Best Salon Shampoo Backwash Unit

Are you a salon owner and want some positive changes in the shop that would enhance not only the outlook of your parlor but also attract a lot more customers than ever before? You should stop worrying and start thinking about purchasing some beautiful, elegant and useful salon backwash units.

The salon backwash units can help you take your business to the next level by comforting your customers and providing them with extra services that were not possible without the units. Read the following text to know all about the salon backwash units.

What are Salon Backwash Units?

Salon backwash shampoo unit are a complete equipment made for washing hair while sitting on a comfortable seat and leaning one’s head backward. The fundamental parts include a chair or a large sofa with a wash basin behind it.

There is also a shower pipe that is used to rinse the hair. They are very popular in the US, Latin America, and Europe. Customers often prefer to have a hair wash using such equipment before or after having a haircut.

Best Salon Shampoo Backwash Units 

Product NameWhere to Buy?
Icarus Monroe Backwash UnitCheck on Amazon
Icarus Liger Backwash UnitCheck on Amazon
Backwash Shampoo Bed UnitCheck on Amazon
Backwash Shampoo Bed UnitCheck on Amazon
Erfect Salon Bowl BackwashCheck on Amazon
LCL Beauty Shampoo Backwash UnitCheck on Amazon
Unionline Backwash UnitCheck on Amazon
Polar Aurora Backwash UnitCheck on Amazon
BELLAVIE Backwash UnitCheck on Amazon

Reviews of Salon Shampoo Backwash Units:

1. Icarus “Monroe” Black Beauty Salon Backwash Chair & Sink Bowl Backwash Unit

Icarus Monroe Backwash Unit
View on Amazon

It is a stylish salon backwash unit with chrome armrests and chrome lever for the padded footrest. Except for the arms and leg levers, the color of this unit is black. The bowl is highly adjustableand can be set according to requirements.

The unit can be connected to external sewage and plumbing both through a wall and the floor. The faucet is also made of chrome with ½” female connectors. The accessories include a rubber spray hose, a flex tube, and a cap cover.

The unit is designed with the object of giving the client maximum comfort and space while sitting on it. If you extend the footrest, the seat becomes more spacious and offers extreme comfort to the customer.

Pros of Icarus “Monroe” Backwash Unit

Like any other product, this wash back unit also has some high points. These are as follows.

  • Adjustable Bowl
    The bowl included in this unit is highly adjustable. It can be tilted according to the height and comfort of the customer.
  • Spray Hose
    It includes a spray hose that prevents water from coming out of the bowl due to high pressure.
  • Spacious Seat
    If you take the footrest to its maximum limit, the total depth of the unit becomes 61 inches. It is extremely spacious and comfortable to sit in with legs stretched towards the front.
  • Dual Plumbing Option
    This unit can be connected to both a wall and the floor for water sanitation, whatever easier.

Cons of Icarus “Monroe” Backwash Unit

Besides the pros mentioned above, this product also contains some negative points. These are as follows.

  • Hard Neck Rest
    The place where the neck of the customer rests is hard and narrow. It makes the customer uncomfortable.
  • Weak Leg Rest
    The leg rest is not much strong and hence cannot bear the weight of the legs of a heavy person. Besides, it is also shorter in size.
  • High armrests
    The armrests often feel high to customers. Most of them complain that they should have been a bit lower.
  • Weak Footrest Lever
    The lever used in the footrest gets damaged due to frequent movement. It should have been made more durable.


Overall, this salon backwash unit is a sound purchase. With a few amendments, it can become a unit providing an amazing experience to the clients. The top quality seat material provides a soothing experience to the customer.

2. Icarus “Liger” Black Reclining Salon Shampoo Chair Backwash Unit Package

Icarus Liger Backwash Unit
View on Amazon

Another quality product from the Icarus Co. is the Liger Black Reclining salon backwash unit. Available in black color, this unit contains a comfortable chairattached to the ceramic bowl and the ground unit that contains the water passage.

This equipment is meticulously designed to provide the customers a soothing hair wash experience, head massage or simple cleansing, whatever they need.

Pros of Icarus “Liger” Backwash Unit

This backwash unit has some advantages which can provide the unprecedented user experience. These are as follows.

