Best Hair Washing Trays for Bed Use

Hair washing and hair rinsing trays are designed to facilitate and help ease the process of washing hair of customers while they are lying on their beds due to any form of physical or mental disability.

These hair washing trays are really convenient in their usage if one knows how to use them properly and they can be easily used to shampoo and clean the hair of any and all the bed-bound customers and individuals, or anyone else that prefers to be laying down on a flat surface while being shampooed or having their hair cleaned.

Comparison Chart of Best Hair Washing Tray for Bed Use 

Serial NumberProduct NameWeight
1Ableware 7643020001.1 pounds
2DMI Deluxe1 pounds
3DMI Hair Washing Basin Tray for Bed2.2 pounds
4Inbed 7642710001 pounds
5EZ-Access EZ-ShowerTMNA
6EZ Access Inflatable1.5 pounds

The six  products that we will be comparing here are all comfortable, reliable and have received very little complaints from customers who have used them on clients. They are easily available on the website online shopping sites like Amazon and it is worth having a look at them prior to making your choice.

Though they contain minor differences, all of these products are highly recommended depending upon your needs and requirements. The products are listed below and a table featuring their comparison is also made to ease with this comparison.​

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Reviews of Hair Washing Trays for Bed Use

1) Ableware 764302000 Easy Shampoo Basin 

Ableware 764302000
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This Ableware 764302000 Washing Tray offers its users with the provision of a comfortable placed contoured neck so that it fits comfortably with every user and all of the clients’ necks.

The device easily rests on the bed and supports the shoulders so that the cosmetologists or the user can easily and effectively shampoo and rinse hair of their clients from a comfortably lying down position, hence making it an ideal product to have if you are dealing with bed-ridden clients.

The device is really compact and is extremely lightweight so it makes it very easy to transport from place to place and to set up at any and all places. The raised edges that are provided in this hair washing tray are there because it makes it simpler for the water to compile easily into the device without spilling all over the place every time.

Another commendable feature of the device is the durability as well as the portability of this product and also the idea that it can easily be used anywhere and anytime.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and keep clean
  • Easy to transport
  • Has raised edges for water better water storage
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • If not set up right will leak all over floor and client

2) DMI Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer Basin

DMI Deluxe
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This hair washing and shampoo tray is a tray designed specifically to be used for either those clients that cannot move about easily and are confined to a bed.

The size of this hair washing and rinse device is commendable because it provides plenty of room for usage which makes it more comfortable to use for both the customer and the user as it can store a large abundance of water in its shell.

The device comes with a durable plastic construction which makes it easier to grip the surface not letting it slip of the bed at any cost. This hair washing and rinse device is also lot easier and quicker to clean than most other available on the market due to its water resistant material.

The device is perfect for those jobs that are short and quick but it does no fare that well when working with anything that might stretch for a longer time period.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to take anywhere
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Sturdy
  • Stain resistant and water proof


  • Only good for short periods of time
  • Neck not comfortable enough for elderly clients

3) DMI Hair Washing Basin Tray for Bed Use 

DMI Hair Washing Basin Tray for Bed
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The DMI Hair Washing Basin is a very well-designed portable hair washing, shampooing and rinsing tray that holds a simple design but is still highly suitable for use in any home salon or a new and rising mobile stylist who frequently visits those clients who are home bound in beds.

The device is also a simple one and quite easy to use for those caregivers who require something to make it highly easy for them to wash and shampoo the special needy clients hair. The tray itself has an angled and comfortable design that has accompanying raised edges all around it so the water can be easily directed back down into the collecting device without dripping it on the floor or the client for that matter.

This hair washing and rinse tray also comes with an added stability that goes in to the front of the client so the tray wont slip from under them in any circumstance. As a result of this, the hair is easily rinsed well and the tray itself stays in its proper place more securely.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Easy to store
  • Comfortable
  • Raised edges keep water off floor and client
  • Added stability


  • Length may have some issues
  • Product may wear over time

4) Inbed 764271000 Head Wash System

Inbed 764271000
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The Inbed 764271000 Hair Washing device is one of the best hair washing and rinsing products out there and on top of that it also comes with its very own 48″ hose that is further accompanied with a spray nozzle and is easily attachable to any sink faucet.

This added facility makes it even easier for guests to wash and rinse their client’s hair. The device also comes with its own drain, this makes it even easier for the water to get easily directed to drain back into the sink or any bucket that you are using to collect the out bound water instead of making a splash on the client or the floor.

