Best Inflatable Shampoo Basin for Hair Washing

An inflatable shampoo basin can be useful in many instances when you do not have the space or the availability of a full shampoo basin. It is especially useful when elders or bedridden patients want to get a shampoo, but they are not able to get out of bed with ease.

Comparison Sheet for Best Inflatable Shampoo Basin for Hair Washing

Serial NoProduct NameBrandDimensionsWeight
1Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin for Elderly and DisabledComfort Axis22 x 18.1 x 8.7 inches1.39 pounds
2Mobile Salon Inflatable Basin for Washing Hair in Bed and at HomeChrome Cherry9 x 2 x 12 inches7.8 ounces
3DMI Portable Inflatable Shampoo BowlDuro-med11.2 x 2.1 x 9.4 inches11.2 ounces
4Inflatable Bedside Shampoo Basin kitMedissNA2 pounds
5EZ-ACCESS EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing BasinEZ-ACCESS20 x 24 x 8 inches1.5 pounds

Travelers can also make use of the inflatable shampoo basin for hair washing when they are not close to an actual shower. Another use case is for disabled people who are in a wheelchair and find it difficult to access a shower for washing their hair.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the models of inflatable shampoo basins and review the best ones. We will also take a look at their features and compare them so that you can make the best choice for the shampoo basin that suits your needs and requirements. 

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Need for an Inflatable Shampoo Basin

There are many instances when an inflatable shampoo bowl can be extremely useful. Let’s take a look at some of these uses.

  1. Bedridden Patients – Patients who are on bedrest or bedridden for a long duration can benefit from using inflatable shampoo basins as these can be put up near their bed with ease.
  2. Elderly People – Elders are often not able to stand in the shower or feel comfortable on regular shampoo basins. With an inflatable shampoo basin, it becomes easy to wash the hair of elders without discomforting them in any way.
  3. People in Wheelchairs – Those who are wheelchair-bound do not need to get out of the wheelchair to wash their hair as the inflatable shampoo basin can be easily adjusted behind their wheelchair for an easy hair wash.
  4. Disabled people – People who disabled can be at ease while getting their hair washed without moving too much by using the inflatable shampoo basin. They can simply adjust the basin where they need and wash their hair by providing support for their neck and head.

Product Reviews

1) Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin for Elderly and Disabled

Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin for Elderly and Disabled
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This inflatable basin is easy to use, and you can inflate it quickly. The basin adds to the ease of shampooing a person who is lying in bed. The basin comes with an included water pipe that makes it easy to drain the water when you are done washing the hair.

The modern design of the basin looks good, and it has a double tube design that prevents water from getting on the floor or the clothes of a person getting their hair washed. With complete support for the neck and shoulders, it becomes even easier to wash the hair.

The basin is also durable as it is made from PVC, and it is latex-free as well so that people with latex allergies can also use this basin for washing hair.


  1. Lightweight and easy to inflate
  2. Comes with a pipe to drain water
  3. Durable PVC construction
  4. Comfortable support for neck and head
  5. Includes head pillow for better support


  1. The drain hose can get bent easily
  2. The tub takes a long time to drain
  3. Difficult to blow up without a pump
  4. The drainage latch can open easily

2) Mobile Salon Inflatable Basin for Washing Hair in Bed and at Home

Mobile Salon Inflatable Basin for Washing Hair in Bed and at Home
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The mobile salon basin is ideal for washing hair anywhere. Whether it is a patient in bed or a person who is confined to a wheelchair, this basin makes washing hair easier than ever before. Simply place the basin behind the neck of the person, and you will have ample space to wash their hair without making a mess everywhere.

The inflatable basin can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the user, whether they are lying down or sitting in a chair. If you are looking for a comfortable mobile salon, this product provides just that and much more.

The design of the comfort cushion conforms to the neck of the user for a comfortable fit. This product is easy to clean, and you can inflate it in just two breaths. When you are done using it, simply wipe it clean and store it for use next time.


  1. Adjustable with a wide variety of sink sizes
  2. Inflates in two breaths
  3. Perfect for hair wash while laying down or sitting in a chair
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Modern design guides water and hair to the sink


  1. The neck area is small in size
  2. Water tends to spill from the neck area
  3. The neck support is not too comfortable
  4. The air tends to leak from the basin

3) DMI Portable Inflatable Shampoo Bowl

DMI Portable Inflatable Shampoo Bowl
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This portable shampoo basin is designed to be comfortable while a person sits or lays down for a hair wash. The basin is made from heavy-duty vinyl, and it is easy to inflate and deflate. Once deflated, the basin can be stored in a compact form which does not take up much space.

The design of this product is such that there is a pillow added to it so that a person can rest his/her head while getting a hair wash. A pipe for water removal is also provided for easy cleanup.

The large size of this product means you will have enough space to wash a person’s hair without the water spilling out of the basin.


  1. Inflates easily
  2. Ample space for washing all kinds of hair
  3. Heavy-duty vinyl construction
  4. Modern design for added comfort
  5. Includes patch kit, materials, and glue


  1. The pipe can get kinked
  2. The neck is not wide enough
  3. The hose drains water slowly
  4. The design makes water leak around the neck

4) Inflatable Bedside Shampoo Basin kit

Inflatable Bedside Shampoo Basin kit
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This inflatable basin has a modern design, and it is made from PVC. The basin is easy to inflate, and you can do it without even the need of a pump. If you are looking for a product that also provides the feature of a shower, then look no further.

This product comes with a shower water bag that can be hung onto an IV pole. You can then use the included two-foot hose to direct the water where needed. This basin adds to the ease of washing the hair of people who are confined to a bed or a wheelchair.


  1. Easy to inflate and deflate
  2. Stores in a compact size
  3. Includes shower accessories – 2 gallon water bag, hose with shower
  4. Ideal to use in places where water source is not available


  1. The pump does not work too well
  2. There are no assembly instructions included

5) EZ-ACCESS EZ-SHAMPOO Hair Washing Basin

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The EZ-ACCESS shampoo basin offers a comfortable way to wash the hair of a person who is on bed rest. The basin can be inflated with ease, and it has a double-tube design to prevent any spillage of water. There is an included drain tube that makes it easy to get the water out of the basin without dropping any water on the person or the floor.

The form-fitting design of this basin gives a comfortable place for a person to rest their head and neck while getting their hair washed. It is a simple and effective solution for caregivers as well as people who are not mobile to get their hair washed easily.


  1. Quick to inflate and deflate
  2. Comes with a drain hose for removal of water
  3. Extensive space for washing long hair as well
  4. Comfortable design with a neck pillow
  5. Lightweight and durable


  1. Water tends to leak from the neck space
  2. The hose can get bent during transportation
  3. The water exit flow is not sufficient


While buying an inflatable shampoo basin you should keep in mind certain requirements that these products should fulfill. The basin should be easy to inflate and set up. If there is a pump with the basin to fill it with air, that’s a better choice.

You should also be able to remove the water from the basin with equal ease. The priority should lie on the comfort of the person whose hair you want to wash. Whether the person would be sitting in a chair or lying on a bed, these are the factors that can influence the choice of product you need.

If you’d like to learn more about shampoo basins, please browse through this website. You can also leave a comment if you have questions or queries and our team will answer you at the earliest.

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