  • Sturdy Chair Design
    The chair attached to the unit has a sturdy design.
  • Bowl Options
    There is an option for choosing among the plastic or ceramic bowl. You can choose one according to your preference.
  • Compact Design
    It is ideal for small salons because it does not take much space. You can quickly place 3-4 of them in a small room.
  • Easy installation
    It is very easy to install.
  • High-quality Material
    The seat is made of high-quality vinyl which can bear many external damages and frictions.

Cons of Icarus “Liger” Backwash Unit

Although it is a popular unit among the salon owners, it does have some drawbacks which are mentioned below.

  • Small Seat
    Since it is smaller in size, customers can get irritated sitting for a longer period.
  • Complex Plumbing
    Plumbing for this unit is a bit tricky that annoys many buyers.
  • Ordinary Seat
    The seat of this unit resembles the ordinary chair. It can annoy customers who want to sit in a more comfortable place like sofas with enhanced cushioning.
  • No Vacuum Breaker
    The package does not contain a vacuum breaker.


It is a short backwash unit of excellent quality. A blend of highs and lows, it can prove to be a real customer satisfaction unit that can enhance your monthly revenue.

3. Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit
View on Amazon

Covered with black and red PU material, this salon backwash unit manufactured by the Nhd Discounts is a requirement of many salon owners. It provides not only a fancy and appropriate salon look but also is a comfortable seat for the customers to sit in.

To provide extra customer experience, the seat comes with enhanced cushioning.

Pros of Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

It is a very elegant and sturdy backwash unit and thus, has a variety of pros. The most important of them are as follows.

  • Latest Design
    This backwash unit is one of the latest designs available right now. It possesses its uniqueness.
  • Made of Wood
    Unlike the majority of the backwash units, this unit is made up of high-quality wood. This adds some extra comfort to the customers sitting on it. Also, there is no threat of color change which often occurs in metallic units.
  • Window for Plumbing
    The unit has a small window on the back side for easy plumbing. You can connect the unit to any of the nearby walls or the floor through this window.
  • Detached Chair
    The chair of this unit is not permanently attached to the back unit. You can separate the chair from the wash unit whenever needed.
  • Extra accessories
    Besides the basic components, this unit contains base, chair, bowl, faucet, sprayer, hair trap and drain fittings.

Cons of Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

The cons of this unit are as follows.

  • Molded Headrest
    Since the headrest of the chair is always connected to the wash bowl, it becomes wet due to water contact and may become molded. Over the passage of time, the chair could get seriously damaged.
  • Damage Due to Water
    Water is an essential component in the salon while treating customers. Therefore, a unit made of wood can be damaged due to moisture, and you might end up ruining the whole unit.
  • Not Ideal for Small Places
    As it is a big backwash unit that acquires much space, you cannot place it easily if you have a small salon.
  • Termite Damage
    All the furniture made up of wood is always faced with a threat from the deadly termite. Being made of wood, this salon backwash unit could also be caught up by the termite and may result in complete frustration.


Apart from some issues regarding water and termite, this salon backwash unit is a good investment. If you can curtail the aforementioned incidents from happening, this unit can be a real eye-catcher and customer attractor.

4. Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit
View on Amazon

Another beautiful salon backwash unit manufactured by the Nhd Discounts is the black bed unit salon. Designed using high-quality PU material, this unit is a bit more compact than the previous one in depth and width.

However, the height is larger than the red and black version. It is unique of its kind as it is made up of fiberglass.

This type of salon backwash units is not that much common in the contemporary markets.

Pros of Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

The pros of this backwash unit are as follows.

  • Fancy Look
    Since this unit is made up of fiberglass, it poses a fancy look on to the customers. Your salon will be altogether become prominent with only the presence of this unit.
  • Tilting Ceramic Bowl
    This unit contains a tilting ceramic bowl which can be adjusted according to the comfort of the customer.
  • High Comfort Level
    The seat and headrest are made of high-quality PU material which offers an ultimate comfortable sitting experience to you clients.

Cons of Backwash Shampoo Bed Unit Salon

Like other backwash units so far, this unit also has some cons. These are as follows.

