Portable Shampoo Bowl for Bedridden – Complete Guide

EZ Access Inflatable Shampoo Basin for the Disabled

When you hear the name of portable shampoo bowl, the first thing that came to your mind is the beauty salon. However, these portable bowls are not only used in salons or at a stylist shop but it is a very helpful product that can be used for a bedridden patient in hospitals or homes.

A portable shampoo bowl that is manufactured especially for the bedridden patients or old age people is actually a sterilized device that permits incapacitated persons to shampoo their hair while lying down on a surface or a bed.

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Portable Shampoo Sink with Hot and Cold Water Source

portable shampoo sink with hot water

A Portable shampoo bowl benefits a person in the easily washing of his/her hair without creating any kind of mess in the home or any other distinct location. There are so many types of shampoo bowls that are available in the market with diverse features and qualities. One of the categories of portable shampoo sink possesses the feature of hot and cold water.

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Portable Shampoo Bowl for Home Use

portable shampoo bowls for home

For a great deal of people currently living in the world today, bathing and washing themselves is a real task in itself, and where some people would simply hop into the shower. Unfortunately, not all people are lucky enough to wash themselves, including their hair due to the health problem.

As a result, experts were forced to design a product that could get around this problem, and make life that little bit easier for people unable to bathe, or for those who are working as full-time or part-time caregivers for these individuals.

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