Best Reclining Salon Chair with Headrest

A comfort zone is a lovely place, where your stress merely vanishes!

Isn’t a chair just a chair? You may ask, but we’re serious and often customers are baffled while seeking to choose from the options available in the market for the reclining salon chair with headrest. The truth is that choosing one can be a piece overwhelming.

For a salon enterprise, the concern must be the consumer’s comfort and pleasure. If you want your business to flourish, you need to meet the customers’ demands. If you think that you could gain this purpose without putting in appropriate reclining chairs with head rest for any procedure ranging from threading to facial to hair wash, you are mistaken.

Far one-of-a-kind than any conventional beauty enterprise chair, the excellent recline salon chair with headrest with are manufactured with handy features! These recline chairs are perfect upgrades for all professional hair salons, barbershops, tattoo shops, and threading establishments.

The lounge chairs are an appropriate preference when paired with a moist space, an all-in-one styling and shampooing station to finish your operating base. As a multi-purpose favorite, this valuable piece of salon equipment offers a smooth recline, contemporary patterns with comfortable headrest comes in various colors, footrest features and promising heavy-duty hydraulic base options for years of use.

Before you head off to pick your new best reclining salon chair with headrest, take hold of an espresso, have a read and after which exit armed with the records you need to assist in slimming down the best alternatives for you and your space.

Comparison Table of Best Reclining Salon Chair with Headrest

Product NameWhere to Buy?
Hydraulic All Purpose Chair Barber Styling Threading ChairCheck on Amazon
Truman Professional Vintage Reclining Hydraulic ChairCheck on Amazon
Luxurious Reclining Hydraulic Barber ChairCheck on Amazon
LCL Beauty Reclining Hydraulic Barber ChairCheck on Amazon
Giantex Barber ChairCheck on Amazon

Benefits of Reclining Salon Chair with Headrest

​The following are some advantages of shopping for a reclining salon chair with headrest:

  • Gently Product ​Since the reclining salon chair with headrest is created with quality materials; it makes them stronger and power resistant. Consequently, it’s quite mild to use.
  • Highly Adjustable The following advantage is that these chairs can be adjusted to any height depending on the height of the person. It can also turn to any direction based on the way the stylist wants it to face. So, the consumer can set it or increase the height for a better, quick and relaxed treatment.
  • Tear Free Seat The seat and other leather-based elements are positioned and stitched in one of these manners that they are not torn and subsequently a long lasting salon chair seat to provide a professional look for your clients.
  • ​Professional Look and Comfort These reclining salon chairs with headrest for salon, attracts the attention of your customers by its professional looks. It gains the attention and then makes sure that they have a very comfortable time at your salon because it is designed for extra comfort.

How to Choose the Best Reclining Salon Chair with Headrest Your Clients Will Love?

What makes customers trust the same parlor again and again? Or even higher refer your commercial enterprise to others?

Certainly, that would be your capabilities as a barber and the way you treat them such as clean and hygienic saloons, stylish haircuts, positive attitude and friendly small talks gives a top edge over other competitors. A good barber chair is a Cherry on pinnacle when it comes to consumer remedy. Who does not enjoy comfort? An intimate, calm salon chair will make your customers experience like real kings.

However, there are certain matters that one desires to think about while buying a reclining salon chair with headrest such as


The more features you expect, the more expensive the reclining salon chair with headrest becomes, but always weigh the intention for the price you’ll drive in opposition to all the features. The first and fundamental element to check is the amount of money you’re willing to put into this product. This product is critical to your purpose as any other product; so you need to be clever when you pick it out. So don’t neglect to most of these factors at the side of your budget.

If you have a salon that’s simply starting out, you won’t need an extraordinary costly barber chair, start with something affordable and improve when business begins booming. On the other hand, in case you are already established, there’s no motive for you no longer to spend money on a high-elegance barber salon chair.


One of the most crucial matters to look for in a reclining salon chair with headrest is that the support it could provide your customers. After all, a patron expects the whole thing to be tremendous relaxed while they’re getting their hair washed or they are getting their facial done.