  • No Cushion for the Headrest
    There is no cushion for the headrest. You would have to separately purchase it by paying extra money as it is a very basic need for your clients’ comfort.
  • Low-quality Sprayer
    The sprayer included in the package is of low-quality plastic that not only feels awkward while holding but also gets broken very soon, if not taken care of.
  • Sub-standard Parts
    The unit contains low-quality parts. They are not up to the US standards. The drain tube is thin and can burst while passing down a large amount of pressurized water. You might end up purchasing all these parts in good quality on your own.
  • Poor Bedding
    Although the seat is very comfortable, its finishing is not up to the mark. The stitching is not elegant and they soon get out, hence tearing apart the PU cover.


There are some good and some bad aspects of this unit. However, it is overall a reasonable backwash unit.

5. Erfect Salon Bowl Shampoo Sink Backwash Chair Barber Beauty Spa Equipment Black

Erfect Salon Bowl Backwash
View on Amazon

This sleek design backwash unit is very popular among the spacious salon’s owners. Being large, it offers a broader space to sit in. Its base is completely covered with skin which poses great look and makes the whole unit more stable.

The black color makes it more elegant. There are two types available of this product. One is basic, and the other is adjustable. The adjustable costs more than the basic one.

Pros of Erfect Backwash Unit

The pros of this unit are as follows.

  • High-quality Plastic Bowl
    Unlike most of the available units containing a ceramic bowl, this unit contains a bowl made of high-quality plastic. This bowl does not face a danger of getting broken and works like a charm.
  • Skin Covered Base
    The skin-covered base of this unit enhances the value and poses a lavish look. This does not only enables you to provide with great customer experience but also enhances your salon’s decoration.
  • Wide Sink Bowl
    The bowl attached at the back is very wide and contains maximum water inside, thus preventing it from getting out and ruining your floor. It is also highly adjustable.
  • Anti-leakage Structure
    The bowl and drainage system of the unit are designed in such a way that it prevents any leakage. The hose base is also well-adjusted.

Cons of Erfect Backwash Unit

The cons of this unit are as follows.

  • Delicate Head Rest
    Initially, the whole unit is all good, but with the passage of time, the headrest shifts the bowl further thus causing problems while washing hair.
  • Low-quality Faucet
    The faucet works fine with the cold water, but it does not allow warm water to flow with greater pressure. This causes the whole process to be delayed.
  • Bucket-hose alignment Issue
    The bucket and hose are not aligned well enough and hence cause water to seep through them. This can damage both the unit and the floor.
  • Hard assembly
    The assembly of this chair is hard to perform. You may not be able to properly adjust the parts. This will cause you to frequently tight the nuts and bolts.


Overall, the unit is quite fine, and you can spend money on them according to your needs, space and funds. If you want to purchase this unit, follow the link given below.

6. NEW LCL Beauty Shampoo Backwash Station with adjustable CERaMIC Bowl and Triple-Certified Vacuum Breaker

LCL Beauty Shampoo Backwash Unit
View on Amazon

This is a very stylish salon backwash unit that comes with a variety of accessories. In a reasonable price, you can get a modern wash system for your salon, home or outdoor location.

The package contains all the necessary things you need to start your salon right away. Therefore, this unit can be a real deal for the beginners.

Pros of LCL Beauty Shampoo Backwash Station

  • Free accessories
    The unit contains numerous accessories with it that are free of cost. These include six black salon quality towels, professional plumbing P-trap hair catch, and comfort gel neck rest.
  • Tilting Bowl
    The unit contains an easy tilting bowl of 6” size that can easily be adjusted according to the needs of the customer.
  • Stylish Look and Elegant Finishing
    The euro-cut chair poses a unique look and enhances the overall beauty of the space. The cross-hatch stitching and adjustment of the seat material are highly elegant and make the seat most comfortable.
  • Vacuum Breaker
    The unit also contains a vacuum breaker that enables safe disposal of dirty water into sewage line and prevents its mixing with clean drinking water lines by opposing the backflow.

Cons of LCL Beauty Shampoo Backwash Station

  • Irregular Height
    The height of the unit is not optimum and causes many customers problems. Besides, the tilting angle of the bowl is also not according to the standard tilting manner.
  • Ambiguous assembly instructions
    The instructions given with the package for the assembly of this unit are not clear. They do not help much in carrying out the task.
  • Low-quality Plumbing
    The plumbing of this unit is not up to the mark. The hair trapper also does not work properly, and the drain pipe is made of cheap material.
  • Nonalignment of Holes in the Base
    The holes at the base of the unit are not aligned. Hence, you would have to drill new pilot holes to assemble the unit.


