Best Spa Pedicure Chairs Review

A pedicure is an imperative part of overall makeover services. Especially for the females, their course is incomplete without an adequate pedicure treatment every once in a while. Almost all the modern salons provide pedicure services, and for this purpose, there is a need for installing pedicure chairs in one’s salon.

After thorough market research, a list of 7 best spa pedicure chairs has been formulated to facilitate those of you who intend to buy some good pedicure chairs shortly.

A detailed analysis of all of the recommended chairs is as follows.

Comparison Chart of Best Spa Pedicure Chairs

Serial NumberProduct NameDimensionsWeight
LCL Beauty Pedicure Unit with Footbath38" D x 22.5" W99 lbs
2PS89 Almafi Pedicure Chair57" D x 33" W x 16" H99 lbs
3PS93 Footsie Pedicure Spa57" D x 33" W x 16" H125 lbs
4New Pedicure Station Chair Salon Unit38" D x 22.5" W106 lbs
5Icarus Crest Pedicure Chair26" D x 27" W x 43" H145 lbs
6East magic Pedicure Station Chair99 lbs
7Tan and Gold Pedicure Massage Chair

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Reviews of Spa Pedicure Chairs:

1) LCL Beauty Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Pedicure Unit with Easy-Clean Bubble Massage Footbath:

LCL Beauty Pedicure Unit with Footbath
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It is another wonderful pedicure chair available to purchase. The chair has a hydraulic mechanism that can raise the seat a 7″ extra from its actual height. This chair has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. A free matching stool is gifted with this pedicure system that is totally matching with it. The massage function of the chair can be used even without water in the tub. The seat is stitched up in a crosshatch design that is both relaxing and elegant.


  • Sturdy

    This pedicure chair is sturdy and can be used by a busy spa all day long without any problem. The frame of the seat is made of a structure that is strong enough to hold weights efficiently.

  • Free Stool

    The chair has a stool as a gift offer free with it. This stool is matching with the pedicure chair itself and gives a great combination look after you set them in your spa.

  • Multiple Modes of Operation

    The footbath can be used in multiple modes of operation. It can be used as heating, massaging and personal soothing or relaxing system at home. You can use the footbath for any of your pedicure needs.

  • Stylish Crosshatch Stitching

    This pedicure chair is not like others you would find on the market because it prioritizes style with comfort. The seat is stitched in a wonderful crosshatch design that is well known for its style and relaxing abilities.


  • Leg Rest Is Too High

    The leg rest is higher than the usual height of a proper leg rest of pedicure chairs. This is quite an irritating thing while painting the toenails or massaging because due to this problem the client has to sit in an awkward way.

  • No Recline

    The seat of this pedicure chair doesn’t recline, and this is a poor choice of a chair if you are are looking for a reclining system. The reclining ability of a chair allows the client to relax in the desired angle of backrest.

  • Shaky Footrest

    The footrest is not fixed to avoid spinning or movements during the massage. It is not a stable tub for the client to place their feet. The footrest will continue to shake itself with water in it, and that affects the relaxing position.

  • Short Bowl Platform

    The platform that holds the chair and the tub or bowl is not wide enough for comfortable seating during the massage. People may experience problems due to this because these two components of the system are too close to each other.

2) Pibbs PS93 Footsie Pedicure Spa:

PS89 Almafi Pedicure Chair
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It is an American made pedicure chair which offers a six function vibration massage system. It comes with a portable footbath that is both stylish and practical. It will be your best choice if you are looking for comfort and style in a single product. 

Another amazing feature of this pedicure chair is that no additional plumbing system or installments are required for its functioning. It offers a dual heating enabled footbath which comes with disposable and ultra-hygienic liners.


  • Easy to Assemble

    This chair is specifically designed to be assembled easily. You just have to put together a few things and not to worry about the difficult installing process to get your chair functioning.

  • Reclines

    This pedicure chair can recline to a certain angle. This ability is very useful especially in providing a relaxing position to your clients while they have their feet in the massage and heat system of this wonderful pedicure chair.

  • Disposable Liners

    The footbath includes a very useful feature for spa experts. It provides the functionality of using disposable liners in the footbath that makes it very easy to clean the sink after each session with clients at the spa.

  • Retractable Base

    The chair comes with a very useful functionality that enhances the design of this pedicure system. The base of this chair is completely retractable which means you can conceal the footbath when it is not in use.


