5 Must-Have Things for Your Shampoo Station

Anyone looking to start your his/her salon in the beauty and cosmetic industry has some major decisions to make. One of those decisions is of knowing what to buy? What are the items which are an absolute must have for any shampoo station?

This guide would help you in answering this question precisely that what are the things you must have in possession if you are looking to open a beauty salon. The 5 things mentioned below are must have items for any shampoo station.

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1) ​Portable Shampoo Bowl

Portable Shampoo Bowl
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One of the things which you will find at any and all shampoo stations is a of course a shampoo bowl. This is one of the two basic pieces of equipment without which, the stations simply cannot function and would have to be shut down. There are two general categories of this item:

  • ​Fixed Shampoo Bowl
  • Portable Shampoo Bowl

Both of these come with their own pros and cons and provide a different experience for the customer and the user as well. While a fixed shampoo bowl is stiff and rigid and gives a sense of stability and strength, the portable one is easy to transport and does not take too much space as its counterpart. You can choose either of the two by evaluating your needs and requirements.

2) Shampoo Chairs

Shampoo Chairs
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The other piece of equipment which is a basic necessity along with a shampoo bowl is the shampoo chair. There is a huge variety of option available on online market and you can choose from a wide variety of facilities that each chair provides which make it unique in its own accord.

Some come with reclining actions, some come with attached shampoo bowls and backwash units. A shampoo chair is a very important piece of equipment for your shampoo station as is used to seat you customer for you to work on their hair. You can weigh your budget and your necessities and find the perfect chair for your needs in the market easily.

3) ​Faucet Connections

Faucet Connections
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​Water is an essential requirement for your shampoo station as all of your business revolves around its availability. You would want a quick and sure connection of water which provides good availability at all hours. A good faucet connection is a must have for all of your water related requirements. You should have a double faucet connection for hot and cold water supply to suit the needs of your customer as it is a good advantage and also leaves a good impression on the customer

​4) Hair Washing Tray

​Hair Washing Tray
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​Another useful thing to own is the hair washing tray. It is basically a long and extendable tray to rest the client’s hair while it is being washed so they water flows directly to the sink instead of splashing on the ground and soaking everyone within the affected area.

The tray is a useful alternative to the portable shampoo bowl as it offers a neck cut with a neck rest to avoid excess strain on the neck and head, the hair are spread behind the neck onto the tray and laid flat. Then, with the help of the sink faucet or a water shower, you can spray water onto the hair and shampoo it with relative ease. This is particularly useful if your client is wheelchair ridden and can’t get up.

​5) Portable Wash Basins

​Portable Wash Basins
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​This piece of equipment is designed specifically, but is not restricted to bedridden patients. The people suffering from such a disability simply can’t be handled the way we handle other people. They can’t move about hence they can’t even use a portable shampoo bowl or a hair washing tray.

What they need is a portable wash basin to fulfil their hair washing needs and requirements. This is basically a prefilled with water and is held under the head of the patient. It is made of inflatable rubber material so it does not hurt the neck nor does it have any lasting effects. Just place it under the neck in such a way that the hair fall into the basin and start washing.


​Mentioned above are the 5 must-have pieces of equipment to get your shampoo station up and running and keep you on top of all your customer requirements. Having these basic items will allow you to satisfy the needs and requirements of a wide range of customers and allow you to deal with bed and wheel chair ridden customers as well.

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