Want to Hair Wash Person on a Wheelchair ? – Here the Products Which Helps

People, due to various reasons they can lose limbs, eyesight, sense of hearing or the ability to talk. They are normally referred to as “disable” or “handicapped”. Nursing homes are set up all across the globe to care and to look after such people and give them the attention they so richly deserve.

​Here the below few products which will be helpful for you in washing Disabled Person or a Person on a wheelchair hair.

Products for Washing Disabled Person Hair

Serial NoProduct Name
1Portable Shampoo Bowl
2Hair Washing Tray
3Portable wash basins
4Shampoo Caps
5Shampoo Hair Funnel
6Shampoo ease comfort cap

Usually, someone living in a nursing home is taken to the shower twice or thrice a week depending on the weather and temperature. During this time, the physically disabled require that their hair be washed and rinsed which can be a big problem for you if you are not prepared or if you don’t have the required equipment at hand.

There is nothing worse than soaking yourself and your client in cold/hot water while doing something as primitive as washing their hair. Considering this issue, having a look at the points below will help you a lot in doing this job correctly and in a way which is comfortable for both you and your client.

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1) Portable Shampoo Bowl

Portable Shampoo Bowl
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Best Portable Shampoo Bowl

One basic commodity to have at your disposal is the handy portable shampoo bowl. This device will make your life so much easy if you have it with you. It is available in the market in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with their pros and cons.

You can have a look around the market and choose the one which fulfills your requirements. Contrary to the older, fixed and rigid shampoo bowls of the past, with these, you can adjust both the height and the angle of the neck for maximum comfort with a minimum of fuss.

Just set the appropriate setting and lock it into place. You can choose from a whole range of items in various price ranges according to the facilities they offer. Drainage hose, water faucets, international warranty and the material itself are some key points to consider here before buying them. 

2) Hair Washing Tray

Hair Washing Tray
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Best Hair Washing Trays

Another useful thing to own under the circumstances is the hair washing tray. It is basically a long and extendable tray to rest the client’s hair while it is being washed so they water flows directly to the sink instead of splashing on the ground and soaking everyone within the affected area.

The tray is a useful alternative to the portable shampoo bowl as it offers a neck cut with a neck rest to avoid excess strain on the neck and head, the hair is spread behind the neck onto the tray and laid flat.

Then, with the help of the sink faucet or a water shower, you can spray water onto the hair and shampoo it with relative ease. This is particularly useful if your client is wheelchair ridden and can’t get up. You can simply do the steps mentioned above and ensure that they have a good experience.

​3) Inflatable Portable Wash Basins

Portable wash basins
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Best Inflatable Portable Wash Basins

​This piece of equipment is designed specifically but is not restricted to bedridden patients. The people suffering from such a disability simply can’t be handled the way we handle other people. They can’t move hence they can’t even use a portable shampoo bowl or a hair washing tray. What they need is a portable wash basin to fulfill their hair washing needs and requirements.

This is basically a prefilled with water and is held under the head of the patient. It is made of inflatable rubber material so it does not hurt the neck nor does it have any lasting effects. Just place it under the neck in such a way that the hair falls into the basin and start washing. Simple as that.

Video Guide on How to Wash Hair in Bed with Inflatable Shampoo Bowl

​4) Shampoo Caps

Shampoo Caps
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Best Shampoo Caps

​There are times when your disabled patient has a wound or injury in such cases using water is not at all an option. For those patients, these shampoo caps are the perfect option as they require no water or rinsing.

Simply cover the person’s head with the cap, massage for a few minutes to clean and deodorize their hair. They are so easy to use and may even be microwaved for a warm shampoo experience. This is a very economical option for shampooing hair for potentially disabled clients. 

5) Shampoo Hair Funnel

Shampoo Hair Funnel
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Best Shampoo Hair Funnel

One of the most common, efficient and useful tools to wash the hair of your clients who are on a wheelchair is the Shampoo Hair Funnel. Designed specifically for the physically challenged people, this apparatus takes care of the hair washing with utmost flexibility.

In addition to the above-mentioned usage, it is also crucial to wash the hair of the clients that have neck and back problems and cannot tilt or move their heads at all. It enables the client to have a hair wash while sitting in an upright position. It also has got an adjustable Velcro to fit all the head sizes.

By using the sealed vinyl funnel, the manufacturers have ensured to prevent any potential mess being evoked by the water dripping or leakage. In this way, you can keep your salon dry and your client happy at the same time.

There are a variety of hair funnels available with their own unique attributes. You can search for them and get the best one for your salon and your clients.

6) Shamp-ease Comfort Cape Soft  

Shampoo ease comfort cap
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Washing the hair of a person in a wheelchair can be made easy with the Shamp-ease Comfort Cape. The cape is flexible, soft, and conforms around the chair or the basin. The size of the cape can be adjusted for up to four neck sizes and the cape can be fastened with a hook and loop straps.

The Comfort Cape makes shampooing easy for the caregiver too as they don’t have to lean over to shampoo the hair. The cape keeps the person dry and allows the water and shampoo to flow freely into the sink. Easy to use and extremely comfortable, this is the ideal cape for anyone who wants to shampoo people in a wheelchair.


We tried to cover all the best possible products which are helpful in washing hairs on a disabled person. We hope your search for shampooing wheelchair person ends here. If you have any doubts or if you want to share anything with our users feel free to share on comments. 

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Mary o Flynn - September 19, 2018

Can you send me details on your products including price list

Jacqueline - October 11, 2018

I want to know about shampooing my hair in my wheel chair , also in my bed

Pauline - October 29, 2018

How would you shampoo those in broder chairs or high back wheelchairs

    Monica Smith - October 29, 2018

    For hair washing on broder chairs or high back wheelchairs I recommend you to try portable shampoo bowl or hair washing tray.

    You can see the video guide in this article to know how you can use those products.


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