When they may be getting any of the salon treatment, the clients are needed to stay in a reclined position for a prolonged quantity of time and needs to be stiff for the stylist not to make a mistake by making a wrong cut or hurt you. The best for this is to have a perfect reclining salon chair with headrest.

If a client would not experience cozy coming again to a hair salon, that salon isn’t aiming to live in business for lengthy. Therefore, it’s vital that the customer feels comfy always.


Another predominant parameter to take into thought is that the material employed in creating the product. Is it durability you’re looking? Is it quality or a mix of both? If you’re going for the former, then you must most likely avoid an excessive amount of plastic because it is far and away the least sturdy material out there in the market, instead select hard stuff. If you’re going for the latter, plastic is your ally, its light-weight properties would suit you well, but if you’re a demand on finding a standard ground, then associate degree alloy would fit your desires well.


Again it depends upon the budget you’ve got however if you’ve got the money that you just can afford a reclining salon chair with headrest with multiple options, it might assist you lots and prevent from several hassles in the future.

Also, search for reclining salon chair with a headrest which makes up the whole station, can be adjusted in height and additionally goes thoroughly with your décor.

Hence, pick out the proper one by keeping in mind a lot of these situations. Having the right reclining salon chair with headrest will create all the distinction in your salon.

How We Chose

Choosing the reclining salon chair with headrest from the variety available online isn’t an easy challenge. That’s why we took into consideration some basic capabilities of those reclining salon chairs with headrest and ranked them on that foundation. Here are a number of the factors that we tend to determine while choosing the best from this type of products.

User Reviews The satisfactory way to decide the advantages of a product is with the aid of information how the product fares in the global world. We read through the opinions of the users who’ve genuinely used the product to understand the pros and cons of every product. The parameter becomes one of the metrics used in ranking the reclining salon chair with headrest.

User Ratings Often users rate the product without leaving a complete review. The scores left by the users are also an excellent indicator to recognize the product. We took into consideration the rankings given for several reclining salon chairs with headrest and chose those that acquired most scores from the users.

Features Unique functions make certain that the product might be beneficial while using it in the real world salons. We took into consideration the various features which include capacity, ease, balance and others.

Ease of assembly Every reclining salon chair with headrest needs some degree of assembly when it involves installation. We tend to take into consideration the level of comfort there was in the installation of a chair with all the fittings.

We ranked the reclining salon chair with the headrest in this way.

Reviews of Best Reclining Salon Chair with Headrest

1. Hydraulic All Purpose Chair Barber Styling Threading Chair

Hydraulic All Purpose Chair Barber Styling Threading Chair
View on Amazon

Keller International is one some of the best reclining salon chairs with headrest, brands around. This one is being targeted at a saloon that is just starting out and desires to possess a solid base to their artwork. This chair is proper for your salon, barbershop, spa, or tattoo shop.

The underlying significant duty style of this reclining salon chair with headrest offers years of performance. It has an excellent recline function and reclines as much as fifty degrees; it can also perform as an upgraded styling chair, shampoo chair, threading chair, facial chair or many others. This reclining salon chair with headrest comes with a heavier duty base to complete your salon equipment package.

The long lasting HG1 hydraulic pumps are built to support as much as three hundred lbs. The pump moves up and down, can be circled up to 360 degrees with delivered locking to prevent rotation so you can work with ease.

It additionally has reclining levers on each side of the salon chair which help for easy usage depending on which side of the consumer you are on. Upholstered black stain-resistant PVC vinyl on the seat, lower back and headrest add a stylish look and rugged functionality. The height can also be adjusted and varies from 21” to 27”, so that makes it more perfect.

The great extra-thin seat cushions provide the total consumer comfort, support goes below the tread plate offer more stability while the chair is in the upright function, footrest comes with slip-resistant rubber foot ledge, the headrest can be easily adjusted and is detachable if wished. The thick round obligation chrome base is the finishing touch that will complement any salon, barbershop or spa.

