Salon Shampoo Chairs and Bowls – Which is Best?

For a salon business, the priority must be the client’s comfort and satisfaction. If you want your business to flourish, you should meet the customers’ demands. If you think that you can achieve this goal without installing suitable backwash solutions, you are wrong.

Customers often look forward to a professional shampoo services which are a calming experience. And without proper equipment, you will not be able to deliver quality services to your customers. Your valuable clients may get wet or uncomfortable on the seat. Having the right equipment can make a difference for your salon.


In today’s world, the devices are getting smarter and comfortable. As they are getting compact, the performance they are delivering is getting better day by day.

The following are a couple of parameters to be taken into consideration before you buy shampoo bowl back station product of your liking.

Best Options to Purchase Shampoo Bowls and Chairs

This article mentions the things you need to take care of before buying shampoo bowl back stations for your salons. Knowing about the possibilities will equip you with enough knowledge to make the right decision.

The most important questions that must be considered are; what is the arrangement of your salon? How often do you change the setting of your salon? Do you need chairs or stations for several services and the most important is your budget?

There are two ways to buy shampoo back station: the first is to purchase separate bowl and chair and the second is to purchase immediate solutions, i.e. combined shampoo bowl and chair. Let's have a look at each option thoroughly.

Separate Bowl and Chair:

Separate shampoo bowls and chairs offer an inexpensive mean of shampooing and washing the hair of your customers. One option is that you can buy separate shampoo bowls and detached separate chairs, instead of an attached shampoo back station. This option is quite affordable and lets you use your equipment for other services as well. This option is suitable for small salons with least budget.

Before buying a perfect portable shampoo bowl, the buyer must evaluate all the portable shampoo bowls with a water tank along with its beneficial features. It will not only help them in making a perfect decision but also do not make them regret after buying a particular product.

The unconnected shampoo unit is adaptable to the style of chair. A freestanding shampoo bowl is space efficient, and it lets you play around with different shampoo chairs. It's also a good for busy salons with restricted space because it lets you move the chair out of the way when you don't need it.

Shampoo Bowls:

If you are looking for the top Shampoo Bowls to be used in your salon, to wash your customer's hairs with ease and comfort, then you have come to the right page. Here's the list of best shampoo bowls that are portable and easy to use.

All Purpose Chairs:

All-purpose salon chairs can be used as styling chairs, barber chairs or even shampoo chairs. Having the right salon chairs could be your chance to attract more customers. Get the best salon chairs for the comfort of your customers. This job has been made easy for you by this article; all you have to do now is to pick what you desire.

Click on the following link to check the top best all purpose salon chairs.

Attached Shampoo Bowls and Chairs:

Although attached units tend to be more expensive and luxurious, they would be a great source of your customer's comfort and would make your clients feel more pampered. Attached backwash shampoo unit combines shampoo bowl and chair into one unit.

These shampoo back stations leave a good impression on your customer, and they are most probably going to visit you again henceforth assisting you to expand your business.

Attached backwash units are a beautiful manifestation of quality, style, and functionality. Backwash shampooing unit puts your customer at the perfect angle for their head to lie down comfortably in the bowl and provide extra lumbar support for their back. Usually, these backwash units feature a deep tilting porcelain bowl.

As compared to free standing units, attached units are a perfect addition to the shampoo area of any salon or spa. They allow a more comfortable position for the salon guy and remove the need to attach the shampoo bowl to the wall. Therefore, they enhance the outlook of your salon by making it more lush and comfy.

The salon backwash units can take your business to a whole new level by facilitating your customers and providing them with awesome perks and services which are not possible with separate shampoo bowl and chairs.

Our take, if you want some constructive changes in your salon, these backwash stations would not only enhance the outlook but will also be a magnet for a lot more customers than ever before. You don’t have to worry about anything now, check out the top 7 Shampoo backwash stations from the list below. It will assist you in purchasing some fine, elegant and valuable salon backwash units.

Comparison Chart of Salon Chairs and Bowls

Although there are a variety of salon backwash chairs and bowls solutions available in the market, finding out the best product for yourself is a tedious task. To find out about the best options, you need to read the following text.

  • Luxurious Experience:

    One of the most relaxing services your salon can offer to its clients is the full-service shampoo. Many salon customers love nothing more than relaxing back in the shampoo chair and letting a stylist work with their hair under lukewarm water. It's important to have your shampoo chair, bowls, and stations well-equipped to make this experience awesome.

