How Does a Portable Shampoo Bowl Work?

You do not need to own a beauty salon or require working at a salon to become a hair stylist. Indeed, it is extremely common these days that several hair stylists can work from their home or even travel to their customer’s homes for delivering the services.

However, in order to offer your hair styling facilities at your home or at the client’s place, you must have appropriate moveable apparatus.

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You have seen permanent or fixed shampoo stations at the professional beauty salon that enables the stylists to wash the hair of the clients before styling or cutting. But these types of shampoo stations are very costly to install at home and to overcome this issue; a portable shampoo bowl is invented.

A portable shampoo bowl is a stress-free method to shampoo hair without creating any kind of the mess at any place. It devises the supplementary advantage i.e. you do not have to hook it up for the plumbing or for creating the installation.

It is quite easy to use this product. However, sometimes a question arises in the mind of the user that how do portable shampoo bowls work? Hence, the below is the detail of the working process of a portable shampoo bowl.

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Various Parts of the Portable Shampoo Bowl

A portable shampoo bowl originates with an integrated stand which you may attach easily to the back of an adjustable seat.

The stand’s height is completely flexible so as to match diverse sizes of the chairs. There are certain brands of portable shampoo bowl that provide the stand with wheels for stress-free movement.

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The lower segment of the shampoo bowl has a drain pipe which you might lengthen downward into a bucket made up of plastic. You must be aware that this bucket needs to be purchased as additional equipment because this is not offered with the shampoo bowl.

Some other parts of the portable shampoo bowl comprise of hair traps, hair hose, and hot or cold water taps along with a faucet. The process of installing this product is also very easy and you do not require any complicated plumbing at all.

Working Process of a Portable Shampoo Bowl

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Before we start explaining the working process of a shampoo bowl, you better watch below video, so that you will get some idea what we are talking in the below section.

After knowing all the important parts and uses of a portable shampoo bowl, you must be familiar with the working procedure of a portable shampoo bowl. This helps in understanding the product in a better way. Therefore, the following is the working process of a portable shampoo bowl:

  • Firstly, the pipe of the shampoo bowl is attached with the source of flowing water i.e. a tap. There are two outlets provided in this device that is for in letting the fresh water and out-letting the used water.
  • Then, the water is passed up to a spray outlet with the help of a flexible pipe. This whole technique is controlled by a controller on the hose that is accompanied by hot as well as cold water taps.
  • Hereafter, the extra water will be collected in the drainage bucket or on a kitchen sink through a pipe after washing the hair of the client.

Working Process of Portable Shampoo Bowl with Cabinet:

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There are certain portable shampoo bowls that come with a cabinet. It’s working process is as similar as the normal shampoo bowls but there is one additional benefit also exists in this i.e. a cabinet.

The two sidelong doors of such shampoo bowl have the capacity to store the water tanks, hot water electric heater, as well as the water pump. You may also place important things that are needed for hair styling i.e. shampoo, oil, etc in such shampoo bowls.


A portable shampoo bowl is becoming quite popular among the people these days due to the convenience of its use and movability. It is always advisable to purchase that shampoo bowl which matches up your requirement and needs perfectly.

There are so many brands of these devices are available in the market which can make you confuse at the time of purchase. Therefore, a proper research and study must be performed in order to relish the advantages of this amazing product for the longer period of time. This product is not only useful for the young generation for hairstyling, but also to the old age people in the medical institutions who are not able to do their hair-washing on their own.

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