Portable Shampoo Sink with Hot and Cold Water Source

A Portable shampoo bowl benefits a person in the easily washing of his/her hair without creating any kind of mess in the home or any other distinct location. There are so many types of shampoo bowls that are available in the market with diverse features and qualities. One of the categories of portable shampoo sink possesses the feature of hot and cold water.

​A Portable shampoo sink with hot and cold water is perfect equipment for the beauty salons, hairdresser shops, households and for organizations that are providing health care services. These portable sinks are quite popular among the people due to its unique features and advantages.

Best Portable Shampoo Sink with Hot & Cold Water

There are several portable shampoo sink which makes a buyer very confuse at the time of purchase. So, below are the best portable shampoo sink with hot and cold water faucet.

Serial NoProduct NameWhere to Buy?
1Saloniture Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink with DrainCheck on Amazon
2Best Choice Products® Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo BasinCheck on Amazon
3Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink with DrainCheck on Amazon
4HomeSmith Portable Height Salon Deep Basin Adjustable Hair WashCheck on Amazon
5Shampoo Bowl Sink with a Tilt Mechanism Salon Spa Equipment TLC-B13-WTCheck on Amazon
6TMS® Portable Black Adjustable Height Shampoo BasinCheck on Amazon
7Healthline Portable Shampoo Bowl SinkCheck on Amazon
8Unique Styling Barber Shampoo Bowl Plastic Adjustable Angle Black Bowl 9037Check on Amazon
9Portable Height Shampoo Basin Adjustable Hair Treatment BowlCheck on Amazon
10GHP Black Pro Portable Shampoo Basin Height AdjustableCheck on Amazon

Reviews of Portable Shampoo Sink with Hot & Cold Water:

1. ​Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer

Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer
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​This is an exclusive portable shampoo sink that possesses a hand held sprayer along with the hold and cold water. It is a sturdy product with the lightweight manufacturing that helps a person in moving the shampoo bowl very easily from one place to another. People having low budget investment can also buy this product. It is not necessary to have a continuous flow of water every time in this. There is an outsized left-over water tank also available which eradicates the requirement for water drainage.


  • It offers hot as well as cold water availability to the user.
  • It is an impeccable product for clinics, hospitals, senior citizen homes and for much more.
  • It originates with six gallon capacity of a fresh water reservoir as well as seven gallon capacity of the leftover water storage tank.
  • The user can easily transport this portable shampoo bowl in any normal wagon or a van.

2. Salon Shampoo Square Bowl Spa Equipment Black Cabinet TLC-1016-KSGT-FC

Salon Shampoo Square Bowl Spa Equipment Black Cabinet TLC-1016-KSGT-FC
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This portable shampoo sink with hot and cold water facility has a small cabinet which is very easy to fix. A small shelf is also provided for keeping the bottles of shampoos as well as all the other styling goods. The adjacent entry door offers an easy drainage of the water along with the small storing zone. This shampoo bowl is manufactured from high-power ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic with a high polish texture. It is a useful, visually attractive and a long lasting sturdy product.


  • This portable shampoo sink has a water-resistant cabinet of black color.
  • There is hot and cold water regulator knob that helps in controlling the movement of the water into the spray tube.
  • The ABS plastic material of the shampoo bowl is scratch resilient.
  • The Neck Rest space offers an extra comfortable to the client.
  • Due to the high-class stainless steel channel and filter, it is easy to eradicate the undesirable fragments from going down into the drainage system.
  • The easy to clean hair trap does not allow any kind of loss of ornaments or any other belongings that might be unintentionally eroded away in the drain.

3. Shampoo Bowl Sink with a Tilt Mechanism Salon Spa Equipment TLC-B13-WT

Shampoo Bowl Sink with a Tilt Mechanism Salon Spa Equipment TLC-B13-WT
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​This also the best portable shampoo sinks with hot and cold water supply option. It can be accommodated with any kind of chair. It is an excellent specialized slanting shampoo bowl. It is prepared from a high-power ABS plastic material. The manufacturers of this portable shampoo bowl also offer one year warranty to its buyers. The tilt action of this product works fantastically. It is quite lightweight as compared to the other shampoo bowls available in the market.


  • This portable shampoo bowl can be mounted on the wall very easily.
  • There is a stylish backwash option which is quite comfortable to use for washing hair.
  • It can be easily adjusted with any type of shampoo chair.
  • It remains stable once it is mounted on the wall.
  • It requires very less space to keep this shampoo sink as it has to be hanged on the wall.


The buyer must also consider few significant features of “Portable Shampoo Bowl with hot and cold water” like- the convenience of handling, strength, light weight, usefulness, compact size, and user-friendliness. This help the buyer in making a valuable decision and getting the best shampoo bowl from the market. The one more important thing is the comfort of the user. The Portable Shampoo Bowl with hot and cold water is manufactured by keeping all the requirements of the buyers in the mind. All the above-mentioned products are highly recommendable and affordable to purchase.

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