  • Slippery Base

    The pedicure chair comes with a drawback that it has a base that keeps moving and has a very smooth bottom. It makes the chair a problem while you are working and your clients may also feel uneasy.

  • Not for Heavies

    There is no limit of weight that this pedicure chair can endure and hence this is not a suitable option for overweighed clients. The chair will break as a result of higher force than for what it was designed.

  • Leather May Smell

    The seat leathers may smell when the chair is new. It is unpleasant for a relaxing environment of spa and pedicure process. You don’t want to your clients to deal with the bad smell of leather.

  • Pumps Are Not Long Lasting

    The reclining system is supported by the low-quality pumps that enable to lean backward at some angle. With prolonged use, the chair may not work as it was functional when it was new because the pumps will not last longer.

3) Pibbs PS89 Amalfi Pedicure Chair:

PS93 Footsie Pedicure Spa
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This pedicure chair that measures 33 inches wide, 16 inches from the floor to the chair seat, 57 inches long when fully opened, and 35 inches long when closed. It offers a six function vibration massage system. It comes with a portable footbath that is both stylish and practical. A very useful feature of this pedicure chair is that the chair requires no installment headache at all. You can unbox and start using the chair by just placing a few components together. The chair can be reclined as required and can be managed as space is available.


  • Easy Assembly

    This chair is specifically designed to be assembled easily. You just have to put together a few things and not to worry about the difficult installing process to get your chair properly working.

  • Retracts

    The base can retract back and can be concealed easily when not in use. Sometimes you don’t need the chair base or the water tub massage system then you can let it retract itself under the chair.

  • Reclining Back

    The chair comes with a hydraulic system that can recline the chair up to a specified or required angle. This reclining ability is very useful for your clients to fully enjoy the relaxing environment and massage in your spa.

  • Portable Footbath

    The chair has a footbath that is portable and is easy to remove and clean. This footbath can be taken anywhere to fill in with water or to dispose of the water after use in pedicure and massage.


  • Problems with Hydraulic Mechanism

    The hydraulic mechanism that is used to recline the chair at a certain angle is not of good quality. It causes the reclining ability to be slower, and you have to use more force to recline the chair as your requirements.

  • No Disposable Liners

    The footbath is portable although but still lacks a crucial feature that can give its portability a new dimension. The disposable liners are not a part of this pedicure chair system, and hence, it is not that easy to clean and dispose of the waste water.

  • Noisy Footbath

    The footbath is too noisy when it vibrates. It is not a good effect on the soothing massage and pedicure process by making it an irritating experience. The noise is sometimes very loud that can be a bad experience for clients.

  • Only Vibrates

    The footbath does not have a good massage system because all it does is vibrate in different modes. This vibration is not much relaxing and does not improve to any better condition in case your clients are tired.

4) New Pedicure Station Chair Foot Spa Salon Unit with Stool

New Pedicure Station Chair Salon Unit
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It is a hydraulic pedicure station that is highly adjustable and contains a footbath that has multiple modes of operation. The footbath can use for water heating, bubble and massage purposes. The chair can be customized manually to fit the needs of your clients, for example, you can adjust the height and reclining angle of the chair according to your need. The chair is designed by keeping in mind the comfort because it uses a thick cushion.


  • Highly Adjustable

    The chair is highly adjustable depending on the needs and requirements of your pedicure treatments and clients. You can adjust the height and reclining angle of the chair as you want.

  • Free Stool with Wheels

    The chair comes with an exciting offer to get a free stool with the order. The free stool is matching with the pedicure station and is elegant in design and comfortable to use in a professional spa environment.

  • Seat Height

    The seat height can be adjusted according to the required amount easily. The seat height may depend on the type of treatment you are doing. The seat can be lifted up from the original height as much as 7” inches.

  • Thick Cushions

    The chair comes with a well-designed thick cushion all over its seat and back. The thick cushion enables the chair to provide extra comfort to your clients during the pedicure treatment.


  • Smoke Smell

    The leathers used to make the cushion covering are too smelly and cause a terrible influence on someone who is near the chair for just a few minutes. It can also affect people who have an allergic reaction to such smells.

  • Poor Quality Stool

    The stool that is given with this pedicure station is not made with quality materials, and the overall strength of the stool is awful. The wheels that are used to roll the stool on the floor may break after a few days of use.

  • Inaccurate Directions

    The directions that came along with the product are not accurate and not even matching with the product. It is very problematic when you have to install the chair yourself, and you have no proper instructions on how to do that.