  • Parts of a Backwash Unit:

    Salon backwash shampoo unit is an entire apparatus, which is specifically made for hair wash while sitting or lying down on a comfortable seat. The original parts include a reclining chair or a large sofa with a wash basin behind it. It also has a shower pipe that is used to rinse the hair.

  • The Purpose of This Section:

    Following section would facilitate you to evaluate the different options and choose the best one which is feasible for you according to your need and circumstances.

    Check out the list of best Shampoo backwash combined units available in the market.

1. Icarus "Liger" Black Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair Backwash Unit Package

Icarus Liger Shampoo Chair Backwash Unit

This amazing back station is the second name of comfort. It is amazingly comfortable and will take your customers to a calm and relaxing world. This Backwash unit is well equipped with everything you are required to pamper your clients and provide them a quality experience.

It is a modern shampoo chair with upholstered and high-quality vinyl. Its chrome legs and frame are made from durable, sturdy metal. This shampoo backwash unit is equipped with reclining backrest and footrest for the best comfort of the customers.

Technical Specifications:

The technical specifications for Icarus "Liger" Black Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair Backwash Unit are as follows:

Chair Dimension

Arm to Arm: 20.5"
Depth: 23.5" - 46"
Width: 28"
Height: 33"

Shampoo Unit Dimension

Width: 23"
Height: 37"
Depth: 20.75"
From floor to neck rest: 31" - 34"

Vacuum Breaker



116.6 pounds



Editor’s Rating

Product Link


The pros of this product are as follows.

  • Extremely Comfortable:

    This chair is tremendously comfortable; your customers would love the comfort it provides due to its upholstered and high-quality vinyl. It has a back rest and foot rest for better lumbar support and perfect lying position.

  • Durable:

    This shampoo back station is robust and durable as its frame is made of heavy duty metal.

  • Easy Maintenance:

    The chair is built in a simple manner thus very easy to use. It has metal frame finished in chrome which makes it super easy to clean. This shampoo back station is easy to maintained

  • Tilting Bowl:

    It has a tilting bowl which can be easily adjusted according to the need of the customer. This unit makes an easy and comfortable adjustment, so you don't have to put a kink in your clients' neck. The tilt and height of the sink and unit are perfect for the comfort of the client.

  • Space Efficient:

    This shampoo unit has a space-efficient design; this is the biggest advantage of this unit. It is a fine addition to even smaller salons. Usually, shampoo backwash is quite hefty in size and cover a lot of space.

  • Easy Installation:

    This unit can be installed easily without much hassle.


The drawbacks of this chair are as follows.

  • No Vacuum Breaker:

    This product does not have vacuum breaker with it. If your area requires the vacuum breaker to be installed, then you have to buy it separately.

  • Firm Seat Cushioning:

    The chair is cushioned, but it is very firm. Due to this firmness customers may feel tired when sitting for a long time. The seat cushioning must be more of a plush feel.

  • Lack of Instructions:

    One more demerit is that it doesn't come with directions, but that’s not a big issue. You can go to the website, Salon guys and look for the exact product and get the directions online.

  • No Accessories:

    This backwash unit does not contain a hair strap and a neck rest. You have to buy them separately.

2. Salon Backwash Shampoo Tilt Bowl Sink Wall Mounted Reclining Shampoo Chair TLC-B13WT-216

TLC-B13WT-216 Reclining Shampoo Chair

“Salon Backwash Shampoo Tilt Bowl Sink Wall Mounted Reclining Shampoo Chair” is a high-quality specialized tilting shampoo bowl and perfectly adjustable reclining chair. The Backwash Shampoo Tilt Bowl is made from Ceramic. It has a high gloss finish which looks visually appealing this shampooing unit provides long-lasting durability and service.

This unit has a finest professional tilting shampoo bowl. It is made from high-impact ABS Plastic. This package includes Easy-clean hair trap, hot and cold faucet and Vacuum Breaker.

The shampoo chair features automatic recline, and it has foam padding for extra comfort. It is a heavy duty shampoo chair, and it looks elegant. This chair automatically reclines to rest your client's head comfortably on the shampoo bowl.

This backwash unit is of excellent quality. It is a source of real customer satisfaction, and this can boost your profits.

Technical Specification:

The technical specifications for this salon styling chair are as follows:

Chair Dimensions

Seat: 19" x 20"

Backrest: 19" x 16"

Chair: 30 Lbs

Vacuum Breaker



ABS Plastic Glossy Finish


One Year

Editor’s Rating

Product Link


The pros of having this salon backwash unit are given below.

