Portable Shampoo Sinks with Sprayers – Guide and our Best Pick

A portable shampoo sink with a sprayer is a fantastic product that can be useful for salons, care homes, hospitals, and many other places. A portable sink can be helpful in areas where it is difficult to get plumbing installed or where there is a lack of water supply.

People who are bedridden or in a wheelchair can also benefit from a portable shampoo sink as they can get their hair washed without any trouble.

A portable sink contains its water supply and enclosure for taking away the dirty water. The sink also has a sleek design so that you can wheel it into places where there is no water supply or no provision of plumbing.

A portable shampoo sink can be used to wash the hair of clients in a salon or patients in a hospital. The attached sprayer function allows for easy washing of hair without causing any mess or discomfort to the person who is getting their hair washed.

If you are looking for a shampoo sink with sprayer, then the Monsam PSE-2005S is the product you want. At the time of writing of this article, there aren’t any products available that provide the facility of an inbuilt sprayer with a portable sink.

The other option for you is to buy a portable sink and choose a sprayer that will fit the nozzles of that sink. If you are purchasing a sink from another brand, make sure you choose a sprayer that is recommended by the manufacturer. A sprayer from another brand might not fit a sink from different brands. 

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Review of Monsam PSE-2005S

Monsam PSE-2005S Portable Shampoo Sink with Sprayer
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The Monsam PSE-2005S is a portable sink with an attached sprayer, and it is perfect for places where a sink is difficult to install or where the provision of plumbing is not available. The sink has several exciting features such as two 6 gallon tanks for fresh water and two 7 gallon tanks that you can use for storage of wastewater.

With this sink, you do not need to worry about problems of water inlets and drainage as the sink contains all the required fixtures.  The sink also has a 4-gallon water heater, and it can be used to provide both hot and cold water. It is also easy to transport the sink as you can load it in a truck or a van to take it to the place where it is needed.

The sink weight 110 pounds and it measures 9 x 28 x 22 inches. These dimensions mean the sink does not take up too much space, and you can easily wheel the sink into places like hospital rooms or salons. This portable sink has a lightweight and sturdy construction, and it is also easy to move with the provided swivel casters. The lightweight construction means you can also roll the sink on your own without needing help from another person.

The most significant benefit of having a sink with wheels is that you can roll it to the customer or the patient’s room. Any other way of washing the customer’s hair will end up creating too much mess. The sink has a modern design that comes with space for a person to place their neck so that they can feel at ease while getting their hair washed.

As the sink comes pre-fitted with a sprayer and all the necessary fittings, you don’t need to change your existing salon space to accommodate this sink. Roll the portable sink to where it is required and you can start washing the hair of your customers with ease.


A portable shampoo sink with a sprayer can be immensely useful if there are no plumbing fixtures in the place where you need a sink. The Monsam PSE-2005S is the ideal solution if you are looking for a sink that comes with a sprayer attached. For other sinks, you can always buy a separate sprayer that can do the job in a pinch. But if you are looking for a one-in-all solution, then the Monsam PSE-2005S is the best choice for you.

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