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If you’re a professional massage therapist, a doctor or need one at home, a portable massage table is always the proper choice. They are uniquely designed lightweight and portable for hauling up apartment buildings when you visit clients and is even convenient to fold it away for storage if you don’t use it all the time to save you immense space and time.

There are many massage tables available on the market, all offering different features and sizes. Most of these portable massage tables come with a range of accessories such as face cradles, head, and armrest, and many others to provide ultimate comfort. The massage tables allow you even to adjust their height to suit your needs.

Before you leave to select your best portable massage table, take hold of an espresso, have a read and after that exit armed with the records you need to assist in slimming down the most valuable alternatives for you and your space.

Comparison Chart of Best Portable Massage Table

Serial NumberProduct NameTable DimensionsAdjustable HeightCapacityUpholstery Material
1BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table72" Long × 27" Wide26" to 36"38.9 poundsoil & water-proof PU leather
277" Long 30" Wide 4" Pad Massage Table77" Long × 30" Wide24"80 poundsoil & water-proof PU leather
3Earthlite Harmony Dx Portable Massage Table73" Long × 30" Wide30"33 poundsNatursoft 100% PU
4Sierra Comfort Preferred Portable Massage Table72" Long × 28" Wide23" to 33"32 poundsoil & water-proof PU leather
5Master Massage Stratomaster Portable Massage Table72.5" Long × 30" Wide 24" to 34"25lbsNanoSkin
6Homgrace Portable Massage Table73"L X 23"W X 24"H60cm to 82cm 50 lbsoil & water-proof PU leather

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Reviews of Portable Massage Table

1) Best Massage PU Portable Massage Table

BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table
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The Best massage portable massage table is relaxing, compact, and feather light. The massage table can hold up to 450 pounds as it is crafted with top quality birch hardwood. This massage table is perfect for home use as well as for professionals. The massage table can adjust itself from a peak of 26 inches as much as 36 inches based on the massage type, and you’re individual preference.

The top of the massage table is constructed of burgundy colored upholstery with 2.5 inches foam density of thick cushions to provide ultimate comfort. The massage table can be folded into two sections efficiently you want to store or carry it. A premium carrying case is included, to make transporting the massage table smoothly and compactly to the client.

The PU synthetic leather upholstery is soft, has oil and water resistant, and is not sticky. It comes with an inclusive of most of the accessories you can ask for which is a removable armrest, face cradle, suspended arm shelf, face pillow, half-round bolster, cradle cushion, tilt-top, and side arm extenders. The treatment on this massage table is incredibly comfortable.

2) 77″ Long 30″ Wide Massage Table

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The portable massage table is lightweight and compact which is easy to pack and carry along with you wherever you go. This massage table is constructed of durable PU leather for comfort. It can fit clients of all heights and sizes and is sturdy enough to hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

The portable massage table features adjustable heights, allowing you to set the massage table at the exact height according to your preference and the type of massage you are performing on your client. The massage table can be folded into two sections for additional storage and portability. This massage table includes a removable and adjustable face cradle, a cradle pad, a headrest, a forward swing arm, side arm extenders, half round bolsters and an arm cradle.

The top of the massage table is enclosed with high-density foam this is 2 ½ inches thick of froth decking. The cover is both water and oil resistant and is effortless to clean. It has a unique feature which is the lower back of the desk adjusts up, permitting you to provide additional services like facials, threading, etc.

Doctors who go for home visits can advantage from these massage tables due to this feature. Apart from doctors even massage therapists, massage students, it can also be used at home. A carrying case attached with a shoulder strap is given with the massage table, making it easier to carry.

3) Earthlite Harmony Dx Portable Massage Table

Earthlite Harmony Dx Portable Massage Table
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The Harmony DX from Earthlite is an affordable option for people who want a lightweight, portable table. The massage table comes from a reputable brand which is a responsible company that ensures that all of its products are highly eco-friendly. It is also the world’s largest and most trusted massage supplier.

The massage table is highly comfortable and durable. The North American hard maple wood frame and cushion which is used to manufacture this massage table is backed up by three years of warranty. This massage table also gives you to enjoy a limited lifetime warranty to provide you with the perfect peace of mind.