Every product has some pros and some cons. So does this product. Canceling out the good ones with the bad ones, it is a nice salon backwash unit. All the accessories it contains are highly invaluable, and you may have to spend some good amount of money if you had to purchase it on your own.

7. Unionline Beauty Salon Equipment Station Unit Brand New Bowl Spa Bowl Barber Sink Shampoo Backwash Chair

Unionline Backwash Unit
View on Amazon

This amazing salon backwash unit is black in color. It is manufactured using high-quality leather and plastic. The dimensions of this unit are moderate, and it can accommodate customers of different heights quite easily.

There are twin faucets in the plastic bowl that enable fast washing experience.

Pros of Unionline Beauty Salon Backwash Unit

The pros of this amazing salon backwash unit are as follows.

  • Wide Washing Bowl
    The bowl attached to the unit is wider and deeper than the other available units online. This feature allows you to freely wash the hair of your client without any hesitation of water getting outside and ruining your clothes, floor or the unit itself.
  • Top-quality Leather
    The unit is covered at the base and the seat with high-quality leather that does not only add up to the look of the unit but also gives a smooth surface to sit on. It also ensures the safety of the internal structure.
  • Twin Faucets
    The double faucets in the bowl allow you to access warm and cold water at the same time. You can easily switch between them.
  • High Quality in Low Price
    The biggest plus of this unit is that it is available at a very reasonable price. You might not get any other backwash unit with the same quality at such a low cost.

Cons of Unionline Beauty Salon Backwash Unit

Despite the low cost and good quality overall, this unit possesses some drawbacks which are stated below.

  • Alignment Issues
    The existing holes might not help in assembling the unit, and you may have to drill new holes to get the unit up and working.
  • Delicate Structure
    The overall structure of the unit is delicate, and it requires extra effort and care. Also, you cannot afford a heavy customer to sit on this group as it might get severely damaged.
  • Congested Seat
    The seat of the unit is congested due to the closely adjusted arms. It works fine for smart people but can cause a serious problem if a slightly healthier person comes as a customer. You may end up removing the armrests.
  • Low Quality Cushioning
    The cushioning on the seat is not up to the mark. Customer, while sitting on to it, can feel the internal hard surface on his / her hips.


This salon backwash unit is overall a good product to invest your money. You can enhance your salon experience and might earn more money with the help of upgraded facilities and equipment. You can follow the below link to place an order for this product.

8. Polar Aurora New Backwash Barber Chair Shampoo Bowl Sink Unit Station Spa Salon Equipment

Polar Aurora Backwash Unit
View on Amazon

Another amazing salon backwash unit that you might want to purchase for the enhanced comfort and experience of your customers is the Polar Aurora’s unit. A full black setup with top-quality leather covering the base, the sides as well as the seats, this unit is nothing less than a treat at such a low price.

All the necessary equipment needed to make this unit fully functional is included in the unit.

Pros of Polar Aurora New Backwash Barber Chair Backwash Unit

The pros of this backwash unit are as follows.

  • Double-reinforced Saddle
    The double-reinforced saddle sticking prevents the seat from getting ripped or torn. It increases the life of the unit in general and the seat in particular.
  • Shower Nozzle included
    The spray hose contains a shower nozzle at its end that enables a safe and controlled water flow. This does not only helps you in washing hair easily but also saves the customer from getting wet due to high water pressure.
  • Free Hair Trap
    The package also includes a free hair trap. Although a small equipment, it is very large in significance as it prevents you drainage pipes from getting blocked due to hair. You can easily remove hair that is caught by the hair trap.
  • Free Cutting Cape on First Come First Serve Basis
    The manufacturer has offered a limited amount of cutting capes that are given to the customers free of cost. Since they are limited in number, you would have to hurry up to get one for free.
  • Gel Neck Rest
    The unit contains a comfortable gel neck rest that enables the customer to place his / her neck on it without feeling any pain.

