Portable Shampoo Bowl for Kitchen Sink: Guide and our Picks

In our blog, we talk a lot about portable shampoo bowls. In this post, we particularly writing for choosing best Portable Shampoo Bowl for your Kitchen Sink. Read this post to get an idea of choosing/buying shampoo bowls for your kitchen sink and our best picks.

Best Shampoo Bowl for Kitchen Sinks

Serial NoProduct Name
1Hair Washing Tray (For Home Or Salon – Use With Chair Or Wheel Chair!)
2Duro-Med Wash and Rinse Tray with Spray Nozzle
3Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray – SHAMTRAYDB8087
4Hair Washing Tray Shoulder Mounted Shampoo Tray
5EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray

Though they are mostly overlooked as a shampoo station accessory, it is a fact that owning one of these hair washing trays can give your shampoo station a lot of diversity.

Owning and knowing how to properly operate a shampoo tray can let you wash the hair of a client even if they are on a wheelchair or want to sit and have their hair washed against a sink.

It is not that heavily built either, quite light and is easy to use and move around – means portability is not an issue with it either and you can easily carry them along with you without much hassle. Here is a list of five hair washing trays that you can consider to buy on Amazon.com:

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Portable Shampoo Bowl For Kitchen Sink

If you are a home user, then choosing a small shampoo bowl to suit your kitchen sink will be a good option.

When I said small, It doesn’t mean that very small size. It means we have to choose the shampoo bowl in a way that it must fit for your kitchen sink properly.

Nowadays, most of the home user who does beauty treatment only to resident members prefer to have shampoo bowl with them. So most of them buy portable shampoo bowl which fits the kitchen sink.

They prefer this type of shampoo bowls because they are very light, it will be very easy to maintain, very portable to carry and moreover those portable shampoo bowls are affordable to common people.

Reviews of Shampoo Bowl for Kitchen Sinks

1) Hair Washing Tray (For Home Or Salon – Use With Chair Or Wheel Chair)

Hair Washing Tray (For Home Or Salon – Use With Chair Or Wheel Chair!)
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This shampoo tray is designed to provide the ultimate comfort for the customer with a slightly curved interior which allows for better neck resting and does not allow water to spill over the sides. It is also compact and lightweight for easy usage anywhere and anytime.

The tray itself is made with hard durable plastic which is both strong yet flexible. The tray is also stain-proof so you don’t need to worry about any shampoo stain lingering on the product after any wash.


  • Raised edges allow water to drain into the sink rather than spill
  • 35-inch nylon straps help to secure the neck in place
  • Compact and lightweight


  • May not work well with elder clients or disabled ones
  • The cut on the tray may be hurtful to some clients

​2) Duro-Med Wash and Rinse Tray with Spray Nozzle

Duro-Med Wash and Rinse Tray with Spray Nozzle
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This product is made of heavy-duty plastic which makes it quite strong and resistant to the stress that it will be put under. The contour design helps support the neck firmly into place while the tray slides gracefully into the sink it is being used with.

Apart from all this, what sets this article aside from the rest are the extra devices which are also packaged with it. The most important being a spray hose that can be attached to any faucet.


  • Made of durable plastic with a rubber base to provide friction for support
  • The 48-inch hose also included
  • Drainage outlet provided in the tray


  • The hose does not fit all the faucets
  • The weight of the tray can be more than comfortable for some users

​3) Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray – SHAMTRAYDB8087

Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray – SHAMTRAYDB8087
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This product is made from durable plastic and is rather wide than others. This means that it can sustain a larger bunch of hair and spread them out evenly without getting them into a tangle. The surface is smooth and clean which allows for a smooth flow of water and shampoo alike.

The product can also be used with a wheelchair and a simple chair. It also has raised edges on all three sides while leaving out the fourth side to let the water drain out from that side leaving all the other sides completely dry.


  • Wider construction 
  • Raised edges to avoid water spillage
  • Can be used with chairs and wheelchairs alike


  • The neck hold can be tight on some users
  • The arm strap is too short for usage

4) Hair Washing Tray Shoulder Mounted Shampoo Tray

Hair Washing Tray Shoulder Mounted Shampoo Tray
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This shampoo tray is quite different from the others on this list in the sense that it is made up of latex rubber instead of the ordinarily used plastic. This makes the tray incredibly flexible so it can sustain any amount of pressure exerted on it. Apart from that, it is made in the USA so it is easy to transport and is available rather quickly at your doorstep if you live in the states.


  • Rubber built
  • Increased flexibility
  • Can be used with wheelchairs


  • Can be difficult if used with short hair
  • The neck cut out can be a little uncomfortable for some

​5) EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray

EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray
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This is a simple hair washing tray that is around 19 inches in height making it a very useful tray especially for washing long hair that cannot fit in some other smaller versions of hair washing trays. It also has raised edges all around the main body which does not allow the water to spill out. It is also usable with a wheelchair or a simple chair.​


  • Large 19-inch height
  • Raised edges to prevent water spillage
  • Contoured to fit the neck comfortably


  • The sloping angle can be difficult to manage
  • The tray surface is flat rather than curved so water can be prone to spillage if not used correctly

Guidelines for Choosing Portable Shampoo Bowl for your Kitchen Sink

​1. Size of the Shampoo Bowl/Tray

​When you thinking of buying a portable shampoo bowl for your kitchen sink, the first thing what you have to consider is the size.

Whether the shampoo bowl you are looking to buy will be the correct size for your kitchen sink? if the bowl size is bigger than your kitchen sink, then We don’t recommend it to buy. Because it simply won’t give much comfort to use it in your kitchen.

​If the size of the kitchen sink shampoo bowl is too less, then also we don’t recommend it to choose. It will make uncomfortable during washing, and there may be chances of splitting of water around your kitchen. This is definitely not advisable to buy.

​But, these days most shampoo bowl comes with an integrated hose to empty out the water, in this case, you don’t need to worry about the size of the shampoo bowls.

​2. Weight of the Shampoo Bowl/Tray

​When we are buying portable shampoo bowl for our home use, it need not be super good quality. For example, The good quality salon shampoo bowls are made up of marbles, which in turn it leads to more weight.

​When are buying shampoo bowl for home use, we don’t want to be our bowl made up of marbles. Commercial-grade materials are enough.

​3. Price

​When we are buying for home use, we don’t need to pay much for these shampoo bowls. Most of the home usage good portable shampoo bowl comes in the price range of $$ to $$$. But some of the online store selling the cheap shampoo bowl at a high price. So choosing the place to buy these shampoo bowl matters. We recommend Amazon.com for shopping buying your shampoo bowl at the best price.

​4. Your Design

​We can guide on price, quality, etc., but the design of the bowl is completely left to you. Choose whatever design you like most by considering the above points. In most cases, if you are buying for shampoo bowl for kitchen sink, then almost all designs will be similar.


As there are a lot of products to choose from, the final choice comes to you as a buyer. Which are the things you must get and what elements you can compromise a bit upon. All of this thinking would go into making your final decision. This list, however, can get you accustomed to some of the most popular shampoo trays and their advantages along with their flaws.

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