  • Foam Padding:

    The seat and back of this salon style chair have foam padding. It provides extra comfort to your customers, and it's better than most of the contemporary chairs available in the market.

  • Lumber Support:

    This chair is specially designed according to ergonomic principles. Thus it provides lumbar support to its customer and makes their shampooing experience utmost relaxing.

  • Return Policy:

    You can return your product within 30 days of purchase for a full reimbursement. After 30 days it will fall under the 1-year warranty.

  • Warranty:

    This product comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty does not include shipping charges to our repair center.


Like every other product in this world, this unit also has some weak points. These are stated below.

  • Non-adjustable:

    You can't mount the shampoo bowl according to your required height. It can't be fixed on the wall as high or low as you want because the chair tilts backward into the bowl. So it has a fixed height which might become a barrier for you while dealing with your customers of varying height.

  • Difficult Installation:

    You may find its installation complicated as the shampoo bowl has to be mounted on the wall, and its height must be measured according to the chair’s back.

  • Not Suitable for Children:

    The installation height is 29". It is a bit high for children and short people. Children need a booster for the chair.

  • Not Luxurious Outlook:

    This product has a simple outlook unlike other available options in the market, which provide a luxurious and lavish look to the salon and attract the customers.

3. 2017 Model CERAMIC Adjustable Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station with Triple-Certified Vacuum Breaker

2017 Model Ceramic Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station

If you want a comfortable shampoo backwash unit, then it must be "2017 Model CERAMIC Adjustable Shampoo Bowl Backwash Station with Triple-Certified Vacuum Breaker."

The chair is attached to the backwash station, so you don’t have to worry about sliding the chair to get the right fit for your clients. You just have to adjust the easy-tilt bowl.

It is equipped with everything you are required to quickly and easily set up a fully functional Salon Shampoo Station. This unit is a treat for beginners.

The chair is simple and stylish; it has a large shampoo bowl which is equipped with chrome fixtures, a spray hose, a vacuum breaker, and a free comfort gel neck rest.

Technical Specification:

The technical specifications for this salon styling chair are as follows:

Seat Dimension

Depth 52”, Width 25”, Height 44”

Vacuum Breaker



112 pounds


1 year

Editor’s Rating

Product Link


The pros of this shampoo chair and bowl unit are as follows.

  • Triple Certified Vacuum Breaker:

    This shampoo backwash unit includes a certified vacuum breaker. It is required by some states to have in their units. Vacuum breaker facilitates the safe disposal of dirty water into the sewage line. Thus it prevents water contamination.

  • Adjustable Tilting Bowl:

    This amazing backwash station has an oversized shampoo bowl, which provides utmost comfort to the customers due to its tilt features. It can be easily adjusted according to the customer height, and its can caters all individuals.

  • Easy Installation:

    This salon backwash station is pretty easy to install and use as well. It is so because of easy to understand instructions and no challenging parts to adjust.

  • Free Accessories:

    This backwash station is packed with different free accessories. It includes six black salon quality towels, professional plumbing P-trap hair catch, and comfort gel neck rest.


The negative points in this product are given below.

  • Not Portable:

    This device is not portable as in if you are moving temporarily and won't be able to plumb into existing plumbing. This unit does not have the ability to be portable.

  • Limited Space for the Plumbing:

    If you want to put a point of water heater inside the base on which the sink is mounted, it's not possible. The opening on the back of the base measures 12 x 9 and has very limited space for the plumbing fittings.

  • Substandard Plumbing:

    The plumbing of this unit is not satisfactory as the drain pipe is made of frail material.

  • Poor Hole Placement in the Base:

    You may have to drill the holes in the base of this unit as the holes aren’t aligned and will create problem in installation of this backwash station

4. Icarus "Monroe" Black Beauty Salon Backwash Chair & Sink Bowl Backwash Unit with Vacuum Breaker

Icarus Monroe Black Backwash Chair & Sink Bowl Unit

Advanced backwash shampoo unit with foot rest features a black chair back with elegant chrome armrests. This backwash unit can be attached easily to a salon floor or wall.

The smooth installation makes this station very easy to keep clean; it takes up least space. The sleek black shampoo bowl pivots for client comfort and the front of the chair functions as a leg rest when positioned upward.

The package includes the chrome faucet, black spray hose and drains assembly. This unit requires some assembly.

Technical Specification:

The technical specifications for this salon styling chair are as follows:

Seat Dimension

Depth: 48”- 61”

Width: 25”

Height: 35”

Vacuum Breaker



152.6 pounds


1 Year

Editor’s Rating

Product Link


The pros to this product are as follows.

