Best Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Pedestals

In this modern era with everything within reach of everyone, making yourself stand out from the crowd can be tedious! Same is the case with beauty salons and their ever growing fierce competition.

Now a days, you can find so many beauty salons in every city that it is quite difficult to tell which ones are better… Or is it? The old saying goes “First impression is the last impression” and what else is better for making a marvelous first impression than an expensive looking environment! That is where the Porcelain bowl comes in.

Being one of the most used pieces of equipment in any beauty salon, the shampoo bowl is something worth spending those few extra dollars to get something better looking and easy in usage.

Porcelain is a type of ceramic which closely resembles the texture of plastic. But it is not as flexible as plastic nor as brittle say marble. One can say it is between these two categories of materials and this quality makes it a good choice for making shampoo bowls. Now days, you can also get your hands on a pedestal one. This added height makes the shampoo bowl portable as well as stylishly beautiful, going a long way in making that good first impression!

Best Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Pedestals:

If you are confused among the hundreds of makes and models available in the market, read on to find out a list of best porcelain shampoo bowls on to suit all your needs:

Serial NoProduct NameWhere to Buy?
1Paragon 50a Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with PedestalCheck on Amazon
2Paragon 50a Porcelain Shampoo Unit with Pedestals White on Brown ColorCheck on Amazon
3Paragon 40a Black Porcelain Shampoo UnitCheck on Amazon
4Paragon 805 Shampoo UnitCheck on Amazon
5Paragon 803 Shampoo UnitCheck on Amazon
6Streamline Beauty Salon Shampoo BowlCheck on Amazon
7BR Beauty Double Pedestal Shampoo BowlCheck on Amazon
8Marble Products #300Check on Amazon
9BR Beauty Bali Shampoo BowlCheck on Amazon

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Reviews of Best Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Pedestals:

​1. Paragon 50a Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Pedestal

Paragon 50a Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Pedestal
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This Paragon 50a Porcelain shampoo bowl unit comes with a tilting effect and rests on a stable pedestal. A self-adjustable seat is also part of the package and can be used to adjust the neck until it sits comfortably in the shampoo bowl. This product is both good looking and reliable.


  • Tilting function of bowl
  • Adjustable seat
  • Easy height for everyone
  • Glossy finish


  • Water may drip from the sides
  • Difficult assembly
  • Not suitable for wheelchair patients
  • Heavy in weight
  • Not portable device

​2. Paragon 50a Porcelain Shampoo Unit with Pedestals White on Brown Color

Paragon 50a Porcelain Shampoo Unit with Pedestals White on Brown Color
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This shampoo comes with a pedestal sitting shampoo bowl and a reclining and comfortable chair. The chair is adjustable and can be moved up and down to achieve maximum comfort while using the product. The product also comes in a classy color scheme of brown and white.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Tilting function
  • Appealing white and brown color scheme
  • Easy height for usage


  • Difficult assembly
  • Heavy in weight
  • Water may drip from the sides
  • Not a portable device
  • Not usable with wheel chair clients

​3. Paragon 40a Black Porcelain Shampoo Unit

Paragon 40a Black Porcelain Shampoo Unit
View on Amazon

This shampoo bowl comes with a tilting action and sits comfortably on a pedestal. The seat is also adjustable to meet any requirement. It also comes with UPC approved vacuum breakers and faucet. The device features a nice, comfortable and excellent neck support.


  • Nice tilting action
  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable chair
  • Comfortable neck support


  • Not fit for wheel chair clients
  • Water may leak from the sides
  • Not easily portable
  • Chair is prone to wear and tear over time

​4. Paragon 805 Shampoo Unit

Paragon 805 Shampoo Unit
View on Amazon

This shampoo bowl comes on a pedestal and is linked to a comfortable fully cushioned and fully comfortable chair. The equipment included in the package also includes a vacuum breaker and a water shower that are both UPC approved. A UPC approved faucet is also part of the package.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable chair
  • Tilting function
  • Vacuum breaker, water shower and faucets are part of the package


  • Heavy in weight
  • Wooden armrests can become soggy if gotten wet
  • Neck rest may be uncomfortable for some clients
  • Product is not easily portable
  • Not suitable for use with wheel chair clients

​5. Paragon 803 Shampoo Unit

Paragon 803 Shampoo Unit
View on Amazon

This shampoo bowl comes with a fully cushioned chair made in Taiwan that provides optimum comfort and relaxation. It also comes with UPC approved faucets and vacuum breakers. The shampoo bowl itself rests on a pedestal and has a unique tilting function making it easily adjustable and more comforting.


  • Cushioned Chair
  • UPC approved products
  • Metal seat frame for added strength
  • Tilting action of shampoo bowl


  • Heavy construction and weight
  • Not a portable device
  • The water may drip if over filled
  • The neck rest may be uneasy for wheel chair clients

​6. Streamline Beauty Salon Shampoo Bowl

Streamline Beauty Salon Shampoo Bowl
View on Amazon

This shampoo bowl is a nice alternative to the traditional shampoo bowls and offers a pedestal to attain some height. The device is slim and sleek hence requires minimum amount of space when placed. It is also compatible to work with any model of reclining shampoo chair.