The device also comes with the contoured neck design that makes the product all the more comfortable for all and any clients- but especially comfortable for those clients who might have the issue of a bad neck or the disease of arthritis.


  • Made from sturdy plastic
  • Rests easily on any bed
  • Comes with own hose and spray nozzle
  • Is slip resistant
  • Has comfortable contour neck


  • Seems difficult for some clients in their excessive ages

5) EZ-Access EZ-Shower™ Bedside Shower 2-1/2 gal, 30″ Hose, with On/Off Switch

EZ-Access EZ-ShowerTM
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This hair washing and hair rinsing tray designed and produced by EZ Access is a step unique and different from most other hair washing trays out there on the market because it is entirely made from a durable and lightweight parachutes and a comfortable fabric that is highly water repellent and is fully latex free which allows for easy cleaning after every usage.

This hair washing device is quite specific in its design for enhanced and added comfort while clients are lying down in their beds while having their hair washed. This rinse device is an ideal buy for anyone who is physically disabled or is confined to a bed for any reason. This hair washing and rinsing tray also a very easy to adjust according to the needs of any client and work with almost any neck size providing an added level of comfort and advantage.


  • Good for disabled
  • Made from water repellent material
  • Material stays flexible and holds its shape
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Fits most neck sizes


  • Some found it difficult to adjust and to keep the device tight around neck

6) EZ Access Inflatable Shampoo Basin for the Disabled

EZ Access Inflatable
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This EZ Access Inflatable hair washing device offers a comfortable placed contoured neck design so that it fits comfortably with the back of almost all the clients’ necks. The device easily rests on shoulders so that the users can easily and effectively shampoo and rinse hair of their clients from a comfortably lying down position even if they are restricted to living on their beds.

The tray is really compact and handy in design and is extremely lightweight so it makes it very easy to transport from place to place and to set up with ease in any place.

This hair washing and rinse tray also comes with a convenient neck hold that goes in to the front of the client and they can just lay back and relax while their hair are treated to.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to take anywhere
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Sturdy
  • Stain resistant


  • Not too much water capacity
  • Product may wear over time

Why Users Need Hair Washing Trays for Beds

Though there is no defined reason for clients to use hair washing trays in their beds, the most common reasons for clients needing to resort to hair washing trays in beds are the following:​

  • Physical Disabilities like Polio
  • Any injury to legs or the hip area
  • Old Age
  • Physical weakness

How to Use Hair Washing Tray for Bed

The mechanism on which they all work is fairly simple and very uncomplicated and does not need too much of practice and looking into!

All you need is to place the client’s hair on the washing tray and then place the tray over a bed that they may currently be using and then position the neck on a comfortable and easy to use angle as well as height. Then you can have the individual position their head into the tray’s specifically designed contoured and angled neck- resting area. The client or patient will be held in place by the tray’s cavity for necks to seal the tray in its place and around the neck for a tight and exact fit.

​Once the client is in place, then you can simply glide their hair over the hair washing tray and start to rinse their hair with water or shampoo or both. Just make sure the water does not fall over the edges, and you do not overflow the tray and create a massive splash of water!

​The proper methodology of using the hair washing tray in beds is given in the forms of bullets in succeeding lines:

  • Let the client lay on their back
  • Cradle their head and gently lift it
  • Slide the tray under their head
  • Put their head back gently on the tray
  • Flat out the hair on the tray
  • Make sure the tray is balanced on the bed to avoid spillage
  • Pour water into the tray gently and carefully using any water sprayer or water hose
  • When the tray gets just about filled, stop the flow of water
  • Now start to massage the hair and add the shampoo
  • Gently rinse the head until the hair are clean
  • Now drain out the water that needs to be removed
  • Lift the head of the client again the same way as before
  • Drag the tray out
  • Gently set the head back
  • Now clean and dry out the shampoo tray
  • Now you can deflate the tray for safekeeping and to keep it ready for further usage

Video Guide on How to Wash Hair on Bed with Hair Washing Tray for Bed:


As we have seen sometimes it becomes a necessity to use the hair washing trays for several clients due to many diverse reasons. Knowing how to use it well and how to use it correctly is very important for any salon stylist and we have provided a step by step guide for exactly that so you won’t have to struggle with it.

Then there is the question of which tray to buy? Well we have included a guide for our top 6 picks on that and we hope that after reading the article and going through all the pros and cons of the list, you will be able to get your hands on the best deal for yourself out there on the market.

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