  • Poor Quality Leg Rest

    The leg rest is not designed properly to sustain the heavy pressures that may be applied to the clients every day. The leg rest can start to leave its place within a few days of use for which this chair will become useless for further treatments.

5) Icarus “Crest” Black Pedicure Foot Spa Station Chair:

Icarus Crest Pedicure Chair
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The Icarus Crest Black Pedicure chair is overall a stylish, elegant and comfortable chair that is specifically designed for taking care of all the pedicure services. The classic black color adds a lot of style and beauty to your salon. The comfortable seat and easy to reach foot rest in this chair are second to none.


  • Pull-out Leg Rest with Footbath Table

    The chair comes with a wonderful feature of retractable leg rest and footbath. The footbath can be concealed below the chair when not in use. Similarly, the footrest can be adjusted to any desired height and can be packed back.

  • Reclining Backrest

    The backrest has an ability to recline when your clients need a relaxing position during the pedicure treatment. The reclining angle can be adjusted as required.

  • PVC Vinyl Upholstery

    The covering of the seat and backrest and armrests is made up of PVC vinyl for an easier cleaning and maintaining. The upholstery also allows to make the chair seat tear free, and that can last longer.

  • Ultimate Living Room Chair

    The chair of this pedicure station is designed in such a way that when the footbath is retraced the chair looks exactly like a living room chair. The clients can feel the relaxing and comfort in the same way they used to feel in their living room.


  • Hard to recline The chair is hard to recline as the hydraulic mechanism that is used in the chair is not much smooth, and it gives a hard time to anyone who tries to adjust the chair according to their needs.
  • Footsie Bath not included The foot bath is not included in this pedicure chair system, and it should be purchased separately. The footbath should also be considered for the available dimensions and compatibility with this design.
  • Leather may smell The seat leathers may smell when the chair is new. It is unpleasant for a relaxing environment of spa and pedicure process. You don’t want to your clients to deal with the bad smell of leather.
  • Not robust The chair that comes with this pedicure system is not sturdy at all. The parts of the system may break soon after they are being used. The backrest hydraulic may stop working with extensive use over a long time.

6) East Magic Pedicure Station Hydraulic Chair & Massage Foot Spa Beauty Salon Equipment (Black):

East magic Pedicure Station Chair
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It is a pedicure chair with heavy duty hydraulic pumps that makes height adjustment easier than any other chair. The chair is specially designed for the Adjustments of Leg rest that is very important for the massage and pedicure process. The base is made out of stainless steel which proves its sturdiness and reliability. Another important feature is that its massage function can be used with or without water so no need to worry about if you don’t want to use water for massage.


  • Reclines

    This chair can recline at a certain angle as required by the type of treatment being done on the client. The reclining angle may be adjusted using the hydraulic mechanism that is the backbone of this chair.

  • Leg Rest Adjustments

    The pedicure system has an option for making adjustments of the leg rest according to the heights of the clients. It can be very helpful when your clients are not comfortable with the normal position of the leg rest due to height issues.

  • Bear Heavy Weights

    The chair can have much more weight than most of the similar chairs that are being used for the pedicure at different spas. This ability makes it a perfect system for your spa if you are worried about bulky clients.

  • Massage Function

    The chair comes with two options in massage functionality. You can use the chair in two modes: one is with water in the massage tub, and the other is that you can massage without water in the footbath.


  • Hard to Recline

    The chair can become hard to recline with few uses as the hydraulic mechanism is not good enough. The chair with harder reclines is not a good choice for a busy spa where this feature is used too much.

  • No Instructions

    This chair pedicure station does not come with any instructions or assembly manual. So the assembly of the parts together can be a hideous task for you while you are busy with other things in your day.

  • Leather May Smell

    The seat leather can be a problem for some clients and workers at your spa because of its great smell when it’s new. The smell can be a problem for your clients who have a tendency to get allergic reactions through nostrils.

  • Footbath Station The footbath and the chair can be at a distance from each other at which your client may feel uncomfortable. The reason is some people with heights different from others, so it’s difficult to adjust legs in such a small place.

7) Tan and Gold Pedicure Spa Massage Chair with Free Stool:

Tan and Gold Pedicure Massage Chair
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This wonderful and stylish looking pedicure system uses a pipeless jet technology with soothing water massage for your clients. The pedicure system comes with two wooden side trays that are convenient for your pedicure items and such requirements.

