Best Shampoo Hair Funnels for Hair Washing Reviews

Shampoo hair funnels were not that much popular a few years back. People didn’t even know what they are. But with the passing time and growing awareness, the salon owners realized that a hair funnel is an indispensable part of their business.

Best Shampoo Hair Funnel 

Serial NumberProduct Name
1Betty Dain Hair Funnel
2Easy Hair Washing Funnel Anti-Spill Proof

A lot of clients in salons and parlors face neck and back pains are suffering from some acute back problems. Ignoring them right away is not a feasible business plan for the salon owners anymore. This does not only increase their revenue but also establishes an altogether new customer base.

This article tackles with the concept of hair funnels, their uses and advantages, and a list of best hair funnels available in the market at the moment. All the technical specifications, key features and positive and negative points of each hair funnel shall be covered in the text below.

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What Are Hair Funnels?

Hair funnel is a hair washing item made of any plastic (mostly vinyl) that is designed to fit on the head of the client in such a way that the hair is gathered on the rear side. It is made of waterproof material so that water does not drip down to the client’s clothes.

Why Are Hair Funnels Used?

The hair funnels are being used in almost all of the modern day salons and hair wash centers to serve the physically challenged people who cannot leave their wheelchairs to get their hair washed. Additionally, they are also used to wash the hair of the people with back problems. The people who cannot tilt their heads due to neck pain also fall in the category of top users of this product.

Apart from the above users, this product can also be used by general clients as it enhances the safety against the dripping and leaking water and ensures that not a single drop reaches the client’s clothes.

Following are the two most popular hair funnels available in the market and used by numerous customers.

Reviews of Best Hair Funnel  

1) Betty Dain Shampoo Hair Funnel One Only Style #815 by Cache

Betty Dain Hair Funnel
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Betty Dain has manufactured a fine quality salon hair funnel. It is a vinyl hair funnel that is 100% water proof. It does not allow a single drop of water pass through it. When you need a perfect solution for your clients who cannot tilt their heads due to any reason, this Betty Dain hair funnel clear all the rubble from your mind.


This hair funnel has the following pros.

  • Catering to the Special Needs

    By purchasing this hair shampoo funnel, you can serve a lot of people with special needs who might otherwise be neglected by the majority of the salons.

  • Designed for Upright Position

    This funnel is explicitly designed to be used in the upright position. Which enables the client to sit comfortably on the chair while you perform the washing.


The negative points of this funnel are given below.

  • Small in Length

    This hair funnel is not one of the larger funnels. Due to this fact, you might have to adjust your basin or the chair of the client if he/she is of tall posture.

  • Fitting Issue

    After using this product with different clients, it may get loose to some extent and might cause water dripping around the head and neck. This issue makes this product almost useless after some weeks of regular usage.

2) Easy Hair Washing Funnel Anti-Spill Proof

Easy Hair Washing Funnel Anti-Spill Proof
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This Shampoo Funnel is another addition to the list of the best shampoo funnels available right now. Designed for a similar purpose as mentioned above, this funnel has made a special place in all the contemporary restaurants within no time.

Customers with special needs can’t have a bigger salon gift for themselves than this amazing hair shampoo funnel.


The positive points of this shampoo funnel are given below.

  • A Replacement for the Sink/basin

    The people who cannot get their hair washed in a basin or a sink perceive this product as a true gift for themselves. It has made their life easy and helps them to stay clean despite any of the difficulties.

  • Good for Kids Too

    Besides the usage for the people with special needs, this shampoo funnel works superbly for children too. Washing hair of children can prove to be a tedious task: you have to protect their eyes and ears from shampoo. This funnel eases the whole process by keeping the shampoo and water away from their delicate eyes.


The negative points of this hair funnel are given below.

  • Gets Cracked

    Since this funnel is made of plastic, it might get cracked after some time. You would need to put it with care after you are done with it at the end of each day. Try not to press and roll it with greater force.

  • Leaves Impression on the Forehead

    This funnel sticks tightly around the client’s forehead to ensure safety from getting wet. Due to this, it leaves an impression on the client’s forehead every time you use it. It may be annoying for some customers.


Hair funnels are a great solution to the problems of hair washing for those with special needs. Often people are just unable to tilt their heads or bend their necks due to any orthopedic or muscular issues. But the hair still needs to be washed. So what they should do? They shall search for the salons that offer shampoo hair funnels to them.

To attract these customers and increase your revenue, you shall purchase one of these items. It would enhance the popularity of your salon and increase your customer base at the same time. Decide for yourself what’s best for you.

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