Top 10 Best Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Buyer Guide

In this age of modernization and competition in which every commodity is well within the grasp of everyone, it can be a difficult and grim job to make yourself stand out from the crowd! And when we are including every field in this, why should the field of beauty salons be any different with ever growingly stern competition.


These days, one can easily find a lot of variety among beauty salons in each and every city that it becomes quite challenge to differentiate them in the order of being better or worse. There is an old and wise saying that says “First impression is the last impression”.

Following the advice, what could be better than making a stunning first impression on customers than a healthy expensive and exquisite looking environment? Owing to this need, Porcelain bowls have seen a miraculous rise in sales and people have hoped onto this trend train fairly quickly.

The shampoo bowl has to be amongst the most used items to find its way in any beauty salon. Because of the amount of usage it comes under, the device is really worth spending the extra dollar on!

Talking about the material first, Porcelain is a ceramic type material which loosely resembles the texture of hard plastic. That being said, the products made of porcelain are not as flexible as those that are carved from plastic but they are not as brittle as marble products as well.

One can say that buying a porcelain product is actually a compromise of these two categories of materials. This alloy like quality makes porcelain products a good choice for the production of shampoo bowls. These days there are a lot of such devices on offer in the market and are easily accessible to anyone who wants to make that vital good first impression!  

If you are also among those that are on the look out to buying a porcelain shampoo bowl, you have certainly come to the right place!

Read the succeeding paragraphs to find out exactly what to check before making the purchase of a Porcelain Shampoo Bowl. Later on in the article, we will also a list containing 10 of the best Porcelain Shampoo Bowls that you can get on

Comparison Chart of Best Porcelain Shampoo Bowl from Home and Salon use:

Reviews of Porcelain Shampoo Bowl

​1. LCL Beauty Heart Shaped Heavy Duty CERAMIC Professional Black Shampoo Bowl w/ Vacuum Breaker and 6 black Salon Quality Towels

black porcelain salon shampoo bowls

This product comes with the advantage of handing over 6 salon quality black towels and also comes with its own vacuum breakers. The device also comes with a hanging bracket so it can be easily mounted on any wall and is a stylish heart shape in design. The design is really gorgeous and appeals to the eye. The device is fairly comfortable in usage as well.


  • 6 towels included
  • Faucet included
  • Durable construction
  • Hanging bracket provided


  • Not salon quality
  • Glaze may have cracking
  • Not large water holding capacity

2. Black Heart Shape Shampoo Bowl with Fixtures SU-08BLK

black Porcelain Shampoo Bowl

This shampoo bowl from the makers of Salon CA is a good fit in every beauty salon and has a nice glossy look to it. The bowl also comes with a beautifully crafted heart shaped design and also boasts a wider washing area. The device is easy to clean and maintain plus it is also fairly easy to put together and construct if you use the help of a trained professional.


  • Beautiful glossy finish
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Wide bowl for water storage
  • Heart shaped design


  • Heavy product
  • Water shower not included
  • Assembly is required by a professional

3. White Heart Shape Shampoo Bowl with Fixtures SU-08W

White Heart Shaped porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Fixtures SU-08W

This device from Salon CA is beautiful in manufacturing and provides a good experience for both users and customers alike. The device comes in a heart shaped design and comes in a glossy finish. The device is easily assembled and hooked onto any wall and is at the same time easy to maintain and clean after everyday usage.


  • Beautiful white color
  • Water faucet included
  • Water shower included
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy in weight
  • Water may spill over the sides
  • Fixtures not available
  • Difficult assembly

​4. Pibbs 5300 Porcelain Shampoo Bowl

Pibbs 5300 Porcelain Shampoo Bowl

This stunningly beautiful black porcelain shampoo bowl from Pibbs Industries comes in a glossy black finish and is a quality product for any beauty salon. The device comes with its wall mounting brackets and fixtures and is fairly easy to use and operate. The device is easy to use and maintain after cleanings.


  • Beautiful glossy finish
  • Unique square and deep shape
  • Faucet included
  • Comes with fixtures and wall brackets


  • Available in black color only
  • Rim of bowl may not be level
  • The device may be warped

​5. Porcelain Shampoo Bowl Sink Chair Barber Ceramico

Porcelain Shampoo Bowl Sink Chair Barber Ceramico

This device weighs around 37 pounds so it is relatively light in weigh as compared to other devices that area available on the market. It comes in a beautiful white glossy finish that is attractive to the eye. It also comes with all the necessary pieces of equipment needed to ensure smooth functionality.


  • Beautiful white color
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Soft neck rest
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Vacuum breaker not included
  • Faucets not included
  • Small water capacity
  • Difficult to setup and install

​6. Salon Porcelain Shampoo Replacement Bowl SA-65BLK

Salon Porcelain Shampoo Replacement Bowl SA-65BLK

This product is designed by Salon CA and is a very good design to have in any beauty salon. The device is incredibly spacious and handles all the tasks with flying colors. The device is convenient to use and is easy on maintenance and cleanliness. The device can also be attached on top of most shampoo units for added compatibility.