The pedicure station is illuminated with 7 Colors of flashing lights for a beautiful look during the treatment and also gives a pleasant feeling. The Footrest is adjustable. It comes with Tapping, Rolling, and Kneading massage cushions.


  • Flash Colors

    The chair and pedicure station is illuminated with seven colors of flashing lights that makes it a totally mesmerizing view which is soothing to the brain of clients as well. The colors also add a stylish and refreshing look to your spa.

  • Wooden Trays

    The chair comes with two side trays made of wood which is very convenient for your spa needs. You can use it for placing products for your treatments and also this gives a new classic look to the chair due to the beautiful wood used.

  • Pipeless Jets

    The jets that are used as a part of the massage system in the footbath are pipeless and are designed specifically to look simple yet robust. The overall system is easy to clean due to its simple design.

  • Rolling Massage Cushion

    The massage cushion used in the footbath is of a roller type for a wonderful experience. The roller massage cushion can be operated and adjusted in any of the required states from Tapping, rolling and kneading.


  • Not a Professional Look

    The pedicure system is not a general black and simple colored chair, and it can look weird when placed in a spa where everything is made neat and clean in look. The interesting looks of the system may look odd.

  • The Flashlights

    Due to the same reason as stated above, the pedicure station is not giving a classy look but a funky, colorful look. That can give an unprofessional look in your spa and can be irritating for some of your clients.

  • The Footbath Is Too Large

    The footbath is not for a spa that wants to save space because it is not retractable and can take a lot of space when not in use. It can be a problem for spas with small space and can make it a full one.

  • Too Noisy

    The pedicure massage system is too noisy that it can make the clients feel uncomfortable while they are trying to relax. The vibrators can make too much noise, and this can be a problem for your spa.

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Best Spa Pedicure Chairs:

Some crucial points must be kept in mind by every buyer while purchasing a pedicure chair for their salon. These points are as follows.

  • Search for the chairs that have appropriate distance between saddle and footbath. It would be better to have a portable footbath in this regard.
  • A chair having least requirements of plumbing and installation shall be preferred over others. Such a chair could save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Chairs with vibration features come in handy. But if the quality is low, they quickly can get defected. Therefore, try to purchase such chairs with good reviews and trustworthy vendors to ensure good quality.
  • Purchasing a reclining chair can be a great client-puller.
  • In almost all of the salons, there is a lot of moistures and water. If you cannot handle these two factors efficiently, buy chairs with anti-rust and anti-damage coating.
  • Give importance to the overall look and style of the pedicure chair. A well-built chair with superior aesthetics can revolutionize the environment of your salon and hence, your business.


Following are the most frequently asked questions related to the pedicure spa chairs as mentioned above. These will help you in clearing all your doubts and give you a more comprehensive view of the products.

Q: How Does the Water Stay Hot in the Footbath?

The footbath has a heating mechanism built in it, so you don’t have to worry about heating the water yourself.

Q: Is the tub removable in the footbath of pedicure chairs?

Yes, almost each and every pedicure chair system have the feature of removable foot bath tub. The footbath can be removed easily for cleaning purposes.

Q: How Comfortable Are These Pedicure Chairs for the Clients?

The pedicure chairs that are listed above or any other such chairs are designed specially by keeping in mind the comfort of the client while getting any such spa treatment.

Q: Do All of the Pedicure Spa Chairs Recline?

Yes, most of them can be reclined to any required angle depending on the design of the product.

Q: What Is the Maximum Weight These Chairs Can Hold?

These chairs can hold from 400lbs to 500lbs depending upon the structure and robustness of the design.

Q: How much adjustable are these chairs according to the height of clients?

The chairs can be adjusted according to the needs of the clients. The footrest, armrest, and back can be highly adjusted.

Q: Do they all have disposable liners in footbath?

Yes most of them use liners in footbath that can be removed once the spa session is over with a client and the footbath stays clean as it was before.

Q: How Much Space They Take in a Spa?

That totally depends on the size and dimensions of the chair and the fact that the pedicure station is retractable or not.

Video on Pedicure Chair:


These seven chairs are the best pedicure chairs you can purchase from the market at the moment. They include all the possible features that could be on such equipment. All you need to do is to select the best from these chairs according to your salon’s environment and needs.

These chairs are equipped with all the necessary features, functionalities and facilities including vibration massage, hot water, recline hydraulic pump and retractable footbaths. If you want to attract a huge customer base, you should purchase any of these chairs as soon as possible.

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