  • Glossy Finish
  • Stain resistant material
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Easily portable
  • Takes little space for assembly


  • Vacuum breaker is not provided
  • The design may be uneasy for some clients
  • Height is not adjustable
  • Water may gather in the bowl instead of proper drainage

​7. BR Beauty Double Pedestal Shampoo Bowl

BR Beauty Double Pedestal Shampoo Bowl
View on Amazon

This unique design from BR beauty gives an edge over the rest of the competition. It features 2 shampoo bowls that rest next to each other. This frees up vital space which would have been consumed otherwise and both of them can tilt to achieve maximum comfort while using.


  • Highly accessible plumbing areas
  • Compatible with any shampoo chair
  • Tilting action
  • Saves extra space


  • Not portable
  • Two chaise have to be placed side by side without option
  • Water can splash on client sitting on the next chair
  • No option on terms of setting as product is fixed in place

​8. Marble Products #300

Marble Products #300
View on Amazon

This amazing pedestal sitting shampoo bowl is built from high quality ceramic marble and is simplified in design and easy in usage. The design and structure is perfect for any spa or salon and the product also includes a faucet, sprayer and a water hose.


  • Slim and stylish design
  • Made of the best material
  • Can facilitate any shampoo chair
  • Easily portable
  • Comes with UPC approved products


  • The device is not adjustable
  • No tilting function
  • Vacuum Breaker is not included
  • Can’t be used with wheelchair clients
  • Height is not adjustable

9. BR Beauty Bali Shampoo Bowl

BR Beauty Bali Shampoo Bowl
View on Amazon

This uniquely designed shampoo bowl is made in the USA and boasts a different approach to design. The pedestal is a rectangle instead of a cylindrical shape which is much more common. The result is that it is a lot steadier due to the flat base and is also quite easily adjustable.


  • Can accommodate many shampoo chairs
  • Steady pedestal
  • Tilting function
  • Stylish and unique build
  • Strong build quality


  • Design consumes more space
  • May not be adjustable to all shampoo chairs
  • It does not come with its own shampoo chair
  • Not suitable for wheel chair clients
  • Water may spill from the sides if not properly drained

Our Buyer Guide for Buying Porcelain Shampoo Bowl with Pedestals:

If you are looking to buy a porcelain shampoo bowl with a pedestal, then read on to find out certain criterion to check before making the purchase of Porcelain Shampoo Bowls with Pedestals. Here is a list of factors to consider before buying a porcelain shampoo bowl:-

1# Budget

​The first thing, as always, is to consider how much budget you are separating for the shampoo bowl. As we have said earlier, this is one of the most widely used accessories in any shampoo station and beauty salon. Hence it is worth considering that you should try and spend a few extra dollars while buying this.

A good shampoo bowl which is elegant in design and functions like it is supposed to do will eventually make up for the extra amount you put in and start rewarding you for your right decision in a very short time.

2# ​Material

​The first thing you must check on the actual device itself is the material from which it is made. Many manufacturers will try to pass off cheap plastic shampoo bowls as porcelain ones! Be aware of that! Always check your device yourself and make sure that it is the actual material and not a spoof.

A cheaply made shampoo bowl will start to wear and tear after the first few washes and will get clogged quite frequently while an actual porcelain one will never do that! In fact, the device will last years in your beauty salon without the slightest hitch.

3# ​Head Rest and Shape

​Another thing that you must inspect quite carefully is the headrest of the shampoo bowl along with the general shape. In the market, you will come across many different shapes and sizes of porcelain shampoo bowls.

Not all of them are entirely comfortable to be honest and it would be wise to do an inspection by actually trying the headrest for yourself. Place your head in the cavity provided to try and take a measure of the level of ease and comfort your customers will feel when you use it on them.

4# ​Stability

​One of the advantages of the pedestal version of the Porcelain shampoo bowl is the fact that it gives a certain height and can be moved and maneuvered to achieve the best level of comfort and ease.

However that is only achievable if the shampoo bowl rests easily on the pedestal and does not shake or slip away. Always check the base of the pedestal upon which the shampoo bowl is resting! The slightest mishap can cause the shampoo bowl to break or slip off of the top of the pedestal if it is not firmly set into place and this can lead to a disaster! Do a complete and firm check of the stability and the balance of the shampoo bowl before making the purchase.

5# ​Water Connections

​Since this device will operate with water, it is of paramount importance that you check all the connections of pipes, faucets and water showers before installing the device in the proper place.

There should be no leaks as that can cause a nuisance for not only the customer but the shop keeper as well as he or she has to clean up the floor after every wash.

6# ​Finishing

​As impressed upon earlier, the porcelain shampoo bowl has the added advantage of being appealing and attractive to the eye. This can only be achieved if the paint or the coat on the top of the body is clean and has a nice finishing to it.

Check the gloss and the overall condition of the paint on top of the shampoo bowl as a well-made shampoo bowl will always have a nice touch of paint on top of it! A glossy and shiny shampoo bowl will help you attractive customers and will also serve all your needs in the beauty salon.


Like we have seen that the market is full of different varieties of the same product. Each come with their own advantages but also have their own flaws. What you can do is try to do your best when making the choice by going through the 6 point agenda that we discussed earlier and try to get the best deal out of the ones we have provided. We hope this article was helpful to you in making the right choice when it comes to a shampoo bowl with a pedestal!

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