How to Choose Shampoo Bowls for Salons – Guide for Choosing Best One

In this age of mobility and portability, our gadgets are getting smaller and smaller and the performance they deliver keeps on getting better and better. Everything from a Smartphone to that massive bird soaring through the sky we call an airplane is a testament human ingenuity.

Pushing the boundaries ever further, we have achieved which was thought impossible by our ancestors. We have reduced distances, treated the “in-curable” diseases and even conquered the moon itself. Now let’s talk a little small scale, let’s talk about one of the most common salon used item, the humble shampoo bowl-now with the added comfort of portability.

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Things you Need to Take Care Before Buying shampoo Bowls for Salon

The proceeding paragraphs should help you to find the right device for your salon or even for your everyday household use. Please bear in mind that mentioned below are just a few of the parameters to be taken under consideration before you buy any product of your own liking.

1) Purpose

The foremost step is of self evaluation. You need to ask yourself why am I buying this product? What purpose will it be serving? The answers to such questions will give you a better sense of direction about what you actually want to buy. Need it for your salon, and have plenty of space? then go for a fixed or a cabinet one. Need it for house-hold use? Then the portable one should do the trick because of its maneuverability.

2) Your Budget

The second thing to consider are your needs vs your pocket. You can’t just go blindly and grab the most expensive item on the counter. You must have your needs prioritized if you are looking for an economical buy.

If you can compromise on some feature to get improved quality on others, do it. Your needs dictate what you must have and what you can leave out because at the end of the day this product is your investment; so you need to be smart when you buying it.

3) Design

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There are many designs of the mentioned product available in the market. They offer varying depths, radii and shapes. A larger bowl may offer adequate space for its usage but what it provides in this regard, it lacks in space management.

If you are working in a confined space, then a relatively small bowl is your best bet; however consider that, if there is enough space then it can be used for adults and children all the same without any measure of discomfort.

4) Material

Another paramount parameter to take into consideration is the material used in making the product. Is it tensile strength you are looking for? Is it mobility or a mixture of both? If you are going for the former, then you should probably avoid too much plastic as it is by far the least durable material available in the market, instead go for metallic stuff.

If you are going for the later, plastic is your ally, its lightweight properties would suit you well however if you are insisting on finding a common ground, then an alloy would suit your needs well.

5) Balance

One of the most basic but at the same time one of the most essential requirement must always be the balance of the bowl you are using. Compromising on the balance of the device can lead to humiliation infront of the customer if it gives way under the stress and can cause a potentially harmful injury to you or your customer. Choose the height which you find comfortable for your use as well as the one which suits the comfort level of your customer.

6) Adjustability

Since the human race is rich in diversity, it is an understood fact that not all the people are the same height and body shape. The customers will obviously follow this pattern and it is upto you to choose a product which comes with the best adjustability properties. It may be able to gain to lose height according to the demand of the customer, move forward, backwards, left or right without the slightest hitch. Giving significance to this point will obviously give a better comfort level to your customer which can lead to a prospect of long term relation.

7) Stains and Cleanliness

One paramount thought to include in your decision must be to check the material of the device you are choosing for stain proof-ness. A clean work station is a great attractor. Some materials are susceptible to stains and they literally leave their mark on the bowl making it look untidy and hence for the customer, it becomes something to avoid.

Sometimes, while washing hair, the strands of hair mixed with shampoo, conditioner or hair color can break off the scalp and stick to the bowl. If your device is not stain proof, those stains can be a headache to remove for even the best cleaning detergents. Hence, it is paramount that the cleanliness factor must always be kept in mind when making your decision.

8) Auxiliary Attributes

Again it depends upon the budget you have but if you have the cash that you can afford a shampoo bowl with multiple features, it would help you a lot and save you from many hassles in the future. The additional features may include:

Video Guide on Choosing Salon Shampoo Station


All of these add their own level of comfort for the customer and you as well. At the end of the day it is really up to you what’s your desire and what’s your requirements. These steps can help you in buying the right salon shampoo bowl at right price range.

But out there in the market, there are so many devices available, each with a wide array of features to boast that the final choice always falls upon the buyer. Just try and make sure that whatever you buy, you leave your customers satisfied and without any reservation; as at the end of the day “The customer is always right”.

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Karen - October 26, 2020

My question is which is better porcelain or ceramic shampoo bowls. This did not my answer my question. Can you elaborate on that?


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