  • Adjustable Tilted Sink Bowl:

    This shampoo bowl is greatly adjustable according to the need of the customer. It can cater customers with all heights and tilt easily to their comfort level.

  • Large Comfortable Chair:

    The seat of this backwash unit offers sufficient room for your clients to stretch their legs comfortably while getting their hair shampooed. The length of the chair becomes 61 inches when the footrest is out. The chair is cushioned with soft vinyl upholstery with chrome armrests which provide extra comfort to the customers.

  • Floor or Wall Plumbing Option:

    This backwash unit can be fitted quickly to a salon floor or wall. Depending upon the layout of your salon and the space you have. This option is handy for salon owners, as it gives them a choice.

  • Useful Accessories:

    This shampoo backwash station includes a rubber spray hose, a Flex Tube, and Cap Cover. These accessories add value to this amazing unit and enhance its service quality.


The cons of this product are as follows.

  • Uncomfortable Neck Rest:

    The seat’s neck rest is narrow and real hard. It makes the customers uncomfortable. It should have been wider and padded with softer material.

  • Flimsy Leg Rest:

    Another downside of this backwash unit is its leg rest. It is not sturdy thus can't bear the weight of a heavy person. It isn't wise to put a person with heavy legs up on the leg rest.

  • Black Color Only:

    Another limitation one may face is that this unit comes only in black color, so if anyone has white an interior in the salon or another color scheme, the black color may not compliment well.

  • Limited Weight Bearing Capability:

    The weight limit of this chair is 250 lbs only. Other counterparts are offering till 400 lbs.

5. Unionline Beauty Salon Equipment Station Unit Brand New Adjustable Bowl Spa Bowl Barber Sink Shampoo Backwash Chair

Unionline Beauty Salon Equipment Station Unit

The Unionline Shampoo Backwash Unit combines the best of style, functionality, and durability all molded into one. This shampoo unit features Durable and stable construction and High-density foam for extra comfort.

It has a leatherette covered base. This unit has a wide reclining backrest which provides peace of mind and relaxes customers' nerves and body. The dimensions of this unit are reasonable, and it can cater clients of different heights quite easily.

Technical Specifications:

The technical specifications for this salon styling chair are as follows:

Seat Dimension

20" L x 18.1" W x 3.1" D

Vacuum Breaker





1 Year

Editor’s Rating

Product Link


The positive points in this product are stated below.

  • Leatherette Covered Base:

    The seat looks exquisite with excellent quality leather. It gives a very luxurious look to its customers. High-density foam has been used in it for extreme comfort. It has a Double-reinforced saddle sticking which prevents ripping and tearing.

  • Durable Construction:

    This unit is sturdy and robust. It is a strongly built backwash station. Once installed it is very easy to maintain it and gives no plumbing issues. The leather used is also durable and won’t wither off with time.

  • Wide Adjustable Bowl:

    The shampoo bowl is of good size. The seat is fixed, and you tilt the bowl to fit the client's need. The deep sink allows you to freely wash the hair of your client without the hassle of water leakage.

  • Affordable Backwash Unit:

    This product is very reasonable when it comes to the price and excellent services it provides. This inexpensive backwash unit will perform all desired functions your salon needs.


The negative points of this product are given below.

  • Not Suitable for Short People:

    This unit has a negative point due to its bowl. If a customer has short height, a short neck or is not able to stretch back due to some problem, then this unit will not serve properly. Te customers may get wet while shampooing.

  • Difficult Installation:

    Putting together this backwash unit is tough. The plumber might have to drill the holes again to fix the product.

  • Cheap Plastic Bowl:

    The shampoo bowls aren’t much comfortable for clients, especially with short height. The bowl is made of plastic not ceramic. Plastic is not as durable as ceramic.

  • Poor Assembly Instruction:

    The assembly instructions given with this unit are vague. Customers have to guess themselves about putting the chair together.

6. Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

These Backwash Shampoo Bed Units take the salon clients' comfort level to the maximum. Its stylish design makes it unique amongst its competitors. If you want a comfortable and luxurious looking shampoo bed unit, then this product is the answer to your need.

It is made from fiberglass which is latest in such units, and it provides a comfortable design, at a very reasonable price. It is designed using high-quality PU material and is compact in appearance.

Technical Specification:

The technical specifications for this salon styling chair are as follows:

Seat Dimension

Bed width: 19".
Unit length: 37.5".
Height (seat position): 23.6".
Unit height: 33.5"(at bowl point).

