Portable Shampoo Sinks with Sprayers – Guide and our Best Pick

If you own a beauty salon, then the main first priority of your work is to provide the best experience along with ease to the clients while washing their hair. A portable shampoo bowl is an equipment that facilitates a lot to the stylists like you in washing or shampooing the hair of customers. It is one of the essential product for which you must look for your own salon.

​A portable shampoo bowl is made up of ABS plastic material that is quite flexible to use. While using this product, your client can be kept safe from wetting up also. It can be adjustable according to the height of the client so that a comfortable position can be offered while availing the hair shampoo service. You may easily assemble or disassemble it whenever required. There are so many types of portable shampoo bowls are available in the market of different features, sizes, and usefulness. A portable shampoo sink with sprayers also belongs to one of its categories.

​Portable Shampoo Sinks with Sprayer

​A portable shampoo sink with sprayers is also another type of portable shampoo bowl that also comprises of additional sprayer for washing hair. However, there are not so many shampoo bowls that come with sprayers. So, you have to buy extra sprayer if needed.

1) Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer

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​A Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer is an exceptional portable bowl that consists of a handheld sprayer also. This product is perfect equipment that can be used in beauty salons, stylist shops, households and health care organizations.

It is a lightweight product but with strong manufacturing. You can easily move it from one place to another with the help of swivel casters. It is the best thing if you have any issue related to space at your place. There is no requirement of continuous water supply as a storage tank for storing the water is also given in this model. Besides this, an additional tank for the waste water is also provided. It comes at the very reasonable price.

​Features of Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer

  • This portable shampoo bowl comprises of 1 five gallon storage tank for storing the fresh water as well as 1 seven gallon storage tank for storing the remaining water.
  • It is equipped with a modifiable electric heater which shall be set between 95 degrees F – 155 degrees F.
  • There are 4 rotating casters along with the padlocking foot brakes.
  • It is manufactured with a robust aluminum bar structure and strong plastic sections.
  • It is easily available in six colors (i.e. Black, Grey, White, Red, Maple or Blue) on numerous shopping websites.
  • The manufacturer of this portable shampoo sink also offers 1 year warranty period also.

Benefits of a Shampoo Sprayer

There are few benefits of having a shampoo sprayer along with a portable shampoo bowl. Some of them are as follows:

  • A shampoo sprayer can be easily fit any size of portable shampoo bowl.
  • There is no requirement to make any kind of changes in the shampoo sink plumping structure if you want to attach a sprayer.
  • It is also a lightweight product that can be easily carried with you, for example, during traveling.
  • Owing to its compact size, you do not require any specialized procedure for assembling or reassembling the sprayer.
  • You can quickly or easily clean the shampoo sprayer after using it.
  • It is manufactured from the durable plastic material that offers benefit in the long run.
  • These are available in diverse range of colors that can well match up to your beauty salon or your home.

​Shampoo Sprayers

​There is very less portable shampoo bowl that originates with a sprayer with it. So, there is no more need to worry as shampoo sprayers are also available in the market that can be used by additionally attaching it to the portable shampoo sink. When you use a sprayer for washing the hair of clients, it makes them quite comfortable also as they do not have to move somewhere else for washing their hair.

Best Shampoo Sprayers for Shampoo Sinks:

1. Eden Shampoo Sink Sprayer Hose for Washing Hair, Baby Wash Sprayer, or Washing Pets with Brush Attachment  

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​This shampoo sprayer is very easy to use even if you are a beginner. You may use it for washing the hair of your clients, kids or patients also. It easily slips on top of the nozzle of the tap and gets hold very tightly. The buyer of this shampoo sprayer will also get cool instant on or off brush accessory as an additional benefit.

2. ​Shampoo Hose Equipment for Salon Bowl NEW from Koken

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The Shampoo Hose Equipment for Salon Bowl NEW from the renowned Company Koken is a strong, smooth as well as high-quality shampoo sprayer. It can be easily fitted to any standard size of portable shampoo bowl. It also has a shampoo spray pipe of 48″ size. It is long enough to use it anywhere at your place effortlessly. It is available at very affordable price along with stylish design.

3. ​Indoor Dog Shower Spray

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This shampoo sprayer can be fitted to any faucet of portable shampoo sink. It is the best product for washing the hair of customers in a beauty salon or you may use it at your home for shampooing the kid’s hair also. This product is manufactured by the renowned Company i.e. Waxman Consumer Group. It always tries to offer the products that are beneficial for the consumers in the long run. This shampoo sprayer is also one of the best equipment that is launched by this company. There is no leakage issue in this sprayer and the water comes with good pressure while washing the hair.

  • ​Fits most but not all tub faucets
  • Ideal for washing hair, washing pets and bathing infants
  • Ideal for washing hair, washing pets and bathing infants
  • Consumer Pack

4. Shower Portable Adaptor Spray Handheld Bathtub Tub Hose Sprayer Kids Pets Brush

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This shampoo sprayer is the best product that is available in the market. It also comes with a brush that can also be used while washing hair. It is perfect equipment for washing the hair of infants, old age people or patients. It also easily slips quickly over the nozzle of the tap of portable shampoo bowl. It can also be adjusted according to your requirement. There are no difficult guidelines required to be follow up for setting up this shampoo sprayer as you can easily do this without using any tool.

​5. LASCO 08-2180 Slips onto Faucet Spouts Rubber Hose And Spray

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​This shampoo sprayer comes with a durable rubber pipe as well as the spray that can be easily fit at any portable shampoo bowl. There are also numerous things that can be done with this sprayer. It has a universal fit size. There is a rubber pipe along with the sprayer that is flexible to use and move in any direction. It is made up of strong plastic material that offers it the longer span of life. It can be easily fit any place. The price of LASCO 08-2180 Slips onto Faucet Spouts Rubber Hose and Spray are quite economical to buy.


A portable shampoo sink with sprayer is one of the important equipment that is required nowadays in any type of beauty salon. It not only benefits you but to your client also. On the other hand, there are not so many portable shampoo sinks with sprayers that are available for buying.

But, you may purchase shampoo sprayers in addition to the shampoo sink. It completes your beauty salon services with its outstanding features. It also facilitates in the better washing of hair of the clients also. These sprayers are easily accessible at the online shopping websites (like Amazon) at very reasonable price.

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