Cons of Polar Aurora New Backwash Barber Chair Backwash Unit

The cons of this backwash unit are as follows.

  • Flimsy Structure
    The overall structure of the unit is flimsy and may get damaged due to any random collision.
  • Holes Not aligned
    The holes for screws are not well aligned, and you might need some extra holes to assemble the unit.
  • Leather Smell
    The typical leather smell might irritate some customers. However, the smell vanishes with the passage of time.


This unit is a mix of quality, usability, low price and flimsy structure. Therefore, it can be a good option for small salons. You can purchase this unit by ordering on the following link.

9. BELLAVIE© Salon Backwash Bowl Shampoo Barber Chair Hair Sink Spa Equipment Station Unit, Black

BELLAVIE Backwash Unit
View on Amazon

This classic yet stylish backwash unit is available at a low price. Due to its sleek design, it perfectly fits any barbershop or salon décor. The shampoo bowl is very spacious that allows you to work freely. The design of the unit is quite sturdy and poses a good overall look.

Pros of BELLAVIE© Salon Backwash Unit

The pros of this unit are as follows.

  • Triple Certified Vacuum Breaker
    This unit does not only contains a vacuum breaker but also a triple certified one. Approved by ASSE, CSA, and UPC standards, the vacuum breaker efficiently performs its duties of preventing the backflow of dirty water, thus saving the drinking water from getting contaminated.
  • High-density Cushioning
    The seat attached to the unit contains extra thick sponge which offers enhanced comfort and cushioning.
  • Good Quality PU Leather
    The whole unit is covered with good quality PU leather which does not only saves the internal structure from getting damaged but also makes the unit look more elegant and stylish.
  • Additional Products
    Besides the seat and the shampoo bowl, the package contains some additional yet important equipment such as vacuum breaker, professional easy-clean P-trap, spray hose, shower nozzle, hardware set and the user manual.

Cons of BELLAVIE© Salon Backwash Unit

The cons of this backwash unit are as follows.

  • Leather Smell
    The irritating leather smell can cause issues to both customers and salon owners.
  • No Tilting Bowl
    The bowl attached to the unit cannot be tilted. Therefore, you cannot tilt it according to the need of your customer. It can be problematic.
  • Weak Structure
    The overall unit weighs only 66 lbs. Although it can help to carry it, easily this shows the weakness and delicate design of the unit. Extra delicacy always requires extra care which can be a continuous headache for you as a salon owner.


Overall, it is a stable backwash unit and can be preferred by startup salons and barbershops. You can also adjust it at your home. It is a good quality product at a reasonable price. If you like this unit, you can place an order through the following link.

How Do these Salon Shampoo Backwash Unit Work?

The working principle of these units is quite simple. The customer sits on a chair and leans his / her head backward over a wash basin. The hairdresser then applies shampoo on to the hair and rinses them after washing them properly.

During rinsing, the shampoo water drops into the basin and flows downward via a pipe attached to it. The tube opens into any underground duct or space, and in this way, all the water safely flows out of the unit.

The basin also contains a hair trap that catches all the hair dropped off the customer’s head. This trap saves the drainage pipe from getting blocked. There is also a vacuum breaker installed in the unit that prevents the contamination of the drinking water system by preventing the backflow of dirty water.

Here is a YouTube link demonstrating the working of a salon backwash unit:

Why Salon Users Use Backwash Shampoo Units?

The salon backwash units are very popular among the users. In most of the countries, these units are almost in every good salon. People prefer to go to the salons with backwash units. Users prefer them for a variety of reasons.

  1. The hair wash in the units becomes very easy for the users as all they need to do is to sit down on a cozy chair for a few minutes.
  2. They do not have to wash their hair as it may sometimes get irritating. To wash one’s hair from the back of the head can often become involved.
  3. Users do not have to take a complete bath to wash their hair. They can visit a nearby salon and get what they exactly need.
  4. These units can save their clothes from getting wet as they are explicitly built to serve the purpose.

Pros of Having Salon Backwash Units

The salon backwash units are useful and appreciated by numerous customers across the globe. Many people prefer using them, and that’s why salon owners purchase these units to attract maximum customers. The pros of having salon backwash units are as follows.