Vacuum Breaker





1-year parts warranty

Editor’s Rating

Product Link


This product has some strong points in it which are stated below.

  • Luxurious Outlook:

    If you want to upgrade your salon, this option is a must have as this unit is made of fiberglass. It gives a very pleasant aesthetic look. If you have this unit installed in your salon, the first impression of your salon upon your customers would be lavish and exotic.

  • Sturdy Ceramic Bowl:

    This unit has a ceramic spacious shampoo bowl which is a plus point. Ceramic is durable and looks stylish as compared to plastic bowls.

  • Comfortable Layout:

    These bed units provide a very relaxing experience to the customers. Your client can rest comfortably on the bed and relax, and let the stylist do his work comfortably. So close your eyes and enjoy the exotic experience.


The negative aspects of this product are covered in the following headings.

  • Uncomfortable Headrest:

    You are required to spend extra bucks to buy the headrest, as this unit does not come with it. Without a headrest, your clients wouldn't be able to lie down comfortably.

  • Low-Quality Plumbing Fixtures:

    The product does come with plumbing fixtures, but they are substandard and are not according to US Standards. You may have to buy these parts yourself, to get the unit installed.

  • Cheap Quality Sprayer and Drain Tube:

    The unit has a poor quality sprayer which would splash water, and the plastic is very flimsy. In the same way, the drain tube is very fragile and low quality. It may burst if water gushes down in large amount.

7. Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon 2

The backwash shampoo bed unit by NHS Discounts is the second name of elegance and comfort. This modern styled backwash unit has high-quality PU material in red and black, which has covered the entire chair.

The shampoo bowl contains single handle faucet, shower hose assembly, drain assembly and hair trap. The seat/bed has extra cushioning which gives your customer comfort and ease.

Technical Specification:

The technical specifications for this salon styling chair are as follows:

Seat Dimension

Bed width: 26.4".
Unit length: 54".
Height(seat position): 22.8"

Vacuum Breaker





1-year parts warranty

Editor’s Rating

Product Link


The pros of this product are as follows.

  • Valuable Accessories:

    This unit comes with some amazing accessories which are a must have to have a functional backwash station. These accessories include a base, chair, bowl, faucet, sprayer, hair trap and drain fittings.

  • Detachable Seat and Bowl:

    One of the top benefits of this unit is that the bowl and seat can be separated hence used in different ways for different purposes.

  • Wooden Material:

    Most of the products are made of fiberglass or steel, but this unit is one of its kind because it is made of woodor steel. Wood provides some extra comfort to the users.

  • Advanced Design:

    Wood combined with cushioned bedding results in latest design. It is a very elegant and sturdy backwash unit.


The negative points of this chair and bowl are given below.

  • Low-Quality Knob and Nozzle:

    The knob and the nozzle are not much strong and good quality. The nozzle may break easily.

  • Problematic Headrest:

    The head rest is spongy, and it may get molded when repeatedly exposed to water. Neither the spoiling of head rest nor the water exposure can be avoided. You might have to invest in tube headrest.

  • Color Limitation:

    This product only comes in red and black color. That may not suit the interior of your salon.

  • Huge Size:

    This product is not suitable for a small sized salon, as it is big ad huge. If you fix it in a small salon, the place may look overcrowded.

Buyer's Guide for Buying the Product:

This section would enlighten you on what things you should take into consideration while looking for a backwash station for your salon.

  • These Backwash units come with different features. You have to search thoroughly on the internet about the product that you want. If you do not search it properly, you might end up buying the wrong product at all.
  • Do compare the products with each other, and Amazon is the best source which would help you in analyzing and comparing the product. This procedure of analyzing, comparing and observing would lead you to select the best product according to your requirement.
  • Before ordering the unit, make sure that all the accessories items are included to get the product functional. If you find any item missing, do not buy the product.
  • It is the best option to select that backwash unit which provides the reclining facility. This unit would help you to achieve the comfort level of your client easily.
  • The easiest and most reliable way to check any product is to go through the reviews of the product. Usually, these reviews explain the merits and demerits of the product, which gives you the clear idea about the product.
  • Beware! Never get into the trap of any seller, offering different accessories. You first need to get satisfied with the product. The other items come later into consideration.
  • Providing the comfort to your clients must be your priority, for that matter looks for a backwashing unit which has a strong footrest, the ad also consider the height to be feasible enough to cater different height of customers.
  • When you are looking for backwash units, size and plumbing of the units are big concerns. Always make sure you have enough space before you buy a unit.
  • While searching for the product, you'll see a few different terms about the material of salon's sink; you should know that acrylic is the same thing as plastic. And porcelain is the same thing as ceramic. Ceramic is the robust and durable option.

