Portable Shampoo Bowl- Top 5 Reasons Why Go for Them?

One of the most important pieces of equipment that makes up a shampoo station is of course the shampoo bowl. You go to any beauty salon, you will always find a shampoo bowl attached to each and every station. So if you are starting your own salon and want to buy this commodity, there are two main routes which you can choose to take.

You have to make a decision whether to go for a portable shampoo bowl or a fixed (conventional) one. Read on to find out why the portable shampoo bowl is superior to its conventional counterpart.

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​1) Portability

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​As the name is already suggesting, the first advantage that a portable shampoo bowl gives is portability. A fixed shampoo bowl always stays in one place at it is hinged to a wall in most cases but with a portable one, you have the freedom to move around with it. You can shift it to another shampoo station if need be or you can clear it out to make some space for another thing you may be planning. 

​2) Easy Set Up

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​Another advantage that a portable shampoo bowl gives is the ease with which you can get it set up and working. Most of the portable shampoo bowls available in the market come with a guide on how to set up the device and the instructions are usually so very simple and easy that a layman is able to comprehend what is written and act accordingly.

Keeping this in view, you will most likely not need a professional to help set your shampoo bowl up, rather, with the help of tools laying around, you should be able to do it yourself. Saving both on time and extra expenses.

​3) Adjustability

​The next thing in which the portable shampoo bowl has the edge is the adjustability factor. Let’s face it, you are never going to get a single type of customers in your shop.

There would be some people who would not feel comfortable with the default position of your shampoo bowl so to solve this hassle, most of the portable shampoo bowls come with adjustability options which allow them to move vertically as well as horizontally, allowing you to maneuver the bowl to the position required by the customer with ease and grace.

​4. Transportation

​The next advantage you will get with the purchase of a portable shampoo bowl is that you can offer home services to your clients. This will only be possible due the easy transportation of your equipment and since the portable shampoo bowl is so easy to transport on a car or a pick-up truck, your clients can enjoy a refreshing shampoo experience right at their home. This would never be possible with a conventional shampoo bowl as it is usually fixed to a wall and can’t be removed for transportation purposes. 

​5. Cost Effective

​Another huge advantage that a portable shampoo bowl gives over the other one is that it is usually cheaper of the two. Meaning it can be light on your wallet and still get the job done as easily as its counterpart. This is something which cannot be taken lightly as people starting their businesses need to be clever when buying equipment and when you get more as is the case here, the offer becomes quite irresistible for the buyer.


​With all of the above mentioned points in mind, I think it is safe to say that a portable shampoo bowl is simply superior to the other. As is the case with the world today, people want more things in a small package that is why things like smartphones and laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Similarly, the portable shampoo bowl uses the same concept and is the reason it is so popular these days.

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