How to Use a Portable Shampoo Bowl

Shampoo bowls offer an easy and efficient solution for hair washing at salons and at home. Finding one isn’t a problem, because there are diverse selections available to offer solutions for different hair washing needs.

​The bigger problem might be how to use a portable shampoo bowl effectively whether at home or the salon. Here is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about shampoo bowls and how to use them.

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What are Portable Shampoo Bowls?

Portable shampoo bowls comprise of a plastic bowl, or inflatable bowl, with a curved out opening to accommodate a client’s head and a provision for draining out water.

​Types of Portable Shampoo Bowls Available

​They are available in different colors, styles and sizes to offer solutions for diverse hair washing needs.

1) Portable Shampoo Trays

​These tray-shaped shampoo bowls feature simple designs for an easy hair washing experience.

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​They are used against sinks and are popular with homecare givers who have clients on wheelchairs.

2) ​Shampoo Bowls with Adjustable Stands

​These shampoo bowls come with adjustable stands that attach to plastic shampoo bowls.

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​The stand makes it easy to adjust the bowl to any desired height and the unit is also movable as a whole to suit diverse needs. They are the popular type of portable shampoo bowls used in hair salons, but are also effective for use at home and aided care facilities.

3) ​Inflatable Shampoo Bowls

​As implied, these shampoo bowls are inflatable for enhanced portability and convenience.

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​Most are easily inflatable manually and feature drain hoses as well as curved openings to accommodate the user’s head. They are popular for home care use with patients who are bedridden. Inflatable shampooers are also great to take along with you for camping trips or vacations for convenient hair washing.

There are many other types of shampoo bowls are available in the market, but above mentioned are main type of shampoo bowls people prefer to use. 

​How to use Portable Shampoo Bowls

​With a better understanding about shampoo bowls and which one to get here is a guide on how to effectively use them.

  • Set the shampoo bowl up according to the manufacturers instructions so that it functions, as it should. Following the set up manual will also help in avoiding mishandling.
  • If you have a portable shampoo bowls with a stand or a self-contained unit, you will want to set it up a bit more ‘permanently’ for practicality purposes. Another important consideration is to choose an ideal space to station it so that it is out of the way when not in use and easily accessible when needed.
  • Maintenance is equally important to ensure that you make the most out of the shampooer. Once the unit is used, clean it as per manufacture instructions and properly store it as instructed as well. However, with most shampoo bowls, simply rinsing them after use is sufficient. However, to avoid staining the shampoo bowl, if you regularly use it with chemical hair products, you may want to clean it appropriately.
  • To dry the shampoo bowl after use simply use a dry towel to wipe it down. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions state otherwise or offer a better solution for drying the unit after use.
  • Last but not least, leave your review about the product online to help other buyers find an ideal shampoo basin. Most consumers will turn to the Internet when searching for any product and it often comes down to customer reviews when deciding whether or not to buy a product.

Video Guide on How to Use Portable Shampoo Bowl

​​How to Decide Which Type of Shampoo Bowl to Get

​When shopping for shampoo bowls, you will come across selections and diverse brands making it much tougher to settle on one. Here are some of the considerations that should help you buy the best one to suit your needs.

1. ​Function

​Why do you need the shampoo bowl and how often will you use it? If you are able to answer these two important questions then you have a good idea about your intended usage.

​A good shampoo bowl should be able to meet the functions you intend to use it for. For instance, if you want to use a shampooer with a bedridden client, an inflatable hair-washing basin might be an ideal choice as opposed to a self-contained shampoo bowl.

​Another important consideration is the frequency of use, and the more you’ll put the shampooer into use dictates that you go for a more durable solution.

2. ​Space

​The space you are working with matters a lot, particularly for personal use shampooers.

​With limited space you will want to get a compact solution that is easy to set up for use and store when not in use. In this case, inflatable portable shampoo bowls would work best.

​If space is not an issue, but you would still want a portable hair washing solution then you can consider going for the larger shampoo bowls with stands or the self-contained units.

3. ​Cost

​Ultimately, it all comes down to the price of the particular shampoo basin. The important thing to have in mind is that price doesn’t always dictate quality.

​Ultimately, it all comes down to the price of the particular shampoo basin. The important thing to have in mind is that price doesn’t always dictate quality.

​The best way to strike a balance between cost and quality is by going through the above checklist.

​If a shampooer meets your desired function, would fit perfectly in the space you are working with and comes at a relatively low cost – the natural thing is to buy it.


In conclusion, portable shampoo bowls offer a quick, easy and convenient solution for hair washing in virtually any location. There are diverse selections of shampoo bowls available, but your specific need should guide you when buying one. When it comes to putting the shampooer into good use, following manufacturer’s instructions will help maintain its durability.

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