Portable Shampoo Bowl and Chair

When opening a salon, whether it’s a new business or remodeled one, it is important to choose the right furniture and equipment for space. As of such, the furnishings for a hairdressing salon must be selected carefully to ensure that space has the right decor and customers are provided with the highest level of comfort. There are two things that you have to consider when buying portable equipment for a salon, convenience, and comfort.

If you want to open your personal beauty salon, then there are few tools and equipment must be required essentially. This equipment can be comprised of wash basins, hair dryers, decorative mirrors, portable shampoo bowl, styling chair, etc. The main purpose of every salon is to provide high standard service to their clients with the help of effective tools. The two most important for a beauty salon consists of portable shampoo bowl and a chair.

Portable equipment for hairdressing salon will be ideal if you are specializing in personal service or maybe offering salon services at home. Since you will be required to be on-the-move at all times, the equipment must be easy to carry around and store but still offers the complete solution.

Portable Shampoo Bowl

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A portable shampoo bowl is the most valuable equipment to the hair stylists who have to work out of their households or who need to run the mobile beauty salon. It is a specific kind of sink that is usually found in a hair beauty salons or stylish shops or even at homes. These bowls have rounded pattern which is aimed to accommodate the backbone of an individual’s neck when his or her hair are getting washed.

There are numerous diverse kinds of portable shampoo bowls that are available in the market i.e. from detached pedestals to bigger units which are assembled with the chairs. A portable shampoo bowl does not require the continuous flow of water.

Advantages of a Portable Shampoo Bowl

If you have a portable shampoo bowl at your place, then you will get to know its numerous advantages like:

  • Affordable: 
    A portable shampoo bowl is quite affordable to purchase as compared to the fixed platform shampoo bowls. It is a kind of one-time expenditure and you can easily avail all the benefits of a beauty salon that you get for your hair. Owing to its economical price rate, any person can afford it without any worry of funds.
  • Requires less space: 
    A portable shampoo bowl requires quite less space than a normal fixed shampoo bowl. You may have the shortage of space in your room or at client’s place. But, if you possess a portable shampoo bowl, you do not have to worry about the issue of space utilization.
  • Convenient to use: 
    A portable shampoo bowl is very convenient to use product i.e. there are no strict guidelines that need to be followed. You can just assemble it very easily after reading the guide book (that is provided along by the portable shampoo bowl’s manufacturer to the buyer).
  • Lightweight product: 
    A portable shampoo bowl is also a lightweight product that can be easily transported while moving from one place to another in a car or a wagon. There are few stylists who have to render services to the clients at their place, so a portable shampoo bowl is a bonus for such people. Since it is not so heavy to carry; a person can easily take this product to any place.

Best Portable Shampoo Bowls:

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Styling Chair

A styling chair is also a portable compulsory product for a beauty salon. This chair is very easy to get the fold and move to any place. These chairs are fully equipped with all the essential features that make a client more comfortable and relaxed while availing the beauty services. A styling chair is available in various sizes i.e. large, medium or small. So, it is up to your requirement and choice that what type of chair is needed.

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A styling chair also possesses a foot as well as a head rest place that can be attached or detached whenever required. These chairs are available in different price ranges on online websites. A normal chair cannot take the place of a styling chair. In a normal chair, it becomes very difficult to wash the hair of clients without making them wet.

Today, a portable styling chair will have a foot and headrest, which can be removed easily for storage and to carry the chair around. Most of the modern styling chairs are also designed with adjustable heights and reclines. The expensive types will come with automatic massage features as well as other accessories such as padded armchairs, whirlpool foot bath, and magazine racks.

Features of Perfect Styling Chair

There are few important features that a styling chair must include, like:

  • 360 degrees spin
    A styling chair must spin around 360 degrees so that it can be the move in any desirable direction whenever you want. You can also lock it in one place in order to provide stability in the movement of the chair.
  • Adjustable back side
    The back side of the styling chair must be adjustable according to the numerous padlocking points with the help of air piston discharge device. It offers a comfortable position to the client while shampooing their hair.
  • Wide sitting seat
    The seat of the styling chair must be wide enough so that a client of any weight or size can comfortably sit over it.
  • Adjustable height
    The height of the styling chair should also be adjustable according to the height of the client. If this feature is not present in the chair, then it will run away all the impact of the beauty salon services.
  • Water resistant
    It is very vital that the styling chair must be waterproof or water-resistant. This helps in increasing the longevity of the product. If it gets wet or slippery, then the client will find it very difficult to sit back on that chair. A waterproofing feature also protects the chair from any damage that is caused by falling off any chemical substances over the chair. The vinyl coating provides a kind of safety over the chair.


It is very important that a portable shampoo bowl and the styling chair must be purchase after doing proper research over the various sources. It is a kind of lifetime investment for a person. It also plays an important role in uplifting the salon business of a stylist. Therefore, you can find appropriate products over the online websites like amazon.com or ebay.com at very reasonable price along with the warranty period.

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