  • You can upgrade your salon with them, and the overall look of your salon gets better than before.
  • You can wash the hair of multiple customers at the same time using different backwash units. Otherwise, the customers would have to wait for their turn to use the bathroom.
  • ​You can earn additional money by washing hair before or after the haircut.
  • ​You can start a salon in a small place by putting a few backwash units. You do not have to have ample space for building separate washrooms.
  • You can save yourself from maintaining separate restrooms. In this way, you can save a lot of money.

Cons of Having Salon Backwash Units

Despite the usability, technology, and compactness, the salon backwash units still pose some drawbacks to you if you run a salon. These are as follows.

  • You would have to spend extra money on purchasing each backwash unit. These setups often come in separate parts, and you would have to separately buy all of those parts to make the unit fully functional.
  • You might have to reserve some extra funding for the maintenance of these units as they could get damaged due to any reason and may need a regular maintenance service.
  • If a drainage pipe gets damaged, dirty water could spill onto the floor of your salon, causing serious problems. You probably would not have to face such issues with separate washrooms.
  • You might lose traditional customers who loved the separate washrooms and sought some privacy.

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing the Salon Backwash Units

While purchasing any salon backwash unit, you must keep the following points in your mind.

  • Make sure to check the items included in the package. If there are any necessary equipment missing, do not order the product.
  • Perform a thorough research by reading any detailed article about the backwash unit or doing a research of your own on the Amazon about the structure, material, and functionality of the product. If you purchase a backwash unit that does not fulfill your requirements, you will waste your money.
  • Perform a comparative analysis of the features and the prices of the available backwash units. In this way, you will get the actual idea about the unit you shall purchase.
  • Do not forget to go through the customer reviews.
  • Do not order a backwash unit whose manufacturer has not provided any photos of the product.
  • Never fall for free equipment available with the backwash unit. Always get satisfied with the primary product first, i.e. the unit. Then consider the rest of the free accessories.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Before purchasing a salon backwash unit, all the customers have some basic questions in their minds that need to be answered. These queries are as follows.

Q: How Do I Choose the Best Model for My Salon?
Analyze the space available in your salon. Think of the frequency of the customers visiting your salon. Then write down the estimated money you can spend on the backwash units. After doing all this, search for the most appropriate model that fits your space makes your clients comfortable and falls within your budget.

Q: Is There a Proper Plumbing Portion Inside the Unit?
Yes, there is. Most of the salon backwash units come with appropriate water drainage pipes and passages. You can easily connect these pipes to nearby plumbing through walls or the floor.

Q: Are the Seats Always Fixed with the Rear Unit?
There are some units which have fixed seats. Whereas other units have detachable seats too. Whenever needed, they can easily be separated from the rear assembly.

Q: Does Vacuum Breaker Come with Every Salon Backwash Unit by Default?
No. some packages contain a vacuum breaker while some do not. You may have to separately purchase it in case if there is not included in the package.

Q: Is the Bowl Tilting or Fixed?
Most of the units contain tilting bowls as it is necessary to adjust the bowl according to different customers. But a few units also come with fixed bowl. Carefully look before placing an order.

Q: Is Wooden Unit Better or the Metallic One?
It depends on your preference and environment. If you want a heavy unit fully covered with leather, then purchase the wooden one. But if you are afraid of termite or want a lighter unit that you can easily shift from one place to another, purchase the metallic one. The chrome units are frequently available on the Amazon.

Q: Is it Easier to Assemble the Unit on My Own?
It all depends on the type of equipment and the user guide provided with the package. If the parts are easy to carry and adjust and the user guide is eloquent and elaborate, you won’t feel any difficulty in assembling the unit by yourself.

Q: Plastic Bowl vs. Ceramic Bowl: Which One is Better?
The plastic bowl weighs less and can easily be unassembled and cleaned whenever required. While the ceramic bowl is easier to wash and does not catch any permanent stains easily. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Video Tips for Buying Salon Backwash Units


The previously mentioned list of the top 10 salon backwash units is designed with the objective of giving you the neutral opinion about the most credible products available on the Amazon. Reading this article will save you a lot of your invaluable time.

If you have gone through all these items, you would not have to research on your own anymore. Just select the most appropriate unit for your salon and follow the respective link to place an order. Your favorite unit will be at your doorstep in no time.

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