Key Features:

  • Upholstered with Stain-resistant PVC Vinyl on Seat, Back and Headrest
  • Round Heavy Duty Chrome Base
  • Reclining Levers on Both Sides
  • Headrest Is Removable and Adjustable
  • HG1 Hydraulic Pump Moves Up/down
  • Rotates 360º
  • Added Locking to Prevent Rotation


  • It Is Very Durable
  • Good Quality
  • Reclines Very Smoothly
  • Very Comfortable Foot Rest
  • The Installation Is Straightforward


  • Could Be Great If It Came with a Pillow
  • Could Be a Little Smelly

2. “Truman” Vintage Reclining Hair Salon Barber Chair with Microfiber Towel and Salon Cape

Truman Professional Vintage Reclining Hydraulic Chair
View on Amazon

Icarus is another beautiful brand with lovely furniture for the beauty parlors. This model is more of an ultra high-end vintage chair with outstanding functions. The chair is spacious, plush, large utility and sturdy black reclining salon chair with headrest. The solidly-built conventional chair is comfortable, roomy and seats anybody perfectly.

This chair is certainly a traditional and famous vintage chair with reclining salon chair functions with a secret which lies in its built. It has a sound production, round chrome base, heavy duty spherical hydraulic pump and an adjustable or detachable headrest. The deep seat is tremendous for taller customers and the footrest raises as the chair is being reclined, the reclining lever on the right hand of the chair allows the chair to recline up to 45 tiers. It also has an excellent towel holder.

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty and Durable Salon Chair Design.
  • Heavy Duty Round Hydraulic Pump and Base.
  • Removable and Adjustable Headrest
  • Reclining Mechanism Handles Which Enables the Chair to Recline Up to 45 Degrees
  • Towel Holder


  • Professional Looking Chair
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • It Has a Good Recline
  • The Chair Is Comfy
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • The Installation Is a Pain
  • Not Very Stable
  • The Footrest Did Not Touch the Ground
  • The Hydraulic Pump Does Not Work
  • The Height of the Chair Was High

3. Rose Gold Executive Luxurious Reclining Hydraulic Salon Barber Beauty Spa Chair

Luxurious Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair
View on Amazon

Want to make your customers feel like million bucks without apparently spending one million dollars? Then this is the chic salon reclining lounge chair with headrest only for you.

This chair is sure to attract you with the metallic look, premium chrome foot step, premium chrome round base and sheer luxury. It additionally has a pleasing reclining seat again with top class latch and headrest. The chair is surely one of these chairs too intending to keeping your clients coming again for more. When it comes to trendy chairs that may beautify the decor of any salon, the rose gold allure chair absolutely cannot be beaten.

Key Features:

  • Chrome Foot Rest
  • Chrome Round Base
  • Reclining Seat Back
  • Premium Latch


  • Aesthetical Appeal
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • It’s an Eye Catcher
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Classy and Modern


  • It’s Firm, but the Reclining Back Can Be Adjusted to the Client’s Comfort
  • Hard to Sit on
  • Not Suitable for Short Stylists
  • Does Not Latch Well
  • Cannot Be Set to the Reclined Angle

4. LCL Beauty Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair with Natural Oak Wood Armrests & Wood Grain Accent

LCL Beauty Reclining Hydraulic Barber Chair
View on Amazon

This stable Classic-Style reclining salon chair with headrest is heavy responsibility and has a vintage salon design. It has a Sleek styling, a reclining with an extendable headrest and an elevating footrest all integrate to add a classic, comfy elegance to your customers.

Honey-Wood armrests and leg relaxation accent lounge uploaded with even greater fashion. The chair can be easily adjustable at the top to more than one locking positions with a hydraulic release mechanism.

The Headrest has four peak modifications or can also be removed. Reclining backrest has two recline levers for the first-rate convenience. It also has a Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump with 27″ round base for sturdiness. It is being accompanied with a deluxe cutting cape.

The Classic styling is easy for maintenance and easy cleanup and also has a one-year extended guaranty.