The massage table comes with an adjustable face cradle with proprietary Cloudfill, poly-gel blend face cradle cushion, face pillow, and durable nylon carry case. As far as portability, the harmony is one of the lighter massage tables at only 34 pounds. The full massage endplates create extra stability and prevent any wobbling.

The massage table has a working weight of 600 pounds and a width of 30 inches which is a comfortable height and size for most of the clients. The cushion of 2.5-inch dual-density foam is wrapped in oil and water resistant Natursoft PU leather. The massage table also folds quickly and weighs very light. A rugged nylon carry bag allows you to transport this massage table quickly, making it the ideal choice if you are a massager who needs to travel.

4) Sierra Comfort Preferred Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort Preferred Portable Massage Table
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Sierra is a portable massage table which comes with three disposable face cradle sheets, face pillow, carrying case, set of fitted cotton sheets, semicircle bolster, forward swinging armrests, arm shelf, oil pouch, and towel hanger. These additional accessories can be stored inside the massage chair when folded up for transport.

The massage table has a working weight of only 450 pounds and won’t be able to accommodate a broader range of body types that some practitioners will be examining.The massage table is very lightweight and weighs 40 pounds. The 2.5-inch high-density padding will not give out any long lasting smell and is undoubtedly comfortable. The massage chair comes in five different colors including burgundy, cream, and pink.

5) Master Massage Stratomaster Portable Massage Table

Master Massage Stratomaster Portable Massage Table
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The stationary treatment table has 1,500 pounds of aircraft grade support cables and can accommodate a weight of 650 pounds. The Multi-Layer Small Cell foam with a triple-thick plywood base makes this an excellent massage table for working with bariatric or more passive patients. The foam new NanoSkin (Nanotechnology) upholstery is antimicrobial, UV-resistant, soft to touch and more durable than any other upholstery.

The PU upholsters massage table comes with a five-year warranty. The massage table has aluminum legs. The legs are designed by electrostatically powder coat to prevent rust, nicks, scratches to keep the massage table looking newer longer and the big foot leg platforms allow the StratoMaster to be set up on almost on any surface.

The Spamaster comes with an adjustable face cradle, memory foam face pillow, neck, and leg bolster, arm shelf, 75 disposable face cradle covers, and even a CD of calming nature sounds. The armrests are removable as well to customize your massage table further. The Spamaster massage table is reasonably light coming at only 25 pounds.

6) Homgrace Portable Massage Table

Homgrace Portable Massage Table
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The massage table can be a perfect accessory for all massage therapists today. There are some great features and accessories that you can find on this massage table. When you procure this massage table package, you will get some useful accessories with it, such as crescent cushion, and face cradle.

The massage table has forest maple legs that are durable. This folding massage table is made of aluminum alloy, fold foam cushioning, aircraft grade steel, waterproof PVC leather, and nylon headrest frame for the most substantial support and comfort. It is an excellent enhancement for sturdiness. The massage table is easy to fold, store it in the pocket carry case and carry to multiple locations.

The upholstery includes a cushion which has double the thickness and made is with three different materials including small cell foam. The PVC used to make the upholstery is luxurious leather upholstery that is abrasion, oil and water resistant. The upholstery of the massage table offers a luxurious feel when getting a massage done on the massage table.

The portable massage table is crafted out of walnut and has auto-locking systems which make it immensely sturdy. The massage table is widely used in the salon, health club, beauty parlor and home. This massage table is known to offer maximum comfort and luxury.


A portable massage table could be a highly recommendable product which may only fulfill all the necessities of a salon owner or perhaps of a house owner. The general look of those portable massage tables is additionally quite enticing because it comes in varied styles and material.

If you choose a portable massage table with most of its features constructed out of suitable quality material, then it is sure to give you ultimate comfort for a longer time. It can also be stored or appropriately transported in a carry case which will not allow it to rust or get damaged. For an added peace of mind, some of these tables also offer the best warranty.

All of them have their blessings, however, one or two of hazards. Relying upon your want and budget, you’d wish to be capable of getting the right deal with the help of the list, and hopefully, the product you purchase will resource you in building a good enterprise that you have got planned.

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