  • Nice head rest
  • Wide bowl for water capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain and clean


  • Fixtures are not included
  • Water may spill over the sides
  • Faucets not included
  • Vacuum breaker not included

​7. Salon Porcelain Shampoo Replacement Bowl SA-93BLK

Salon Porcelain Shampoo Replacement Bowl SA-93BLK

This is a product designed by Salon CA. this device is both elegant in its shape and spectacular in design. It is also very easy to use and can be cleaned without any hassle. The device can fit on top of majority of the shampoo units available in the market and comes with its own wall brackets for the purpose of easy assembly.


  • Beautiful black glossy finish
  • Extra space for water storage
  • Fits on most shampoo units
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Heavy device
  • Water may clog in the pipes
  • Fixtures not included

​8. White Salon Porcelain Shampoo Replacement Bowl SA-65W

This is also a product designed and manufactured by Salon CA and comes in a surprisingly attractive pure white color. The design of the product is beautiful and elegant in nature and it is also very convenient and easy to use and maintain. The device some assembly to fit into the place correctly.


  • Elegant white color
  • Extremely spacious design
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not a big space for water
  • Water may spill over the sides
  • Can be prone to drainage issues
  • Fixtures not included in package

​9. Veeco AR-4000 Porcelain Shampoo Bowl

Veeco AR 4000 Porcelain Shampoo Bowl

This product is a design and is manufactured by Veeco. It comes with a large and strong mounting bracket to allow for rigid support. The device also comes with all the side products that re needed to provide proficient running and smooth operation. The device is more durable and stronger than the traditional plastic bowls.


  • Comes with all attaching hardware
  • Faucet handle also included
  • Large mounting bracket is also included
  • Heavy duty material used


  • Device is smaller than other devices
  • Water may spill due to overflow
  • Device is heavy for its size

​10. Salon Porcelain Shampoo Replacement Bowl FREE HEAD REST CUSHION SA-91BLK + SA-18

Salon Porcelain Shampoo Replacement Bowl FREE HEAD REST CUSHION SA-91BLK + SA-18

This product is designed and is manufactured by Salon CA and has all the commodities to ensure smooth working and operation. The device is beautiful to look at with a nice glossy finish to it. The device also comes with a free head rest cushion for added convenience of the customers. The device is easy to use, maintain and clean.


  • Wide washing area
  • Free headrest included
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to use


  • Can be difficult to set up
  • The device is heavy for usage
  • Water may spill over the sides
  • Fixtures are not included

Things to Consider Before Buying Porcelain Shampoo Bowl:-

​1# Budget

​The first thing to consider while buying anything has to always be your budgetary confinements. You need to know exactly how much budget you want to unravel for the shampoo bowl. As we have mentioned earlier, this product has to be one of the most widely used commodities in any and all shampoo stations in every beauty salon. This makes it worthwhile to consider spending a few extra dollars on this particular item.

A good shampoo bowl, boasting a beautiful and elegant design with proper functionality will, over the course of time, make up for the added amount you spent on it.

2# ​Material

The second thing that we suggest you always do is check the actual device itself. You need to have a keen eye on what is the material from which the product that you are buying is made. Many manufacturers will produce and try to pass off some cheaply made plastic shampoo bowls being made from porcelain! You need to be really aware of those items.

Always make sure that you check the device yourself and try to make sure that the product you are buying is made of the actual material and is not a spoof. A cheaply made bowl will eventually start wearing and tearing right after the first few washes. The device will also get prone to clogging quite frequently. A product made from actual porcelain will never succumb to these problems and will, in fact, last years of usage without the slightest issue.

3# ​Head Rest and Shape

Another thing that must be inspected quite vigilantly and carefully is the actual headrest that is carved into the shampoo bowl as well as the general shape of the bowl itself.

Out there in the market, you will find many different sizes and shapes of porcelain shampoo bowls but not all of them can be entirely comfortable for your customers. It would be a wise decision to perform an inspection of the product by trying the head and neck rest for yourself first. Simply Place your head in the cavity that is carved into the product to get a measure of the comfort level that your customers will feel when they use your product.

4# ​Stability

Since this product will not be a mobile one and would have to be stuck or drilled on some place, it would be wise to check out the balance of the product. The product, once filled with water can get excruciatingly heavy for the nuts and bolts designed to keep it in place if it is stuck on a wall. If those bolts give way, it can spill disaster! To ensure that never happens, try to check the balance and stability of the shampoo bowl that you are buying.

5# ​Water Connections

​Since this device is always used with water, it is of utmost importance that you always check all the connecting pipes, water showers and faucets before you go on and actually install the device. A good shampoo bowl should have absolutely no leaks as that is a cause of discomfort not only for the customers but for the shop keeper as well since it is he or she who has to ultimately clear out the floor after every wash.

6# ​Finishing

As we have upon earlier, a porcelain shampoo bowl has this added edge over simple shampoo bowls that it is beautiful to look at and is attractive to the eye. This advantage can only be achieved if the coat of paint on the main body of the product is both clean and shiny. It should also have a nice finishing touch to it. Always check the gloss on the shampoo bowl as well as the overall condition of the paint jab. A shiny, clean and glossy look on a shampoo bowl will help you to attract more and more customers!


Hopefully after you have gone through this list of points you should now be ready to purchase the best porcelain shampoo bowl for your salon that suits your every need. However, if still you are facing confusion among the many makes and models of porcelain shampoo bowls available in the market, read the succeeding paragraphs to find out our top 10  best porcelain shampoo bowls.

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