Hopefully, this section helped you in getting most common questions answered. The most important thing about shopping for shampoo units is to make sure you have the enough space before you order it. Then comes the comfort of your customers. Rest is, most of the times, a matter of taste.

FAQ’s About the Product

The most commonly asked questions about these chair and bowl units by the customers have been gathered and stated below.

Q: What Do We Mean by PU? I Didn’t Understand PU Material?

PU material is synthetic leather which is used for seat’s covering.

Q: Can I Assemble the Unit Myself or Do I Have to Call a Plumber to Install It?

If the instructions are clear, then you can do it on your own. It also depends on how many loose parts it has, and details of instruction manual must be very clear and understandable.

Q: Can We Detach the Chair and Shampoo Bowl?

Not all units have this facility to detach them. A few of the units claim that both parts can be separated and you can use them for other purposes as well.

Q: Can I Get the Item’s Color Changed According to My Salon’s Color Theme?

No, if the item is listed as red and black, black or white then it can't be changed or customized according to your desire.

Q: Is It Necessary to Install a Vacuum Breaker in Your Unit?

Some states require the salon owner to have a vacuum breaker installed in backwash units, to prevent water contamination. You have to check whether your state requires this or not.

Q: What Shampoo Bowl Material Is Good and Durable?

The ceramic bowl is heavy, durable and stainless. Whereas, the plastic bowl is light in weight and can be assembled easily. Check out your requirement and select accordingly.

Q: If the Company Is Offering Ceramic Bowl Ad I Want the Same Backwash Unit but with a Plastic Bowl, Is That Possible?

In such case, you have to look for the offers by the company. If the company gives this facility, then you can switch the plastic bowl for ceramic.

Q: What If Head Rest or Hair Trap Is Not Included in the Desired Item, Can I Buy It from Market?

Yes, you can buy it from market or online.

Q: Can We Take Out the Headrest and Footrest?

It depends on the design of the unit, if the manufacturer has given this facility then surely you can take them out. Some units come with these parts fixed to the chair.

Q: What If I Have a Metal Unit and the Other One Is Wooden, Which One Is Better?

Buying a wooden item is a bit risky because you cannot avoid water and it might get mold. Wooden unit is also at risk of termite attack. So the metal unit is durable, but wooden unit gives a luxurious look.

Q: Does the Bowl Lock in Place or It Moves?

The bowl can tilt up and down so that it is adjusted to the comfort of your customer and is held in place by the weight of the customers' head.

Q: What Is the Weight Limit of These Units?

The weight limit of backwash unit is from 200 to 400 Pounds.

Q: Is It Necessary to Have a Foot Rest on Your Backwash Station?

The footrest provides ultimate relaxing experience to your customer, if you want to increase customer's satisfaction then you must go for this option.

Q: Is There a Proper Plumbing Portion Inside the Unit?

Yes, Mostly salon backwash units come with portion water drainage pipes and passages. You can easily connect these pipes to close at hand plumbing through walls or the floor.

Q: Can I Use a Backwash Station at Home Instead of a Salon?

Yes, you can surely, just try to buy one which is simple and easy to you.

Q: Do We Get Any Instruction Material for Assembling the Unit?

Yes, you would get an instruction manual with the product.

Q: Can We Alter the Position of the Footrest and Headrest?

Yes. Most units give the option of adjustment to some extent.

Q: Are These Items Durable?

It depends on the used material; metal is durable, the ceramic bowl is durable. Wood is comparatively less sturdy than the rest. The covering of the seats also matter.

Q: Does the Manufacturing Company Offer Warranty to Its Customers?

Most companies offer a one year warranty.

Q: Can We Increase or Decrease the Height of Backwash Unit?

No, you cannot. To adjust the customer either you have the option to tilt the bowl up and down or recline the chair.

Video Guide on Salon Shampoo Chairs and Bowls


The salon backwash units are very well-liked among the users. Every good salon is equipped with these units. People also prefer to go to the salons with backwash units. That is why Salon owners purchase these units to attract maximum customers.

The list above of salon backwash units is carefully jotted down with the aim of giving you the unbiased opinion about the best products available on Amazon. This article would help you in making the right decisions.

Just select the most suitable unit for your salon and click on the link for selected item. And you are ready to start or upgrade your salon.

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