Key Features:

  • Deluxe Cutting Cape
  • Hydraulic Release Mechanism
  • Headrest
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pump


  • The Installation Is Straightforward
  • The Chair Is Not Bulky
  • The Height Is Adjustable
  • Aesthetically Sound
  • Durable


  • Does Not Fully Recline
  • The Pumping Mechanism Isn’t Always so Splendid
  • The Recline Lever Is Not Very Good
  • It’s Not Stable When Customers Sit
  • Not Suitable for Short Stylists

5. Giantex Hydraulic Shampoo & Barber Chair Salon Beauty Spa Styling Equipment

Giantex Barber Chair
View on Amazon

Another, one from Giantex, the chair has a latest trendy and fashionable chair that is the excellent addition for your store or beauty salons. The chair is made from heavy duty steel frame and PU leather, that makes this chair designed for years of use.

First things first: the reclining salon chair with headrest capability is given to be 350 lbs of supported weight, that is best than other reclining lounge chairs. The headrest is also removable.

The peak is adjustable that is the sweet spot for a semi-tall cosmetologist. The reclining perspective is likewise unusual. As you’ll see, those parameters are upgraded over what some different makers supply for the equal rate. Once more, you have got a snug footrest for stability.

Key Features:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • PU Leather


  • The Installation Is Straightforward
  • Can Be Used for Multiple Salon Purposes
  • Good Chair for Customers to Relax and Feel Comfortable.
  • Very Lightweight
  • Aesthetically Sound
  • Functions Well


  • The Quality Is Not Excellent
  • Not Stiff and Shackles All the Time
  • Not Comfortable While Reclining
  • Customers Call Fall on the Floor
  • Unsafe Chair

Frequently Asked Queries (FAQs)

We are confident you have got many queries after reading this article. These are a couple of usually asked questions about reclining salon chair with headrest. The queries are as follows:

Q: what’s the core Weight capability of those Chairs?

The average weight capacity of the chairs mentioned above is from 250 lbs. to 450 lbs.

Q: is the Recline Automatic?

Yes, the rear of the chair mechanically gets pushed once the consumer puts effort on that.

Q: Are the height of the chairs adjustable?

The chairs that go with hydraulic pumps have adjustable heights.

Q: Which Tools are needed for the setup?

You may want screwdrivers of a few of sizes together with some screws, bolts and nuts if they’re missing in the package.

Q: Do These Chairs fit in tiny Salons and Barber Shops?

Yes. Most of the chairs mentioned above are created for little places and don’t acquire a lot of areas.

Q: Are the Arm Rests of the above mentioned Chairs Removable?

No. The armrests of those chairs don’t seem to be Detachable.

Q: Are the Foam on the Saddle of excellent Quality?

In most of the chairs, it’s of high quality, whereas in a few of them it gets compressed with time.

Final Words

A reclining salon chair with headrest could be a highly recommendable product which may only fulfill all the necessities of a salon owner or perhaps of a house owner. The general look of those reclining salon chairs with headrest is additionally quite enticing because it comes in varied styles and material.

Buying an exceptional reclining salon chair with headrest might be an alternative that enables you to be immersed in the daily operations your salon, it has a multi-purpose and could be used for anything in your salon ranging from shampooing to threading.

With the variability of reclining salon chair with headrest out there, it is simple to choose one as a way to suit the ornamentation of your salon and also provide all the capabilities that you just are seeking out.

As we have seen, there are some pretty engaging offers accessible in the market. Some comprise a guarantee, others don’t and many embody a full bundle of the equal time as others deliver reclining salon chair with headrest. All of them have their blessings, however, one or two of hazards. Relying upon your want and budget, you’d wish to be capable of getting the right deal with the help of the list, and hopefully, the product you purchase will resource you in building a good enterprise that you have got planned.

Apparently, those reclining salon chairs with headrest is although glowing in many saloons, while purchasers are also pretty glad concerning their purchase, wish you will be in all chance too.

We hope this article has helped you in selecting the most efficient reclining salon chair with headrest for your salon. You’ll be able to additionally flick through this website for a lot of info concerning different salon supplies. Just in case you’ve got any queries, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll answer it most effectively.

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