softees with Duraguard

Diane Softees with Duraguard
View on Amazon

The Diane Softees microfiber towels are highly durable and long lasting. These towels are rated to be super absorbent and their material is six times more durable than cotton. The anti-shrink materials ensure that the towels will retain their shape even after long term use and multiple washes.

The towels are perfect for use in a salon or at home while coloring or perming your hair as these are stain resistant as well. There are ten towels in each pack so that you can use the towels as per your convenience.

The microfiber design gives these towels greater durability and a softer feel as compared to cotton towels.


  • Soft and extra absorbent
  • Retains shape even after multiple washes
  • Stain resistant
  • Prevents frizz while drying hair
  • Large size makes them ideal for long haired women


  • The fabric can cling to hair
  • The dark colored towels tend to discolor
  • Some towels have a chemical scent to them
  • The towels are not bleach resistant
  • The towels are thin

4) Microfiber Facial Towels

Microfiber Facial Towels
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These microfiber face towels are ideal for use in a salon for removing makeup or wiping off face or hands after a makeup session. The advantage of using a microfiber towel is that it removes the dirt, oil, and bacteria from the skin easily and effectively as compared to a cotton towel.

These towels can also be used for washing and exfoliating. The 70/30 blend of these towels makes them perfect for use on people who have sensitive skin. The non-abrasive material is soft on all kinds of skin and it is extremely durable as well.

The towels retain their shape and design even after multiple washes and continue to absorb and dry quickly.


  • Highly durable material
  • Non-abrasive material, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Dries quickly, soaks up water with ease
  • Useful for makeup removal
  • Includes a hanging loop for ease of use


  • The towels tend to leave off lint
  • The chemical scent persist even after washing
  • Hair might stick to the towels during washing
  • The towels might feel rough after a few washes

5) Comfy White Microfiber Salon Towels

Comfy White Microfiber Salon Towels
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The Microfiber salon towels from Comfy Towels offer an ultra soft feel and you can use these towels for all drying purposes in a salon or at home. The towels are made from premium materials that are highly durable and also offer increased durability as compared to cotton.

The towels are also stain-resistant, so if you spill nail paint or hair color on the towels, you can get those out in one wash. These microfiber towels are perfect for wiping and drying purposes in a salon and their white color adds to their overall look.

The towels are made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide which adds to the durability of the materials.


  • The material of the towels if soft to touch
  • The towels do a great job of absorbing water
  • Dry hair easily without removing dampness
  • The towels do not leave any lint


  • Stray hair clings to the towel
  • Not resistant to bleach
  • The dark colored towels tend to lose color

6) Orthland Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps for Women

Orthland Microfiber Hair Towel Wraps for Women
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The microfiber anti-frizz turban towels from Orthland are an upgraded version of a regular towel that soaks up excess moisture from the hair. The microfiber towels don’t leave the hair completely dry but leave the hair damp so that it’s ready for styling.

Using a microfiber towel is great for your hair as it reduces breakage due to excessive dryness and prevents heat damage from blow dryers as hair is slightly damp after using a microfiber towel.

This hair towel is ideal for all hair types whether you have long or short hair. The button and loop design make it easy to wear this towel on your head and the high-quality construction of the towel ensures it will not lose its shape or elasticity with time.


  • Instant dry feature for quick drying
  • Makes hair ready for blow drying
  • Elastic loop to securely tie hair
  • Soft to touch and quick to absorb water
  • Perfect for long hair


  • The towel leaves the hair knotted up
  • The towels are hand wash only
  • The towels do not absorb too much water
  • The towel is not thick enough

FAQs about Microfiber Salon Towels

Buyers often have questions and queries about the products they want to buy. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about microfiber salon towels.

Q1) Do I need to wash the towel before using it?

Ans. As most towels are packed and stored before shipping, it is advisable to wash the towel before use so that any residual scent is washed off.

Q2) Are the microfiber towels made from 100% microfiber?

Ans. Most microfiber towels are a mix of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Q3) Do microfiber towels dry hair faster than cotton towels?

Ans. Yes. Microfiber towels are highly absorbent and they soak up water up to 3 times more than a regular cotton towel.

Q4) How do microfiber towels prevent hair breakage?

Ans. Microfiber towels don’t dry hair completely but leave the hair slightly damp so that the hair does not break while styling, combing or blow drying them.

Q5) I have curly hair, can I use a microfiber towel?

Ans. Absolutely. Microfiber towels are great for all kinds of hair types. Whether you have curly hair or short hair, you can use a microfiber towel to dry them with ease.


Microfiber salon towels are a great addition to any modern salon, and you can use these at home as well. These towels offer exceptional drying abilities, and they do not dry the hair completely. Slightly damp hair is less prone to breaking during blow drying or styling.

Many designs of microfiber salon towels are also stain resistant, and these are made from highly durable materials that do not lose their elasticity and form with regular usage. You can wash these towels multiple times, and they will continue to look fresh and clean.

Whether you are looking for a new drying solution for your salon or you want to save time and money while drying your hair at home, microfiber salon towels are your best bet. We hope this article has helped you in choosing the kind of salon towels that you want to buy. If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to discuss the same in the comment section.

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